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When shareholders and partners can’t agree, representing law firms call on Cahn Litigation Services to locate an expert witness to support shareholder disputes. A shareholder dispute expert witness typically possesses an advanced degree and has a background and expertise in accounting or forensic accounting, business valuation, and/or economic damages.

Cahn Litigation Services has placed experts in support of shareholder dispute matters involving forensic accounting, economic damages analysis in a commercial dispute, business valuation, business interruption claims, contract claims, breach of fiduciary duty, corporate reorganization, class action damage claims, lost profits calculations, business interruption claims, and financial fraud investigation.

Litigation support services by a shareholder dispute expert could include corporate valuation, dispute resolution, financial statements review, deposition testimony, economic damages calculations, expert report, expert opinion, and/or courtroom testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, legal counsel may request a subject matter expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. It is essential that a shareholder dispute expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a judge and jury can understand the evidence.

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Shareholder Dispute Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Shareholder Dispute experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Shareholder Dispute landscape.

Expert Witness #248165

This expert is a Managing Director and Shareholder of a highly successful CPA firm with practices in forensic accounting and business valuation services. This expert provides accounting, business and financial advice to attorneys and their clients related to commercial disputes, civil and criminal litigation, and forensic investigations. This expert was a Partner at a prominent advisory firm in its Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services practice. This author is a co-editor and chapter author of a book commonly referenced by certified public accountants and other financial professionals who provide litigation consulting services and who serve as expert witnesses on topics such as damages, lost profits, legal and accounting malpractice and a wide range of related issues.

This expert serves as a consulting expert and expert witness in determining economic damages, such as lost profits in breach of contract disputes. This expert has provided opinions on the work of other experts in rebuttal settings and related to Daubert motions associated with requests to exclude testimony of other experts. This expert's industry experience includes various types of retail, manufacturing and distribution companies. This expert has served as an expert witness regarding damages and lost profits stemming from disputes between vendors and retailers. This expert's experience has involved market segments including auto parts, home goods, high-end women's and men's apparel, office supplies, home improvement goods and health and beauty products.

Specific Automotive-related assignments include:

-  Expert witness in a case alleging breach of contract filed by supplier of components against manufacturer. Analyzed claims of lost profits as a result of the contract termination.
-  Expert witness in case alleging breach of contract filed by manufacturer of seating supplied to makers of buses. Claims included alleged lost profits.
-  Serving as an expert in cases involving disputes between dealerships and manufactures. Issues have involved analyzing the specific performance of a dealership vs. benchmarks established as well as comparing results to other dealerships in the region and across the country. The cases have involved allegations of breach of dealership contracts or allegations of discrimination against dealerships by the manufactures.

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Expert Witness #253283

This expert is Managing Director of a nationally recognized business valuation/investigative services and tax consulting and compliance firm. This expert has provided business valuation, dispute advisory, forensic accounting, and tax consulting services to clients for many years. This expert has also implemented and administered back and middle office operations for private equity and venture capital funds.

With respect to litigation support activities, this expert is a recognized business valuation and economic damages expert, and has presented expert witness testimony in these areas on numerous occasions. Among other engagements, this expert has provided business valuation services for M&A transactions, corporate divestitures, marital dissolutions, shareholder/partner disputes, joint ventures, estate and gift tax matters, and has analyzed economic damages for both plaintiffs and defendants. On each engagement, this expert uses training as a forensic accountant to formulate comprehensive and understandable analyses.

With respect to forensic accounting expertise, this expert has assisted attorneys throughout all phases of investigations from pre-case assessment through expert witness testimony. Among other engagements, this expert has provided forensic accounting services related to procurement reviews, tenant/landlord lease verifications, and income/cash flow assessments.

This expert holds the following certifications and qualifications:

-  Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
-  Accredited in Business Valuation (ABV)
-  Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF)
-  Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE)
-  Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA)

This expert has authored articles, and has presented at numerous business conferences.

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Expert Witness #253873

This expert is a founding member of an independent business advisory and transaction services consultancy. This expert brings to the table many years of valuation, financial analysis and litigation support experience, specializing as a consultant and expert in the fields of forensic accounting, economic damages analysis in commercial disputes, business valuation and automotive industry issues. This expert also has served as financial advisor to bank groups and creditor committees in connection with financial restructuring. Prior to founding the firm, this expert was the partner in charge of the Financial & Economic Consulting practices of a large accounting firm. This expert also served as an associate, manager and partner in the firm's assurance and corporate finance practices. This expert has served as a financial expert in well over two hundred engagements involving testimony in deposition, trial and alternative dispute resolution settings as an expert in auditing and accounting, commercial economics, financial and operational analysis, fraud investigation, determination of economic damages and business valuation. This expert has also participated in hundreds of additional commercial dispute engagements in a consulting role, a mediation role or where resolution of the matter was achieved without expert testimony. Matters addressed in these engagements include:

