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Net neutrality expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds in computer science, civil rights, and/or internet and broadband technology. Net neutrality is a hot topic, and Cahn Litigation Services expects to see an increasing number of requests for expert witnesses centered around the net neutrality debate.

Net neutrality is a controversial set of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations. The concept of net neutrality, short for network neutrality, is that an internet service provider (ISP) provides users access to all sites under the same conditions without blocking content. With network neutrality rules, an ISP may not block, slow down, or engage in a paid prioritization program for specific online content. Without net neutrality regulation, an ISP could decide what information a user sees, and may prioritize or block certain types of traffic, and potentially charge users for levels of service.

Net neutrality advocates believe that an open internet provides internet freedom and an equal treatment of data, allowing internet users to communicate and conduct business without interference, claiming that the internet was designed to transfer packets of information regardless of content.

A closed internet refers to the opposite situation, allowing internet access restrictions and content filtering. Opponents of net neutrality principles claim that regulations reduce the incentive to build out the internet, and reduce competition in the marketplace. Some countries currently block certain websites or types of sites, and monitor and/or censor internet use. Litigation support by a net neutrality expert witness could include expert report preparation, expert opinion, and expert testimony. Clients may also seek an expert in net neutrality rules for pre-litigation consultant work.

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