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USB expert witness candidates typically have advanced degrees and extensive experience in computer science and/or electrical engineering. Specific expertise in computer software, firmware or computer forensics may be requested for a litigation support role. Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous legal teams to locate expert witnesses, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant, that can support cases involving USB (Universal Serial Bus) technology. Most often the expert witness chosen is member of an industry organization such as the IEEE. A USB expert witness must have a deep understanding not only of the target technology, but also of the current standards and protocols, market share and the developing technologies of the industry’s leading players. It is essential that an expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a jury and judge can understand the factual evidence.

Often, matters requiring USB expert witness services involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation or trade secret disputes.

In a USB technology litigation, an expert can anticipate expert witness services such as depositions, an expert report, reverse engineering, forensic analysis, trial testimony, and related consulting activities. In high a profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, previous expert testimony experience is often a requirement.

Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for a USB subject matter expert, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the law firm. Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn a search for an expert witness around quickly and provide experts with the right balance of expertise and testimony for the job at hand.

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USB Expert Witness - Sample Bios

Please Note: All Cahn Litigation expert witness searches are customized to attorneys' precise specifications and preferences. Attorneys are encouraged to discuss search parameters with a Cahn search specialist.

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those USB experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the USB landscape.

Expert Witness #246479

This expert is the founder and Principal Engineer of a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in Power Electronics and Power Delivery. This expert has deep expertise in the design and implementation of power electronics systems including protocols that support power & data concurrently, such as USB/PoE/HDBaseT/etc. This expert is very familiar with the USB standards, having worked as a Tier 1 power vendor to major OEMs. This expert has extensive experience in application power solutions, and many other aspects from design through manufacturing & implementation as well as through worldwide distribution and customer experience in the field. This expert has designed/architected numerous power electronics solutions for many types of systems that have implemented USB as well as evaluated appropriate supplier components, tested/debugged/qualified systems, and improved manufacturing/quality processes that facilitate putting high-quality, high-volume electronics into the field. This expert brings to the table a unique, global perspective in the area of power electronics having experienced all aspects of the field from engineering to supply chain & manufacturing to business/sales/marketing to customer experience and WW global logistics so this expert can relate all the pertinent motivations/detractors of a technical analysis against all these factors as well as provide unique perspective on how all these constituents may be impacted. This expert has not served formally as an expert for litigation, though this expert has received some training and provided some inside consultation. Further, this expert has been deposed, as a former employee in roles of both witness and plaintiff. This expert is comfortable with this process and has some understanding of how to approach a deposition given the desired outcomes of the different Plaintiff & Defendant attorney perspectives.

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Expert Witness #249681

This expert brings to the table many years of experience in computer system new technology architecture definition, analysis and specification. Widely respected for the ability to generate, articulate, and critically analyze: technical proposals, concepts and specifications, this expert has extensive hands-on experience with prototyping/debugging/analysis of hardware/firmware/software. This expert is also the holder of 62 patents usually as the lead inventor; 12+ as solo inventor, and approximately 12 patents pending, in a variety of computer system areas including: operating system device drivers, BIOS, 3D graphics, serial buses (such as USB), disk caches, memory buses. For example:

-  System for copying device driver stub in allocated portion of system memory corresponding to receiving resource to enable device driver execution from resource memory
-  Preservation of a computer system processing state in a mass storage device
-  System for enabling access to device driver residing in resource memory corresponding to coupled resource by allowing memory mapping to device driver to be executed
-  Two part memory card socket connector and related interrupt handler

This expert has extensive expertise in PCMCIA (as one of the authors of the PCMCIA software interface specifications; Socket and Card Services). In addition to expert witness work, including written reports and deposition, this expert has been involved in several PTO Office Actions to resolve questions pertaining to pending patent applications. This expert has frequently been asked to review patents from other inventors to clarify novelty of a pending patent.

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Expert Witness #249894

This expert brings to the table many years working experience in electronics/firmware product development of various and diversified technologies. This expert is intimately familiar with PCMCIA card technology, having designed with this technology numerous times requiring this expert to be familiar with all aspects of operation (timing, DC/AC characteristics, etc.). This expert designed a unique memory card based headphone for a client which won an Engineering Innovation Award. This expert has managed and implemented the invention technologies yielding numerous patents in consumer, industrial, medical, and military products. This expert designed all circuit hardware containing microcontroller, FLASH memory, SRAM, D/A and A/D converters, instrumentation amplifiers, custom power supply to medical isolation specification levels. This includes high speed FLASH memory, SRAM and both serial and parallel I/O interfaces for Clinical Diagnostic Products. This expert has also designed Telecomm Security Devices for National Defense Centers utilizing DRAM DIMMS, FLASH SIMMS, Battery Backed SRAM, PCMCIA, USB, Fast Ethernet, and high speed Enhanced Serial Communications Controllers performing Timing Analysis and Verification under Chronology Timing Designer. This expert has prior litigation experience including deposition.