-  Contract and business tort claims for lost profits and other damages
-  Stockholder disputes and post-acquisition disputes
-  Financial reporting fraud and asset misappropriation
-  Securities law enforcement actions
-  Construction and government contracting claims
-  Intellectual property disputes
-  Class action damage claims
-  Professional malpractice claims
-  Business interruption claims

This expert has served as a sole arbitrator, court-appointed expert and arbitration panelist in matters involving commercial disputes, post-acquisition disputes and stockholder valuation disputes. This expert has been a course instructor, seminar leader and speaker at numerous professional conferences and continuing education programs on topics including auditing and accounting, litigation consulting, accounting theory and practice and forensic accounting and has been involved in the MICPA Litigation Consulting and Business Valuation Committee and the MICPA Fraud Issues Task Force.

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Expert Witness #261974

This expert is a Managing Director for a highly regarded economic consultancy. This expert has consulted with plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation and commercial dispute matters involving theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, chemicals and livestock, fraud, forensic accounting, conversion, shareholder, professional malpractice, and class action litigation. This expert has performed and managed many complex financial, economic, and accounting analyses, including lost profits, lost wages, reasonable royalties, business valuation, disgorgement/unjust enrichment, tracing, fraud investigation, cost of capital, and pre- and post-judgment interest. This expert has been designated as an expert in state and federal court proceedings and arbitrations and has testified in depositions and trials.

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Expert Witness #253802

This expert is Managing Director of the Valuation Advisory group of a well-known independent business advisory consultancy. This expert has extensive experience in the field of valuation, litigation and related expert testimony, and mergers & acquisitions. Specializing in shareholder disputes, fraudulent conveyance matters, transaction disputes, and bankruptcy related valuation litigation, this expert has valued well over 1,000 private companies including hundreds of real estate holding companies requiring detailed review of the terms of the operating agreements and the factors that impact value, purchase consideration, and the terms of the buyout. These valuations have been done both in and out of the context of litigation. This expert has also been involved in dozens of valuations where shareholder oppression was being alleged and impacted the process. This expert has testified in two of the largest shareholder disputes among real estate family holding companies. Though the structures of the companies were quite different, both were valuations done in the context of a buyout of minority owners and involved oppression claims. One of the matters had one company that owned many properties, and the other had over 50 legal entities that owned over 50 properties. This expert valued each legal entity, including the application of valuation discounts.

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Expert Witness #253851

This expert is a Shareholder for an independent business advisory and transaction services consultancy. This expert serves as Practice Leader of the firm's Valuation and Litigation Support Group, and brings to the table many of experience in complex commercial litigation, shareholder disputes, forensic matters, high net worth marital dissolutions, and other litigation. This expert's expertise in litigation and forensic services has qualified this expert to continually serve clients as an expert witness and testify in a number of forums, including jury and bench trials, arbitrations and depositions. Additionally, this expert is experienced in participating in mediations and facilitations on a regular basis, often assisting in the ultimate resolution of these matters. Supporting this expert's ability to act as an expert witness is a diverse background of technical knowledge in providing advisory services in complex commercial litigation. This expert is often called on to assist clients with breach of contract claims, shareholder disputes, fraud and forensic investigations, tort claims, gift and estate tax issues, marital dissolutions and to provide general litigation support services. Working closely with clients, this expert also assists businesses during the valuation process providing an accurate financial picture through the use of common valuation practices, approaches and models. This expert has testified in hundreds of matters and has also worked many engagements that were not in litigation involving real estate development companies.

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Expert Witness #253891

This expert serves as a director of an independent business advisory and transaction services consultancy. This expert is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), Accredited in Business Valuations (ABV), and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF) and has expertise in tax, accounting, litigation support, business valuation, complex data analysis, financial modeling and has developed various financial modeling tools. This expert has been involved in a wide range of litigation consulting services, providing expertise in the quantification of economic damages in matters ranging from patent and trademark infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, shareholder disputes, business interruption claims, professional malpractice, and contract claims. In connection with these services, this expert regularly performs fact finding and discovery assistance, lost profit calculations, reasonable royalty rate calculations, business valuations, lost earnings and wages computations, and other financial analyses. This expert's business valuation experience includes valuations for business disputes, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, divorce, and prenuptial agreement purposes. The valuations have encompassed non-marketable, controlling and minority interests in corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies. This expert brings to the table many years of accounting experience including supervising, reviewing and preparing financial reports, budgets, forecasts, projections, and business plans. This expert has been a speaker at professional conferences on topics including intellectual property damages and business valuations. This expert has been on the MACPA's planning committee for the Litigation and Business Valuation Annual Conference, and the Litigation Mock Trial, and the Fraud Issues Conference. This expert has also volunteered as an expert witness in the Institute for Continuing Legal Education's Deposition Skills Workshop.

