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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Claims Handling experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Claims Handling landscape.

Expert Witness #239641

This expert is an internationally recognized expert on insurance, insurance claims handling, insurance coverage, insurance fraud, and insurance bad faith. With many years of practical insurance claims experience, this expert assists clients in resolving insurance problems faced by lawyers representing insurers, lawyers representing policyholders, insurance claims management, insurance claims personnel, and those they seek to serve. The experience and skill of this expert as a consultant and expert witness can make the difference before a jury, other trier of fact, or mediator. With comprehensive knowledge of insurance and insurance claims handling, this expert understands and can explain how insurance claims should be resolved. This expert the recipient of an award for significant contributions to the claims sector of the insurance industry through education, professional development and perseverance.

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Expert Witness #222427

This expert has significant D&O policy experience as counsel for two international brokerages handling a number of D&O coverage disputes. As a brokerage executive, this expert oversaw and was involved in the placement of D&O coverage for large risk management clients, and was deeply involved in the placement of D&O coverage for a major investor, and its portfolio companies. As executive risk practice manager this expert directed the second largest D&O practice in the country placing D&O coverage for private companies going through IPO’s and converting to public company coverage.

As corporate counsel for brokerages, this expert had significant experience in Bad Faith transaction issues, having managed the defense of over 200 bad faith claims against the carriers’ third party claims administration subsidiaries. This expert has experience testifying as an expert including a bad faith matter.

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Expert Witness #250668

This expert's professional working career has been dedicated to the electrical and electronic connector industry. While the first part of this expert's work background related directly to the creation, design, testing, and manufacture of connectors, in recent years this expert's work has transitioned to supporting client companies by interpreting patent claims, assessing validity and infringement, evaluating related art, and testifying as expert witness in numerous IP litigations. This expert understands the machinery, equipment, materials, and processing requirements of plastic / insulating connector components such as connector pin spacers ("tine plate"), and is familiar with printed wiring boards, their manufacture and materials, and special limitations for their use. In particular, this expert understands the working relationship that exists between connectors and PWB's in terms of potential thermal mismatch, built-up mechanical stress, and the resulting behavior in terms of solder joint issues (cracked joints). This expert has participated with various law firms handling patent infringement litigation between parties, and served as expert witness both in cases before the USPTO as well as in litigation ensuing in various Federal district courts around the country. A recent case involved a complaint brought before the ITC wherein this expert was active in preparing documents and testimony for trial. This expert's experience includes direct involvement in various industrial equipment, appliances, medical devices, consumer products, automotive, heavy equipment, power tool, and computer products and industry practices, to name a few areas. This expert is both disciplined in the application of legal guidelines when interpreting patent claims, and creative when supporting client litigation strategies. As an experienced professional, this expert communicates well in both oral and written form, relates sometimes complicated technical aspects in clear, straightforward language, and is adept at working with attorneys, technologists, associate experts, and is competent in more formal (deposition and trial) situations.

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Expert Witness #263082

This expert is a Professor and served as the Associate Chair of the Electrical Engineering Department. This expert also served as the Director of a University off-campus graduate program. This expert is also an expert in intellectual property development and a consultant for patent litigation cases in the areas of telecommunications, computer networks, and wireless networks at both the protocol and hardware levels. This expert is internationally known through research, scholarly work, and a published book. This expert has had several invited talks at international conferences.

This expert was a research scientist at a telecommunications institute working on design of advanced communication systems and high-speed computer networks. This expert was with the Computer and Communications Research Center at a University and worked as a research assistant on design and analysis of high-speed switching systems project. This expert was a telecommunications system research & development engineer, participated in design of a high-speed digital telephone Private Branch Exchange" (PBX), and received the best “design/idea” award.

This expert specializes in: Computer Networks/Protocols, TCP/IP, Virtualization, AI in Networking, Cloud Data Centers, Network Security, Internet Applications, Web, VoIP, Video Streaming, Multimedia Signaling/Networking, CDNs, Networking Devices, Switches, Routers, Media Gateways, Virtual Switches, Signaling in Wireless Mobile and Telecommunication Networks, IoT, and Wireless Sensor Networks.

This expert is the author of an internationally recognized textbook. Additionally, this expert has been granted a U.S. Patent that presents a switching system for use in high-speed computer networks.

This expert holds positions with the IEEE Communications Standards Magazine, presenting the latest innovation in computer networks and other aspects of communication systems. This expert has given numerous domestic and international conference regular and invited talks and published many journal articles in communications and networking fields.

This expert has have received several awards, honors and research grants from university, private sectors, state, and governmental funding agencies for conducting research and teaching in the area of telecommunication systems.

This expert’s prior litigation experience includes: analysis of patent claims, prior art research, consulting for counsel on term constructions, technology examination against patent infringement, patent opinion expert report, claim chart preparation, patent invalidity expert report, handling IPR cases, participation in deposition process, and participation in court testimony.

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