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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Voice Over IP experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Voice Over IP landscape.

Expert Witness #121596

This expert is a nationally recognized expert in the field of telecommunications and information technology. This expert’s expertise encompasses a broad range of technical and managerial disciplines including voice communications, data networking, carrier services for public/private switched & dedicated networks, image processing, wireless and cable transmission systems, security systems including intruder detection, access control and video surveillance as well as operational and strategic planning. As co-founder and President of a highly sought-after consultancy, this expert is responsible for overseeing corporate operations and providing executive level direction on strategically significant projects. This expert has worked for various organizations in a consultative, design/engineering and managerial capacity. This expert has supported numerous clients with respect to technology consulting in the financial services, high technology, legal, corporate, health care and education sectors. This expert’s technical practice encompasses strategic planning and expert witness litigation support. This expert worked in the military aerospace industry developing strategic and tactical command and control systems for various agencies in the defense and intelligence communities. In addition to litigation experience, this expert and firm have performed an extensive patent portfolio review for a large company working with their in-house Intellectual Property group. In that project this expert evaluated 2 portfolios comprising over 120 patents. The team is highly knowledgeable about the Switched Ethernet and Optical networking marketplace.


  • Packet Radio
  • Packet Switching /Internet Protocol
  • Packet Speech / Voice over IP
  • Satellite communications
  • Telephone switching systems
  • Video Surveillance Systems & Video Digitization
  • Voice digitization/voice processing
  • Voice messaging
  • Wireless Communications Systems
  • Automated out dialing systems
  • Access control systems
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) & Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Cabling & Wire-based systems
  • Cellular telephony
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • LOS Microwave Systems
  • Mission - Critical Infrastructure Design for Data Centers
  • Mobility management

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Expert Witness #251048

This expert received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. This expert's research is in the broad area of wireless communications and networking, with particular emphasis on resource management, distributed protocols, and security. This expert has worked extensively on secure verification of location and timing information, including privacy preserving audit mechanisms. This expert's research in this area focused on third-part privacy preserving audits of encrypted control messages (e.g., secure sensing measurements that must be accompanied by time and GPS coordinates) in various contexts, including wireless sensor networks, storage systems (verifiability of stored data in cloud storage), location-based message verification in packet relaying, and others.

This expert has been involved in NSF and DoD funded projects related to cognitive radio networks; shared and dynamic spectrum access; coexistence of heterogeneous wireless systems (e.g., LTE-U/WiFi); wireless security (e.g., obfuscation of transmission signatures, MIMO-based friendly jamming; insider attacks, selective-reactive jamming/dropping, game-theoretic countermeasures); 802.11 WLANs; power control protocols; multi-channel MIMO systems (including virtual/cooperative MIMO); mmWave systems; secure satellite communications; energy management in solar-powered WSNs; full-duplex communications and self-interference suppression; and media streaming over wireless links. This expert worked on packet scheduling and buffer management in switches and routers, QoS provisioning, fault monitoring/detection in optical networks, effective-bandwidth theory, traffic characterization, voice-over-IP, and video-on-demand systems. This expert has published more than 250 journal articles and peer-reviewed conference papers, and is a co-inventor of 5 granted/pending US patents. This expert's grants include 20 competitive NSF awards, 16 of which this expert served as the sole or lead PI.  This expert was a keynote speaker at various conferences, including IEEE ICCSP, IEEE CRESS, IEEE CCW, IFIP Wireless Days, and the IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks. This expert was an invited panelist at various international conferences. This expert gave tutorials at premier wireless networking conferences and frequently consults for companies in the telecommunications sector.  

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Expert Witness #256632

This expert is a world-renowned researcher who has extensive research, technical, managerial, and Intellectual Property/patent expertise in the areas of telecommunications, networking, broadband, MetroEthernet, SONET/SDH/OTN Internet, VoIP, wireless, video, multimedia, MPLS, IPv6, e-commerce, and IoT/M2M for both carrier networks and enterprise networks. This expert's specialties include analysis, design, implementation, operation, and advocacy of new network technologies, particularly with an emphasis on packet technologies and the Internet Protocol (IP) for traditional and broadband applications such as:

Voice over IP (VoIP); Video Over IP (e.g., IPTV, specifically, entertainment quality digital TV, video distribution over satellite/DTH, High Throughput Satellites [HTSs], multimedia; wireless connectivity (including Wi-Fi, wireless sensor networks, and communication/DTH/HTS satellites); security; intranet; Internet/intranet architecture and QoS; IoT/M2M; LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet; and the underlying high-capacity network infrastructure to support these applications along with the call control signaling logic (SS7/Q.931/Q.2931/Q.933) and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) services. Packet systems include X.25/NCP, IPv4, Frame Relay (FR), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS), and IPv6. This expert has also done work in cloud services (Cisco UCS) and IoT/M2M, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and e-health.

