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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Cables experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Cables landscape.

Expert Witness #252562

This expert brings to the table many years of expertise and experience in the engineering and financial evaluation of utility infrastructure. This expert is President, CEO and Founder of an internationally renown and highly successful utility infrastructure holding company that provides specialized consulting to the utility infrastructure industry. This expert has designed, built and even financed large-scale projects for its own companies, other Utilities & manufacturers. This includes being an Engineering and Construction resource for the power industry. This expert has been involved with the construction of transmission facilities, distribution facilities, fiber optic lines, negotiated rights-of-way agreements, swaps, joint ventures, and even assisted in electrical facilities corrosion survey estimates. This expert and the firm have worked with many utility companies.

As to direct experience relating to submarine power transmission cables this expert has:

-  installed or provided technical help on submarine & underground transmission power cables of all types for decades for many different utilities worldwide and is a published author on submarine cable installations.
-  installed submarine transmission cables, many times for 4 different major US Power Utilities.
-  worked with numerous cable manufacturers that make submarine cables for projects and other utility projects.
-  repaired submarine cables that were damaged during installations and those damage by ships in ocean channels.
-  worked with most cable repair splice manufacturers in the past.
-  worked with submarine cable manufacturers in the US and Europe to design "world's first," submarine cable projects.
-  represented the entire US Power Industry to several World Standards Organizations.
-  led the Utility Industry's research into cable failures of "Solid Dielectric," underground and submarine cables. This expert's changes to designs were adopted around the world.

This expert is an active member of the IEEE's Power Engineering Society's Fiber Optic Cable Standards Subcommittee, the IEEE's Electric Vehicle Dynamic Charging Standards Working Group, with voting privileges on many other standards, and received multiple industry and government awards for work. Further, this expert has extensive prior expert witness experience with an excellent track record of success.

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Expert Witness #256969

This expert has focused a consulting, engineering and design practice on towing and trailering equipment, heavy equipment, mobile equipment, and oil/gas drilling equipment, much of which is hitch mounted. This expert has analyzed and performed testing on multiple trailer auxiliary connections (safety chains/cables) and has researched federal, state, and SAE standards for trailer auxiliary connections. This expert is a member of the NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) and NATDA (North American Trailer Dealers Association. This expert is responsible for ground up designs of 5th wheel style trailers and has performed structural analyses on small and large flatbed trailers and enclosed utility trailers (bumper pull and gooseneck). This expert has also designed mounting platers, and various hitch-mounted products.

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Expert Witness #259834

This expert is founder and CTO of a leading US Department of Defense (DoD) and NATO approved consultancy providing expertise in the design and development of electromagnetically hardened electronics and communications. This expert brings to the table many years of experience in this field. Leading a team of engineers, this expert's experience includes:

-  Electromagnetically shielded cabinets and other electromagnetically shielded enclosures
-  Shielded connectors and cables
-  Shielding effectiveness testing
-  Protection against HIGH ALTITUDE ELECTROMAGNETIC PULSE (HEMP) attacks and HIGH POWER MICROWAVE (HPM) attacks, Electromagnetic Compatibility testing of cybersecurity intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance ISR systems and design services in accordance with current US Department of Defense (DoD) Military, FCC, Australian & European Community Requirements
-  Electromagnetic Compatibility testing
-  EMC/EMI technical and non-technical training for the US Government, US Government Contractors, US Military and US Industry, including the US EMC Community

This expert is a prolific author and speaker on the subject and holds several patents for shielded consumer products. This expert has served as an expert witness in several automotive matters relating to electromagnetic shielding; this expert has been deposed and testified.

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Expert Witness #252049

This expert is the founder and Senior Engineer of an internationally recognized consultancy specializing in USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging. This expert brings to the table many years as Senior R&D Engineer. In the realm of USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging, this expert has:

-  Co-authored several USB standards
-  Developed a SW package for the USB-C Power Delivery standard
-  Developed the digital parts of an electronic marker chip for cables used in the USB-C ecosystem
-  Developed embedded IP for USB-C Power Delivery
-  Designed and reviewed USB related functions
-  Served as Technical Lead on the first and second generation of USB-charger chips
-  Developed the power circuit for the first USB On The Go phone
-  Reviewed chipsets to be used for compliance to standards
-  Served as technical expert for the developing standard for 2mm charging plugs
-  Heavily involved in writing the USB-Battery-charging standard in versions 1.1 and 1.2.
-  Served as Sub group chair for a new generation of USB Power Delivery standard
-  Made the basic schematic for the compliance tester for USB BC1.2 and continues work on the compliance tester for USB Power Delivery
-  Several patents, some in the USB arena

among other things. This expert is producing a protocol stack for the USB Power Delivery specifications. This expert's litigation experience is limited. This expert has not yet been deposed or testified.