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Expert Witness #252049

This expert is the founder and Senior Engineer of an internationally recognized consultancy specializing in USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging. This expert brings to the table many years as Senior R&D Engineer. In the realm of USB Power Delivery and Battery Charging, this expert has:

-  Co-authored several USB standards
-  Developed a SW package for the USB-C Power Delivery standard
-  Developed the digital parts of an electronic marker chip for cables used in the USB-C ecosystem
-  Developed embedded IP for USB-C Power Delivery
-  Designed and reviewed USB related functions
-  Served as Technical Lead on the first and second generation of USB-charger chips
-  Developed the power circuit for the first USB On The Go phone
-  Reviewed chipsets to be used for compliance to standards
-  Served as technical expert for the developing standard for 2mm charging plugs
-  Heavily involved in writing the USB-Battery-charging standard in versions 1.1 and 1.2.
-  Served as Sub group chair for a new generation of USB Power Delivery standard
-  Made the basic schematic for the compliance tester for USB BC1.2 and continues work on the compliance tester for USB Power Delivery
-  Several patents, some in the USB arena

among other things. This expert is producing a protocol stack for the USB Power Delivery specifications. This expert's litigation experience is limited. This expert has not yet been deposed or testified.

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Expert Witness #252056

This expert is the Founder and Principal Engineer of a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in USB Power specifically and Power Electronics and Power Delivery. This expert has extensive knowledge of the whole area of providing power through data cables. This includes the competing fast charge standards and the upcoming PPS (Programmable Power Supply) technology. This expert was a part of the USB working group developing the specification, and had the first silicon realization of the standard. This expert designed numerous linear, buck and boost power supplies. These ranged from 12V to 5V buck switchers with linear regulation, to 2KV flyback power supplies, and an innovative direct offline power supply and included transformers / inductors, circuit design and build and test activities. As part of a four-year University course, this expert spent a year with the a power group designing physics magnet power supplies with up to 200A outputs and a new form of current monitoring transformer. As a consultant, this expert has designed a number of on silicon power supplies - both switching and linear. This expert was invited to join a USB Power Delivery Working Group. This expert's assignment was to develop silicon to support the standardization effort there. Some of this expert's code is a part of that standard. For a while this expert's consultancy had the only silicon realization of this technology, and sold IP to the major players. While this expert has no direct litigation experience, as a Senior Director, part of the role was working with legal on patent filing and patent infringement issues.

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Expert Witness #263714

This expert holds an MS in Engineering and serves as President and CTO for a highly sought-after consultancy. This expert specializes in Electronic Imaging Systems, Electronic & Wireless Transfer Systems, Hardware & Software Development, and Product Development & Enhancements.

This expert is very familiar with the systems used for the capture and transfer of video/images and their wireless transfer. This expert served in several technical and management roles for a public company including Research Scientist, Chief Engineer, and Program Manager all dealing with digital imaging and Advanced Digital Camera operations. As such, this expert was hands-on with efforts regarding:

-  defining, and performing R&D projects focused on hybrid imaging systems
-  the design and programming of DSP-based image processing solutions requiring multiple DSPs
-  leading a team of engineers that developed a USB digital video camera. This video camera was capable of streaming video at one (lower) resolution, while also supporting the transfer of a second (higher) resolution image under the control of the host computer. This expert has several patents as a result of the development of this product. This expert later led a digital camera advanced development group that deployed numerous new product features including simultaneous (low res) video preview, compression and (hi res) capture to flash memory storage.

Additionally, this expert has the hardware and software expertise to work with a legal team to devise and direct reverse engineering experiments and efforts directed to assessment of infringement. This expert is also familiar with the patent process, claims language and patents generally.

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Expert Witness #209095

This expert has many years of experience in Computer Science and EE applications specializing in Device Communications, Media delivery, and remote access in a diverse set of technologies including Smartphone applications, USB command and control interfaces for USB Hub and Head Unit integration with Smartphones, and touchscreen interfaces.

This expert has been an expert on many cases including Smartphone, USB media device management, and remote control. his includes testifying in a mobile device communication suit where the judge found for this expert’s client and cited this expert on all points of contention in the case. This expert’s infringement analysis also contributed to a multi-million dollar settlement in a network transaction patent litigation. This expert has extensive experience providing expert reports for patent litigation, IPRs, deposition and trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #226782

This expert is the principal of a successful computer consulting firm with extensive experience in innumerable aspects of technology, interfaces, products and systems, primarily for consumer electronics. Among this expert’s areas of specialty is USB technologies. This expert has been a software developer, project lead, industry analyst, seminar leader, technical marketer and technical writer. This expert has participated in over 80 conferences and industry events as a speaker, session chair, conference chair and conference advisory board member.

This expert has been retained as an expert witness and/or expert consultant in nearly one hundred engagements, including IPRs, involving patent, trade secret, copyright and patent portfolio reviews. This expert has written in excess of 30 expert reports, been deposed 21 times and has testified at trial eight times. Several of these have dealt with USB technologies. This expert has studied the USB specs extensively, and has performed USB bus analysis re: state transitions and bus operation. This expert has also performed product teardowns of various consumer electronics devices to study bus and circuit operation.

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