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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Web Authentication experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Web Authentication landscape.

Expert Witness #218703

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from a prestigious engineering school and is a Fulbright Scholar. This expert specializes in the technologies of signal processing, networking, authentication and streaming media. This expert is currently an independent contractor offering advisory services for information technology organizations, venture capital groups and the legal profession. This expert has additional expertise in computer software design, development and deployment, forensic data acquisition and analysis, Microsoft Visual Studio component and application design, ad displays, content feeds, implementation of real-time and media streaming systems and architecture and design of complex business systems involving database back ends. This expert has built systems involving authentication. Perhaps more significant is the success this expert has had with authentication/encryption with PTAB declarations. Functionality included insurance and financing RFP's, document management and project collaboration. In addition, each web site offered integration of multimedia content for promotion of client projects, including steaming video and audio content. This expert also implemented a secure data access system using native NT operating system authentication services. All documents and files were transmitted via 128-BIT SSL using server-side certificates for server authentication to the client browser. As an expert witness in litigation, this expert has written many reports and has testified over ten times, including several cases involving encryption and authentication.

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Expert Witness #222931

These expert have many years in the information technology industry in general and web technology, browsers, cookies, the HTTP communications protocol, interactive web pages, ecommerce, single sign on (SSO) / authentication in particular. This experience involved hands-on architecture design, code development and deployment of eCommerce systems from scratch and utilization of tools such as Microsoft Merchant/Commerce Server, and the development of multiple systems. They each have a Microsoft SharePoint practice to develop collaborative web sites for various industries including financial services, military contractor, telecommunications, food, retail, aviation, and government. For example, regarding cookies, one expert was an advisor and DBA for in the development of the first marketplace and actually developed the original specification for cookies. At the time, "server side" cookies were available for logged in/authenticated users however in the development of this marketplace, this proved to be inefficient in the dial-up environment (disconnection caused a "dropped basket" and users would not return). The other expert independently designed the technique for creating dynamic ecommerce product offerings on the fly with database driven web pages rather than the static hand-coded web pages which were used traditionally. This expert was an expert in a case which involved online, and multifactor authentication used by banks.

These experts have been intellectual property litigation experts for many years. They have both worked on many cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants, both individually and jointly. They have separately authored many expert reports and we have been deposed countless times. Each has been declared as testifying experts in federal court cases.

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