This expert has many years of hands-on ATM/SONET/MetroEthernet/OTN experience. In addition to numerous papers and conference presentations, this expert has written several books on LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet, MPLS, Internet Services Cloud services, and IoT/M2M.

This expert has over 200 published patents as well as 35 patent applications cite this expert's work. Additionally, 5000+ academic researchers cite this expert's work in their publications, according to Google Scholar. This expert has taught IT and Telecommunications courses. This expert has appeared in industry conferences as well a radio and TV technology programs.

This expert has been called upon to undertake infringement/non-infringement analysis (with resulting depositions and testimony) in the area of packet video/IPTV, packet voice/VoIP, imaging (scanned checks), IoT, and wireless.

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Expert Witness #260194

This expert is a consultant with many years of experience in telecommunications, with expertise in network services and technology, regulatory interpretation, and industry practices. This expert has vast experience evaluating telecommunications networks and equipment in the context of relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including voice and data services used by cloud-based call centers, customer premises equipment such as predictive dialers, cloud-based technologies, and cellular networks. This expert has a deep understanding of Federal legislation and related FCC rules related to telecommunications, including the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and has provided numerous expert reports and related testimony describing complex network services and functions in the context of industry practices and federal and state regulations.

This expert has provided expert consulting and testifying services in over 50 cases, including appearances before over 25 state regulatory agencies, the FCC, state legislatures, state and federal courts, and arbitrations.

Summary of Selected Professional Experience

  • Oversaw state and federal regulatory tariffing and compliance matters for a company owned and funded by a coalition of large cable companies. Ensured company compliance with the TCPA. Developed technical and product descriptions for services utilized by call centers for outbound dialing systems, including predictive dialers. Incorporated sales contracts and agreements into contract-specific tariff terms.
  • Lead company representative before state regulators and government officials.  Negotiated complex industry precedent interconnection agreements with incumbent local exchange carriers for states pursuant to the Telecommunications Act on 1996. Coordinated with federal regulatory on TCPA matters. Provided testimony on network elements related to call centers and outbound dialing systems pursuant to FCC costing guidelines.
  • Responsible for national regulatory policy on evolving technologies and services, including IP-based services used in cloud-based call centers and outbound dialing systems and predictive dialers.

Summary of Selected Case Experience

  • Reviewed conference calling network platform configuration in context of Federal regulations. Activities include damages calculations, development of proxy rates and revenues, analysis of call records and bills, and evaluation of industry practice and regulatory issues.
  • Provided expert report validating a third-party verification and number portability processes and systems under Federal rules and relevant FCC orders.
  • Provided damages calculations related to routing of long distance 8YY traffic.  Provided evaluation of complex billing and call routing issues, as well as evaluation of industry practices and regulatory issues.

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Expert Witness #212711

This expert has been in the telecom world for many years. This expert is globally known for expertise in telecommunications, satellite, cellular and wireless networks (data and voice). A proven authority, this expert's years of work in the field of wireless communication and satellite systems, includes working with the US government, teaching as a Professor and co-Founder and former SVP/CTO of an international carrier with coverage in Europe.

As an expert witness this expert has supported both plaintiffs and defendants in over 60 high profile patent infringement, breach of contract, theft of IP and other cases.

Intellectual Property litigation, hearings and arbitrations

For the Plaintiff35
For the Defendant14
Pre-litigation consulting14
Expert Reports39
Laboratory Tests9
Testimony in Depositions27
Testimony in court9
Patent Infringement45
Patent Re-Examination5
Breach of contract5
IP theft4
Standards 3Gpp24
Standards 3Gpp217
Standards ITU2
Standards IEEE6
Testimony before regulators & boards3

This expert is very well published and is a frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences.

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Expert Witness #218672

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and computer science and is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at a technology institute. The creator of a start-up which develops image and video processing software for wireless and IP networking, this expert has been active in the areas of voice and audio processing for many years. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE, and has received awards for contributions to electrical engineering. This expert has reviewed and analyzed software and hardware designs through source code analysis for pre/post-litigation phases. This expert leads several large technology research programs in the areas of multimedia, networking, telecommunications and wireless technologies and has authored or edited several books. This expert is a frequent consultant to the industry. This expert has served as an expert witness and consultant in several leading intellectual property and patent litigation cases (both ITC 337 proceedings and Federal Circuit), and has been engaged as a litigation expert of graphics processing systems and components. This expert has testified at ten trials and was deposed over forty times.

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