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Expert Witness #252056

This expert is the Founder and Principal Engineer of a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in USB Power specifically and Power Electronics and Power Delivery. This expert has extensive knowledge of the whole area of providing power through data cables. This includes the competing fast charge standards and the upcoming PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technology. This expert was a part of the USB working group developing the specification, and had the first silicon realization of the standard. This expert designed numerous linear, buck and boost power supplies. These ranged from 12V to 5V buck switchers with linear regulation, to 2KV flyback power supplies, and an innovative direct offline power supply and included transformers / inductors, circuit design and build and test activities. As part of a four-year University course, this expert spent a year with the a power group designing physics magnet power supplies with up to 200A outputs and a new form of current monitoring transformer. As a consultant, this expert has designed a number of on silicon power supplies - both switching and linear. This expert was invited to join a USB Power Delivery Working Group. This expert's assignment was to develop silicon to support the standardization effort there. Some of this expert's code is a part of that standard. For a while this expert's consultancy had the only silicon realization of this technology, and sold IP to the major players. While this expert has no direct litigation experience, as a Senior Director, part of the role was working with legal on patent filing and patent infringement issues.

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Expert Witness #260498

This expert has many years of experience with fire safety issues. This expert leads a well-known, internationally-recognized consultancy providing technical assistance with codes and standards issues (emphasis on fire), as well as consulting services for fire related legal cases.

This expert has published 500 papers and six books. This expert has a strong background in fire performance and the effects of flame retardants. This expert is very active on proposals for development and amendment of codes (leading to regulation), including the building codes (IBC and NFPA 5000), the life safety code (NFPA 101), the national electrical code (NEC, NFPA 70), the mechanical codes (IMC, UMC), the fire codes (IFC, NFPA 1), the residential code (IRC) and the wildland code (IWUIC). This expert is also very active in development of standard fire tests, practices, specifications and guides (nationally and internationally) within ASTM, NFPA, CSA, ISO and IEEE. This expert has been appointed to a number of positions of responsibility within codes and standards committees and has received several awards.

Among the many, this expert is a member of the following ASTM, ISO, and NFPA technical committees:


E05 (Fire Tests)

D07 (Wood)

D09 (Electrical and Electronic Insulating Materials)

D13 (Textiles)

D20 (Plastics)

F15 (Consumer Products)

F23 (Personal Protective Clothing and Equipment)


TC61 SC4 (Plastics, Burning behavior)

TC92 (Fire Safety) -


Hazard and Risk of Contents and Furnishings

Building Code/Safety to Life: Interior Finish and Contents

This expert has extensive litigation experience having been deposed and testified in matters involving:

upholstered furniture or mattresses

electrical cables


lining materials



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Expert Witness #222600

This expert is a testifying expert, author, patent holder, and Registered Professional Engineer who has many years of experience in Electrical Engineering, Networks and Telecommunications. This expert’s primary areas of expertise include telecommunications, switching systems (circuit, packet and optical), LANS, communication network architecture and protocols, and copper and fiber-optic cabling systems (cables, connectors, patch panels, etc.).

This expert holds 8 U.S. patents, has authored more than 30 technical publications (including 2 books) and has given technical presentations on 5 continents. This expert has provided Trial Testimony, Expert Reports, Depositions, Technical Tutorials, and consulting in more than 20 patent cases in Federal District Court and the ITC, as well as Inter Partes Reviews at the PTAB.

Relevant Professional Experience

  • Member of Technical Staff and Technical Manager -- Customer Switching Systems
    Involved with telecommunications networks, PBX and data switch design, signaling systems, interface with long-haul network. Inventor and lead designer of integrated circuit and packet switching system. Inventor of a message signaling arrangement for ISDN switches and terminals.
  • Technical Manager and Director – Network Cable Systems, Optical Fiber Solutions, and Optical Networking Business Units
    Involved with copper and fiber-optic cabling systems and transmission, optical switching, local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network management. Developed a signal message translator to enable logical partitioning of a broadband network router into multiple virtual routers.
  • Telecommunications consulting
    Provided consulting, engineering, and expert witness services on transmission, switching, and networking issues, LANs, and cabling systems.

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