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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Government Contracts experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Government Contracts landscape.

Expert Witness #262488

This expert brings to the table many years in the LED industry and leads a sought- after consultancy providing technical and market expertise. This expert is an industry expert in solid state lighting (SSL) with a strong technical background and understanding of market dynamics.

During a tenure with a leading LED manufacturer, this expert worked in product development of LEDs in all areas of the value chain from metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) and LED chip fabrication to LED package design and LED light fixture development. In addition to product development work, this expert has experience in winning and managing government research contracts including developing research strategies and managing technical and operational work on contracts and government relations.

This expert has also been working for the US Department of Energy as a technical advisor where this expert evaluates new technologies, writes technical roadmaps and reports, and plans a technical workshop.

This expert has authored and co-authored numerous scientific, peer-reviewed articles related to GaN semiconductors. This expert is an inventor on several US and foreign patents related to GaN-based LED and laser diode device design. This expert holds a Ph.D.

This expert has participated as an expert witness on several cases that included LED Lighting, LED Devises and LED Packages.

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Expert Witness #264198

This expert is a Professor of Empire Innovation at a University and the Director of an Artificial Intelligence Institute. This expert was also a program manager at a defense agency where he developed, selected and oversaw research and transition funding in the areas of computer vision. This expert was a member of the research faculty at a University. In the role in the Institute for Advanced Computer Studies, this expert served as Director of the Laboratory for Language and Media Processing, and as an adjunct member of the graduate faculty for the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. This expert and group of researchers focused on many innovative topics related to analysis and processing of document images and video including triage, visual indexing and retrieval, enhancement and recognition of both textual and structural components of visual media. As a researcher in computer vision and image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, neural networks, and machine learning are key technologies that evolved within this field. Work on graphical user interfaces is part of this expert’s broader experience.

This expert recognized the need for a cross platform implementation of computer vision algorithms on mobile devices and developed the architecture to port basic image processing and document analysis capabilities to various devices from a wide range of manufacturers. The work was supported by grants, government contracts, and industry leaders.

This expert has over 250 publications in conferences and journals, is a fellow of the IEEE and IAPR, and has numerous awards including an honorary doctorate. Most of this expert’s recent publications are related to neural networks, and they are a big part of a course on computer vision and image processing. Many of this expert’s Ph. D. students have graduated with a background in machine learning related to their computer vision topics. This expert’s recent work related to artificial intelligence has been almost exclusively in machine learning.

This expert has worked as an expert in several different capacities, including federal contracting disputes and patent litigation. This expert has written expert declarations for IPRs, authored expert and rebuttal reports for both the plaintiff and defendant, been deposed and testified for the defense in one case.

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Expert Witness #248638

This expert is one of the few professional, independent financial expert witnesses in banking, corporate securities, trading, derivatives, client/bank disputes and market misconduct. This expert has been appointed to provide research reports and Court evidence for a wide range of complex financial litigation and arbitration cases from Hong Kong to the US. This expert has reviewed the cases of both Plaintiffs and Defendants, in civil and criminal disputes, including those involving synthetic derivatives, insider trading, mis-selling, misuse of information, employment contracts, shareholder agreements, loan documents, disputes between banks and clients, setting of pricing, and determination of quantum. This expert has a great deal of experience sifting evidence in the field of market misconduct, frequently being appointed by the Regulators - or indeed appointed by the defendants. This expert is a Practicing Member of the Academy of Experts.

This expert is very familiar with the financial markets, having been a stockbroker, fund manager and private banker involved with sales, trading, investment management and banking. This expert has very strong and current technical skills, including managing directly invested long and hedge funds and funds in many asset classes, including bonds. This expert is a sought-after financial commentator, is frequently published in national and international newspapers, and has appeared on television broadcasts throughout the world.

This expert has established several compliance departments and implemented such processes. This expert is an SFC Type 1, 4 and 9 Responsible Officer and is qualified to run Authorized Funds through types 4 and 9. This expert operates as an investment management consultant through the firm, whose clients include investing institutions, Fund Boards, expert witness panels, and securities organizations.

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Expert Witness #260194

This expert is a consultant with many years of experience in telecommunications, with expertise in network services and technology, regulatory interpretation, and industry practices. This expert has vast experience evaluating telecommunications networks and equipment in the context of relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including voice and data services used by cloud-based call centers, customer premises equipment such as predictive dialers, cloud-based technologies, and cellular networks. This expert has a deep understanding of Federal legislation and related FCC rules related to telecommunications, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and has provided numerous expert reports and related testimony describing complex network services and functions in the context of industry practices and federal and state regulations.

This expert has provided expert consulting and testifying services in over 50 cases, including appearances before over 25 state regulatory agencies, the FCC, state legislatures, state and federal courts, and arbitrations.

Summary of Selected Professional Experience

  • Oversaw state and federal regulatory tariffing and compliance matters for a company owned and funded by a coalition of large cable companies. Ensured company compliance with the TCPA. Developed technical and product descriptions for services utilized by call centers for outbound dialing systems, including predictive dialers. Incorporated sales contracts and agreements into contract-specific tariff terms.
  • Lead company representative before state regulators and government officials.  Negotiated complex industry precedent interconnection agreements with incumbent local exchange carriers for states pursuant to the Telecommunications Act on 1996. Coordinated with federal regulatory on TCPA matters. Provided testimony on network elements related to call centers and outbound dialing systems pursuant to FCC costing guidelines.
  • Responsible for national regulatory policy on evolving technologies and services, including IP-based services used in cloud-based call centers and outbound dialing systems and predictive dialers.

Summary of Selected Case Experience

  • Reviewed conference calling network platform configuration in context of Federal regulations. Activities include damages calculations, development of proxy rates and revenues, analysis of call records and bills, and evaluation of industry practice and regulatory issues.
  • Provided expert report validating a third-party verification and number portability processes and systems under Federal rules and relevant FCC orders.
  • Provided damages calculations related to routing of long distance 8YY traffic.  Provided evaluation of complex billing and call routing issues, as well as evaluation of industry practices and regulatory issues.

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