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Expert Witness #253814

This expert is a managing director for Forensic and Valuation Services for an independent business advisory and transaction services consultancy. This expert brings to the table many years of valuation, financial analysis and litigation support experience and has determined lost profits and related damages resulting from breach of contract, wrongful acts, patent and intellectual property infringement, business interruption, fraudulent conveyances, condemnation, and other causes. A considerable part of this expert's practice centers on shareholder rights, fair value and the distinctions between that standard of value and "fair market value".  This expert is frequently called upon to review and consider the impact on value associated with the relevant provisions of shareholder agreements, operating agreements and similar documents that are commonly in place at private companies. This expert has also done a great deal of work in the area of valuing minority or fractional interests in private companies. Depending on circumstances, this may or may not involve the use of discounts for lack of control and lack of marketability. This expert is experienced in quantifying and supporting the amount of these discounts. Many of this expert's prior litigation projects have necessitated reviewing, questioning/challenging the work of other experts and commenting and/or critiqing that work, as appropriate. While not a licensed real estate appraiser, this expert does have experience valuing real estate development, real estate management and construction companies for a variety of purposes and can leverage the real estate valuation expertise of others within the firm if needs be.

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Expert Witness #253230

Director of a nationally recognized consultancy specializing in Business Consulting and Accounting, this expert brings to the table many years of experience in forensic accounting/investigation, economic damages, insurance and litigation support services, as well as business valuations. This expert also has a long history of consulting on insurance damage claims including limited partnerships, intellectual property, trademark valuation, and shareholder and partner disputes. This expert's practice spans various service segments in regions throughout the United States. This expert has consulted on thousands of economic damages, construction delay, lost income, bodily injury, wrongful death, employee dishonesty, construction, and other insurance claims exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars in the United States and abroad. This expert also has prepared numerous business valuations of privately held companies as a whole and as partial interests. This expert's expertise also includes forensic accounting, fraud investigation, and litigation support services including assistance in case analysis, preparation for trial, and expert witness testimony.

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Expert Witness #261987

This expert, a Managing Director with a Disputes and Investigations consultancy, brings many years of experience on cases involving commercial damages quantification and causation, and major forensic accounting investigations. This expert has provided numerous expert reports and testified at deposition in approximately 80 matters. In at least 25 matters, this expert has been recognized as an expert witness at trials pending in state and federal courts and arbitration panels. This expert is regularly retained to evaluate issues sch as lost profits, price erosion, unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages.

While leading the firm's intellectual property group, this expert also has significant experience in other commercial litigation damages studies in matters such as breach of contract, minority shareholder, business interruption, lost profits, business valuation issues, construction and government contract claims, other commercial disputes and regulatory investigations and settlements. This expert has extensive experience in many areas such as: biotechnology, chemicals, computers, construction, government contracting, internet websites, manufacturing, medical devices, and mining - to name just a few.

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Expert Witness #253889

This expert is a founding member of an independent business advisory and transaction services consultancy. This expert specializes in serving as a consultant or expert in the fields of forensic accounting, economic damages analysis in commercial disputes, business valuation and fraud investigation and detection. This expert also serves as a financial advisor to debtors, bank groups and creditor committees in corporate bankruptcy and restructuring matters. This expert has provided litigation consulting services in hundreds of large and complex commercial disputes and corporate reorganization matters. This expert regularly performs fact finding and discovery assistance, lost profit calculations, business valuations, lost earnings and wages computations, market studies, and other financial analyses. This expert has served as an expert and consultant in the quantification of economic damages in matters ranging from contract claims to business interruption claims, construction and government contracting claims, intellectual property matters, accounting malpractice, stockholder and post-acquisition disputes, antitrust matters, and personal injury claims. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, this expert leads engagements in the investigation, detection and quantification of financial reporting fraud and asset misappropriations. This expert is the co-developer and author of a case study on fraudulent financial reporting published by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for distribution to academic institutions. This expert also has expertise in complex data analysis and financial modeling.

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Expert Witness #253430

This expert is an accredited business valuation consultant in the Litigation, Forensic, and Valuation Services Group of a nationally recognized leading consultancy. This expert is an executive with many years of experience in valuation, M&A, corporate finance, forensic accounting, litigation support and expert testimony.

This expert's practice includes dozens of engagements over the years related to partnership and other business disputes requiring forensic accounting, damages analysis and business valuation. These disputed matters have often involved companies in the wholesale and retail food industry, shareholder disputes, mergers and acquisitions, buy/sell agreements, and estate planning. This expert has also valued partial equity interests and stock options. This expert provides fair value financial analysis including ASC 805 purchase price allocations and valuations of intangible assets such as trade names/brands, customer relationships, royalties, patents and technology. This expert has also performed lost profits and financial damages analyses.

This expert worked as an independent consultant specializing in business valuation and litigation support, and has spent time working among the ranks of the Big Four. This expert also has experience in investment banking, corporate development, and venture capital investments.

This expert has the distinction of being an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) in business valuation with the American Society of Appraisers. This expert is a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst.

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