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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Biotechnology experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Biotechnology landscape.

Expert Witness #260482

This expert brings to the table many years’ experience of bringing fundamental research through to practical implementation and full commercialization – based on technologies ranging from biomedical biosensors through to smart wound dressings and sensors for use within the food, water and environmental monitoring industries. This expert’s career to date has spanned academic departments of Chemistry, Medicine, Biotechnology, Materials Science and Engineering across every part of the University sector - with this being reflected in publications and ongoing research interests.

This expert’s research career has been focused towards sensors for food chain, medical and environmental applications. This expert is the author of >130 publications spanning areas of sensors, data transmission and food chain supply logistics and food safety having worked with agri-food and sensor- oriented companies.

This expert can bring extensive experience of acting as an expert witness in patent trials and arbitration cases.

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Expert Witness #210447

This expert has been working with enzymes, including digestive ones, for many years. This expert has extensive experience, both research and litigation support, in drug delivery, including oral administration using tablets and capsules. This experience understands various coatings, such as enteric and modified-release ones.

This expert has started six pharmaceutical companies and has been a scientific advisor, consultant, and/or director for numerous pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies, as well as an expert witness in many pharmaceutical patent infringement litigations. This expert has authored numerous scientific papers and 32 issued U.S. patents, given a plethora of invited lectures, and is a member of over a dozen scientific journal editorial boards. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Enzymology and an M.S. in Chemistry.

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Expert Witness #217102

This expert is a Professor in the School of Computer Science and Director of an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation. This expert directs an M.S. in Biotechnology, Innovation and Computation program and the M.S. in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation program. This expert obtained an A.B. in Physics, an M.A. in Physics, an M.S. degree in Technology of Management, as well as a law degree.

This expert formed a company to commercialize a document production system. This expert has worked for a large intellectual property firm and spent several years involved in all phases of intellectual property, prosecuting patent applications and litigating trademark and copyright cases.

This expert has been involved in 300 cases, and has provided affidavits, reports or declarations in more than 200 of those cases. This expert has testified at trial on more than 40 occasions.

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Expert Witness #261987

This expert, a Managing Director with a Disputes and Investigations consultancy, brings many years of experience on cases involving commercial damages quantification and causation, and major forensic accounting investigations. This expert has provided numerous expert reports and testified at deposition in approximately 80 matters. In at least 25 matters, this expert has been recognized as an expert witness at trials pending in state and federal courts and arbitration panels. This expert is regularly retained to evaluate issues sch as lost profits, price erosion, unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages.

While leading the firm's intellectual property group, this expert also has significant experience in other commercial litigation damages studies in matters such as breach of contract, minority shareholder, business interruption, lost profits, business valuation issues, construction and government contract claims, other commercial disputes and regulatory investigations and settlements. This expert has extensive experience in many areas such as: biotechnology, chemicals, computers, construction, government contracting, internet websites, manufacturing, medical devices, and mining - to name just a few.

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Expert Witness #250091

This expert holds a PhD and serves as Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Professor in Fermentation Biochemistry at a major university. This expert brings to the table many years of experience in enzyme production, structure and function. This expert has extensive research experience with flavoproteins, recombinant protein expression, enzyme assays, and many other aspects of protein structure and function. Funded by the NIH, NSF, DOE and industry, this expert and research team have published ~200 peer-reviewed articles and chapters on the structure and mechanisms of proteins and enzymes. They have developed methods for bioinformatics analysis, cloning, expression testing, purification, and protein structure determination of eukaryotic proteins, human mitochondrial proteins, and integral membrane proteins. Under this expert's direction, the Center cloned ~10,000 genes from model eukaryotes, purified over 1,000 different proteins, and maintained active collaborations with over 200 scientists world-wide. A leader in both the discovery and the biochemical and structural studies of diiron enzymes, this expert's research contributions include pioneering efforts on soluble methane monooxygenase. As a new faculty member, this expert initiated work on toluene 4-monooxygenase (T4MO) and the group established the identity of all four proteins in the T4MO complex, established the first successful mutagenesis system for any diiron enzyme, and showed how to engineer the active site to change regiospecificity while maintaining kcat, KM and coupling. They obtained structures of all individual members of protein complex, and importantly, high resolution structures of complexes that show how different protein-protein interactions successively rearrange the active site to promote efficient catalysis. This expert is the named inventor on seven US patents in the area of biotechnology surrounding the use of enzymes, and has participated in the drafting and in negotiations with the US Patent Office. This expert has been deposed but has not had the opportunity to testify.  

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