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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Tires experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Tires landscape.

Expert Witness #221915

In addition to experience in matters involving all types of machine guarding issues, this expert spent many years testifying on accidents involving tire and tire/rim "explosions." One of this expert's publications includes a mathematical calculation of the tremendous energy released in such events. The central thesis in most of those cases was the necessity of a safety device to protect the tire mechanic.

This expert holds degrees in mechanical engineering. This expert is an Associate Director of Advanced Engineering Design and Development. This expert has special certification in Reliability and Failure Probability, and Failure Modes and Effect analysis.

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Expert Witness #259822

This expert holds a B.S. through Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Materials Science and has a history in the Automotive Industry. This expert leads a highly successful and well-respected consultancy providing support to intellectual property litigation in the automotive electronics field.

This expert spent most of this expert's career specializing in Automotive Electronics Systems and Electric Vehicle hardware design and manufacturing, and served as Department Head of Advanced Instrumentation and Display, Director of all Advanced Development and Systems Integration, Vice President of Engineering Design and release of product designs for the Asia/Pacific market, and Managing Director of a Multi-Media Product and Systems product line. This expert has consulting experience working for Tier One (supplying directly to a vehicle manufacturer) and Tier Two (supplying to a Tier One) engaged in automotive electronic device and systems design for the North American market but with the primary supplier client-based in Asia/Pacific, North America, or Europe.

-  In almost all of these design projects this expert had to be aware of both the radiation that these new products emanated across the electromagnetic spectrum and also the potential effect of radiation that impinged on these products/systems coming from other electronic devices/products/systems in or around the vehicle in question.
-  Mechanisms to deal with EMI covered the normal and typical wide range of solutions including: solutions on board circuit board designs, system shielding in wiring of various sorts, and shielding in wrap-around metal boxes for various subsystem boxes with electronic products contained therein.
-  The product/systems range that this expert dealt with included audio systems, infotainment (e.g. including navigation) systems, telematics systems including analog and digital telephony, instrumentation systems and displays in front of the driver and along the car midline between the driver and passenger, many safety products and systems including stability control, air bag, anti-skid braking, forward looking object detection/warning/avoidance systems (lasers and optical systems), tire pressure monitors, engine and transmission control systems, electric vehicle electronic systems, etc.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience. This expert has worked for both Defendants (60%) & Plaintiffs (40%), and experience with IPRs, PGRs, and in District Court. This expert has taken on 19 expert cases, 9 w/one or more IPRs/PGRs, worked with 23 different law firms, performed prior art searches, authored dozens of written declarations and reports, and provided 10 Depositions/Testimony.

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