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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Vehicle Dynamics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Vehicle Dynamics landscape.

Expert Witness #250772

This expert is Director of the Advanced Vehicle Systems Research Program at a research university. This expert is an expert in automotive drivetrain technology and extensively studies, publishes and teaches on oscillation, vibration and flexure of drivetrains. This expert's primary focus is on electrical and mechanical systems including imbalance issues, and the attendant noise and vibrations that occur, specifically the dynamics and analysis of mechanical vibrations on rotating and linear devices. This expert is a member of the society of Automotive engineers (SAE) and is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has experience as an expert witness, having testified approximately a dozen times in court, and providing upwards of twenty depositions, primarily in patent matters.

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Expert Witness #254348

This expert serves as President and technical director of a highly respected and sought-after consultancy providing automotive research and development, data acquisition, testing, vehicle dynamics, and design engineering services to both the off-road and military vehicle industry. While the bulk of this expert's success and reputation has been built around work in off-road motorsports, designing and developing specialized off-road vehicles, this expert has taken that knowledge and experience and provided it to the military. This expert has done a lot of work on military vehicle projects. This expert worked on the design and development of a family of high mobility military vehicles. This expert has provided prototype design and build services to both Marine Corps and Army programs which required building seventeen differently configured prototype concept vehicles. Many of this expert's military projects are confidential and/or proprietary in nature. This expert is currently consulting as an Off-Road Specialist.

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Expert Witness #218102

This expert is a Registered Professional Engineer with many years of experience in the biotechnology field. This expert holds PhD and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering, is an ASME Fellow, and an IEEE Senior Member. This expert is also a member of ASM International (the Materials Information Society) and SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers). This expert has many years of consulting and expert witness experience including design, application, analysis, and failure/reliability issues for a variety of MEMs and sensor projects. This expert is very well versed in MEMs and sensor technologies and brings strong experience in electromechanical systems. At a prominent corporateĀ research laboratory, this expert developed a unique piezoelectric sensor with integrated electronics for telephone and telecom applications. This expert has worked with haptics and MEMs applications for cell phone and game controller applications, consulted on vehicle dynamics and stability issues, and has dynamics, vibration, and damping experience for consumer electronics and other applications.

This expert has testified in both trial and depositions for patent cases and other types of litigation. This expert has authored numerous expert reports, filed 8 IPR Declarations, and testified in a patent trial with others upcoming. This expert has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the Mechanical Engineering Department at two prestigious universities.

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Expert Witness #252824

This expert is a professor of Aerospace Engineering and Rotorcraft Design, and a Director of a Center of Excellence in Rotorcraft Technology. This expert initiated a School of AE graduate program in Aerospace

Systems Design and started an Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory. This expert established an Integrated Product Lifecycle Engineering Laboratory. This expert has extensive expertise in the design and development of complex systems. This expert served as an aviator, engineer, manager and senior executive with the U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command. As a dynamics, vibrations and aeroelasticity engineer this expert served as the Army's expert in these areas during the design and development of all the Army's major aviation systems, the UH-60 Black Hawk, the AH-64 Apache, the C H-47D Chinook, and the OH-58D Kiowa Warrior, as well as major upgrades to Army Aviation fixed wing aircraft, such as the R U-21D, and OV-1D Mohawk. In addition, this expert served as the dynamics evaluator and technical area chief on Army Aviation Major Source Selection Evaluation Boards that led to the development of these systems. This expert oversaw the airworthiness qualification efforts for all new and upgraded Army aviation systems and provided engineering support to the program managers on these systems. This expert oversaw the Command's Science and Technology program, and led the concept development of new systems.

This expert also served on a temporary assignment as the Chief Scientist for the Army's Combined Arms Center and was an active duty Army aviator and commander and Field Artillery battery commander. This expert is the author or co-author of several book chapters and more than 200 technical publications in the fields of dynamics and aeroelasticity, flight mechanics and controls, aerospace systems design, and Integrated Product and Process Development. This expert is both an AHS and an AIAA Fellow, and a member of the American Society of Engineering Educators.

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