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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Crop Production experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Crop Production landscape.

Expert Witness #258425

This expert is President of a highly sought-after forensic accounting consultancy. With many years of experience, this expert provides consulting, analytical, forensic accounting, expert witness, transactional, and other sophisticated financial services to clients in a diverse array of industries and professions including:

-  Agriculture
-  Ethanol and Biodiesel production
-  Breach of Contract
-  Farm Operations
-  Surety Disputes
-  Gluten Production
-  Tortious Interference
-  Supply Chain Issues
-  Forensic Investigation and Quantification
-  Fraud and Misrepresentation

This expert has served as the damages expert for several Agriculturally-related matters including:

-  A Beef Production matter involving cattle harmed by a defective vaccine. This expert was the plaintiff's damages expert and calculated lost profits on cattle sales, and on consequentially-lost crop land. This case settled.
-  A series of lawsuits. The first, and most important one, resulted in a major win for this expert's client. The damages have included increased replacement products costs, accounting-based damages, and lost crop production income.
-  A jury trial resulted in a major win for this expert's client. A company claimed many millions of dollars of lost profits on allegedly lost implement sales. The jury decided damages equal to this expert's number, which was zero.
-  A class action. This expert was the damages expert for the class. The case settled in favor of the class based on this expert's report.

This expert also has extensive experience with the complex financial issues. These have included:

-  Business interruption claims (lost profits)
-  Business tort, contract, and employment claims (causation, damages)
-  Forensic investigations (causation and damages)
-  Proof of claim issues (causation and quantification)
-  Records reconstruction (proof)

In addition, this expert is the owner and operator of a farm / ranch where this expert grows corn, wheat, soybeans, and have a herd cows. This expert sells weaned specialty calves under contract, and raise / feed-out many others that are butchered for sale on-farm, and in-town stores.

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Expert Witness #262750

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry with a focus on Colloids and Interface Science. This expert brings to the table many years of experience in Crop Protection R&D, including but not limited to: Technology application and development; Formulation development, characterization/testing, processing, registration, and commercial scale-up/start-up; Spray Drift.

  • Liquids - Expertise in the development and processing of: micro-emulsions (MEs), emulsion concentrates (ECs), aqueous and non-aqueous dispersions (SCs, ODs), and suspo-emulsions (SEs).
  • Solids - Experience with granular formulation development, processing and commercial production optimization, troubleshooting, and reregistration of crop protection products produced by spray drying, fluid bed granulation, and paste extrusion.
  • Spray Drift Task Force - A consortium assembled to address the EPA's concern over pesticide drift. This expert’s tasks included:
  • Chair the Physical Property Subcommittee, leading the development, design, and execution of a program to assure that necessary measurements were made on model fluids and tank mixtures, spanning the range of formulation types, properties, and concentrations common in aerial and ground applications.
  • Interface and advise multiple contract labs, providing detailed equipment specification, instructions, and procedures to accomplish the above.
  • Sit on the Technical Committee to assure alignment and integration of the Physical Property, Atomization, and Field-Testing Sub-Committees.
  • Worked with the Atomization Sub-committee and the wind-tunnel facility to develop and carry-out the necessary atomization testing.
  • Literature research and interviews with experts in droplet formation and atomization, spanning academia, industry, and the U.S. Government.
  • Teaching - Adjunct Faculty. Taught General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry for Chemistry and Engineering majors.

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