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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Heavy Metals experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Heavy Metals landscape.

Expert Witness #227074

This expert holds a PhD in Metallurgy and brings to the table many years of experience in the areas of materials engineering, failure analysis and engineering investigations. This expert’s doctoral research dealt with safely containing hazardous, explosive materials and this is also true for much of this expert’s industrial consulting work. This expert has direct experience with grey cast iron in terms of pipeline corrosion and prediction of fatigue life in cast iron vessels.

This expert’s code related work has involved pressure vessel and pipeline codes. This work has involved assessing old cast iron pressure vessels for conformance to current codes. Below is a summary of example work experience:

Cast iron experience:

  1.  Life estimate for buried pipe
  2. Water main failure in river crossing
  3. Stray current induced corrosion failure

Metallurgical/Fatigue Life for gray cast iron:

  1. Remaining life prediction for very old dryers
  2. Fitness for service on old paper mill dryer drums
  3. Failure prediction in check valve bodies
  4. Failure of brake drums

Code Experience:

  1.  Repair procedures for damaged batch digesters
  2. Life prediction for dryers and dryer drums
  3. Butane gas line explosion
  4. Steam piping analysis and failures
  5. Refrigeration line failures
  6. API/ASME 579 Fitness for Service experience

Risk for Natural Gas Transport:

This expert’s graduate course work and dissertation dealt with preventing explosions (liquid natural gas). Much of this expert’s professional experience has involved efforts to prevent explosions or determining why explosions occurred. This is a poorly understood problem and one that many companies are ignoring. This expert has directed NDT or inspection efforts in a number of different applications.

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Expert Witness #251370

This expert holds a PhD in Materials Engineering and serves as a Senior Engineer for a highly sought-after technical consultancy. Specializing in physical and process metallurgy, quality control systems and manufacturing processes, this expert's doctoral dissertation examined combustion processes in an electric arc furnace (EAF) as well as steel oxidation at elevated temperatures. As process metallurgy manager at a steel company, this expert was a member of a capital investment committee that, in addition to other projects, investigated the feasibility of oxygen injection in the EAF. While there, EQS had a 50tonne eccentric bottom tap (EBT) EAF as well as two ladle furnaces, a vacuum degassing unit and calcium injection system. EQS produced ingots (from 10" diameter to 52" diameter) used by the forging industry of carbon and alloy steel, including tool steels and ferritic/martensitic stainless steels. As process metallurgy manager this expert was responsible for understanding and controlling 2513g the melting, refining and casting processes. Some of this expert's additional responsibilities included developing energy balance for the EAF, the control of slag chemistry with respect to slag foaming and carbon, recovery of alloying elements from different scrap sources and the development of materials database to link product defects with specific steelmaking processes. In addition to deposition testimonies, this expert manages projects and provides litigation support (including review and analysis of documents, indexing depositions, preparation of cross examination questions, preparation of direct testimony, technical research) for colleagues. These have included several multimillion dollar arbitration and litigation matters.

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Expert Witness #263524

This expert is an Associate Professor, Department of Metallurgical Engineering, working on the development and application of Titanium Boride materials for biomedical devices. This expert is familiar with the pink color of the alumina ceramic femoral heads; this expert became aware of this in the process of developing hip implant materials.

This expert is a member of the Materials Research Society, the American Society for Materials International, the Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, and American Ceramic Society. This expert is a Fellow of the American Society of Materials International, and received an award from the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society for notable contribution to metallurgical science. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Metallurgy & Engineering, and is a named inventor on three US Patents covering material inventions. This expert has been deposed in two cases, and has provided court testimony.

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Expert Witness #256094

This expert received B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Metallurgical Engineering. This expert is a Professor Emeritus, Department of Materials Science and Engineering. This expert is a member of the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) and Fellow of five professional societies in materials engineering, mechanical engineering, and automotive engineering: TMS, ASM International, ASME, SAE, and AIME. This expert was a Staff Research Scientist where this expert specialized in sheet metal forming, including dies and tools, sheet metal properties, measurement of mechanical properties, at metal plasticity. This expert continued work in those areas and added in finite element modeling of metal forming operations, steel and aluminum properties and grades, springback, friction and wear, and fundamental properties related to those applied phenomena. This expert's research work and publications are approximately half in metallurgy/materials and half in mechanical engineering. This expert has taught courses, both graduate and undergraduate, on materials, material properties, mechanical testing, metal plasticity, and other related topics. This expert's group performs a variety of research related to large-strain deformation, dislocation mechanisms, forming, finite element modeling and new experimental methods. This expert is the author of more than 300 technical articles, 2 proceedings volumes, 2 combined proceedings and authored books, and 2 text books in these areas. This expert has presented over 100 international and invited papers, and has advised 24 masters theses and 29 doctoral dissertations. This expert serves as a consultant to industry with regard to mechanical and materials engineering, particularly regarding die forming, sheet materials, and their automotive applications.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience including report writing, over a dozen depositions and four occasions of courtroom testimony. This expert has specialized consulting in intellectual property litigation, but not exclusively. This expert's work is generally in metallurgical and/or mechanical engineering, including sheet metal forming, metal processing, welding equipment design, and automotive component design and manufacturing.

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