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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Underground Utilities experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Underground Utilities landscape.

Expert Witness #252562

This expert brings to the table many years of expertise and experience in the engineering and financial evaluation of utility infrastructure. This expert is President, CEO and Founder of an internationally renown and highly successful utility infrastructure holding company that provides specialized consulting to the utility infrastructure industry. This expert has designed, built and even financed large-scale projects for its own companies, other Utilities & manufacturers. This includes being an Engineering and Construction resource for the power industry. This expert has been involved with the construction of transmission facilities, distribution facilities, fiber optic lines, negotiated rights-of-way agreements, swaps, joint ventures, and even assisted in electrical facilities corrosion survey estimates. This expert and the firm have worked with many utility companies.

As to direct experience relating to submarine power transmission cables this expert has:

-  installed or provided technical help on submarine & underground transmission power cables of all types for decades for many different utilities worldwide and is a published author on submarine cable installations.
-  installed submarine transmission cables, many times for 4 different major US Power Utilities.
-  worked with numerous cable manufacturers that make submarine cables for projects and other utility projects.
-  repaired submarine cables that were damaged during installations and those damage by ships in ocean channels.
-  worked with most cable repair splice manufacturers in the past.
-  worked with submarine cable manufacturers in the US and Europe to design "world's first," submarine cable projects.
-  represented the entire US Power Industry to several World Standards Organizations.
-  led the Utility Industry's research into cable failures of "Solid Dielectric," underground and submarine cables. This expert's changes to designs were adopted around the world.

This expert is an active member of the IEEE's Power Engineering Society's Fiber Optic Cable Standards Subcommittee, the IEEE's Electric Vehicle Dynamic Charging Standards Working Group, with voting privileges on many other standards, and received multiple industry and government awards for work. Further, this expert has extensive prior expert witness experience with an excellent track record of success.

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Expert Witness #257419

This expert owns and runs a busy Construction Engineering firm, with a particular focus on concrete contracting. This expert has many years of continuous experience in the industry and this expert's long-time experience in concrete contracting has led to a successful forensic analysis and testimony practice. This expert has personally performed concrete pours in matt foundations, drilled caissons, suspended slabs, post-tensioning, pre-cast, tilt-up, jump-form, slip-form, and shot-crete. This expert's engineering experience is in site development, parking structures, underground garages, shoring systems (soldier beams with tie-backs and soil nailing), deep excavations, underground utilities, schools, shored excavations, and roads.
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Expert Witness #235964

This expert is an Energy Economist with strong public utility experience and a solid understanding of Utility rate design, Pipeline rate design and how they work together. This expert regularly provides advice on cost allocation, pricing, cost of capital and regulatory accounting policy reform, and market design issues to utilities, private energy firms, independent system operators and energy regulatory commissions both domestic and international. This expert has provided expert testimony before state public utility commissions on electricity and natural gas rate design, marginal cost analysis, electricity rate structures, reforms to tariffs for customers with distributed generation and net metering and efficient power contract design.  

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Expert Witness #251543

This expert is internationally recognized in utility system operations, reliability improvement, system planning, smart grid, risk assessment, and economic analysis. Specializing in infrastructure asset management, power delivery system planning, smart grid, system automation, distributed energy resources, risk assessment, and economic analysis, this expert has held executive positions at major players in the industry. As part of this expert's responsibilities this expert has developed power system computer applications, transmission projects, and is well versed in economic dispatch, unit commitment, and optimal power flow. This expert has also developed a commercial production simulation software package. This expert has published more than 90 technical papers, and is author of books on electric power distribution and utility engineers. Additionally, this expert has developed several generations of distribution system reliability assessment software tools, and has helped a large number of utilities to develop cost-justified reliability improvement plans. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE and a registered professional engineer. This expert has extensive expert witness support on the regulatory side including pre-filed testimony and commission hearings in 7 states. This expert has also served as an expert witness in about a dozen civil cases. In terms of patent matters, this expert was the expert for a plaintiff with two patents related to real-time power system software that included analysis and network control functions. For this matter this expert produced three expert reports, did a code review of the infringing software, and testified at trial. This expert also testified at a subsequent injunction hearing. This expert is supporting a client defending an infringement claim related to power system control devices with local intelligence, filing a report arguing for invalidity in an IPR with the Patent Office, and supporting them in the early stages of civil litigation.  

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