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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Radio Transmitters experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Radio Transmitters landscape.

Expert Witness #226411

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is a Licensed Professional Electrical Engineer with particular expertise in Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuits. This expert’s experience and skills bridge the gap between the methodologies used by the digital, analog and radio frequency circuit design teams. This expert specializes in integrated circuits (silicon chips) used for signal-processing which:

Detect signals from a sensor (e.g. antenna, microphone, pixel, thermocouple and so forth)

Amplify, filter, then convert the signal to the digital domain

Perform further processing in the digital domain

Convert the result back to the analog domain for further processing, and/or

Deliver the final output to an actuator

Examples of these systems are

Telephones, mobile phones and cell phones

Data recording and retrieving systems for magnetic media such as disk drives or magnetic tape

Radio transmitters/receivers and their building blocks such as low noise amplifiers, filters, automatic gain control and frequency mixers (down-converters, up-converters)

Audio amplifiers

Audio recording/reproduction systems

Heat, ventilation and air conditioning controllers

Data transmitting/receiving systems such as serializer/de-serializers (SERDES)


Behavioral modeling of analog/mixed-signal circuits using Verilog-AMS, VHDL-AMS or MATLAB/Simulink, emphasizing multiple model views targeted towards

Specific verification requirements

High-speed verification using real-value modeling techniques

System-level design exploration

Executable design specs

Synthesizable block diagrams using MATLAB/Simulink/HDL-Coder

Expert Witness in the areas of Mixed Signal ICs, Patents, Patent Infringement, Patent Litigation, Intellectual Property (IP), Electro-mechanical system forensic investigations.

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Expert Witness #217752

This expert brings to the table many years as a working engineer designing, among other related products, antennas and antenna arrays, multi-antenna backhaul radios and their associated hardware and firmware. This includes developing high bandwidth signal processing for advanced packet radio networks, including RF, analog, digital, and microcontroller support circuits. This expert’s expertise spans analog, digital, and RF circuit and filter design, antenna design, sampling, complex modulation and demodulation, signal processing, microcontrollers, multiprocessing, firmware, digital interfaces, C, Verilog, air protocol design, wireless networking, security and authentication, asset tracking, real time location, multipath processing, signal processing, homologation, regulatory agency and standards issues. This expert’s areas of technical proficiency include wireless data, voice and video, WLAN, WWAN, WiMax, Cellular, Wi-Fi including 802.11a/b/g, 802.11n, 802.11ac, 3G, 4G, LTE, interference management, MIMO, OFDM, Space-time processing, MMSE, Single Carrier, SC-FDE, spatial multiplexing, beamforming MU-MIMO, ARQ, transmit precoding, antennas, modulations (QAM, FSK, PSK, PPM, PCM, etc.), and other narrowband and spread spectrum technologies (FH, DSSS, CDMA, UWB), FEC, interleaving, wireless sensor networks, RFID (passive, BAP, Active, UHF, HF, and NFC), RTLS and asset tracking. This expert has worked on all forms of analog, digital, and RF hardware designs for communications systems and general circuits from baseband to 7 GHz operation and millimeter wave design issues. This expert has designed antennas, developed innovative physical layer and MAC layer designs, worked on five ASICs, built microcontroller and microprocessor based systems, wrote firmware, modeled in MATLAB, did ASIC system engineering, designed RF channel probes for analyzing multipath, MIMO signal processing, millimeter wave systems, designed protocols, ran standards groups, worked with regulatory agencies, set up long range terrestrial radio installations, developed entire systems flow and worked closely with customers to solve process and implementation problems, generate sales, understand markets, help them through pilot programs to get to sales, and overcome technical hurdles to get to a sellable position.

This expert has worked with the FCC, ETSI, IC, Anatel and MIC in developing rules for RFID, WLAN, Radar compatibility, and fixed radio operation. This expert has participated in 802.11 working groups the RFID Gen2 working group, participated in several other groups including Data Protection, ISO 18000-6, and Item Level tagging technology group. This expert is the named inventor on nearly one dozen patents including one for an Antenna for a backscatter-based RFID transponder. This expert’s expert witness experience includes more than 30 cases split across plaintiff and defendant, infringement, invalidity, rebuttals, claim construction, IPRs (petitioner and owner), and licensing disputes. This expert has been deposed 7 times, and has been prepped for trial 3 times.

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Expert Witness #259435

This expert has been in radio communications for many years and has designed numerous radio, television and communications facilities worldwide, including many of the initial cellular systems. Much of this expert's professional work has been involved with providing and determining radio coverage at frequencies between the low frequency FAA communication and navigation frequencies and current very high communication and navigation frequencies. This expert has been accepted as an expert by the FCC and all State Public Service Commissions, and in numerous foreign countries. This expert serves as a Radio Frequency Consultant in radio and communications where this expert analyzes and determines possible communication issues such as quality/quantity of coverage of radio facilities for mobile communications. This expert is a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. This expert is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has had over 50 papers published in various technical publications, mainly in the radio common carrier paging and mobile industry. This expert has been flying since an early age and has several thousand flying hours under the belt.

This expert testified as an expert witness before various administrative agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission and the International Trade Commission. Additionally, this expert has been a witness before a number of state public utilities commissions and has had work accepted by all state public utilities commissions.

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Expert Witness #232810

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing and is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at a research university. Further, this expert serves as Associate Director of a wireless network laboratory, where this expert directs research in wireless security. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE for contributions to Information Security. This expert has focused research efforts on wireless network security, and led a large research group that has produced research that has appeared in numerous high-impact journals and premier networking, security and systems conferences. This expert has led several federally funded projects in the area of cybersecurity and communication systems, involving security and privacy for sensor networks, physical layer security for wireless systems, a security framework for cognitive radios, the development of wireless testbed resources, and new RFID technologies. This expert was involved in an NSF-funded project, which is a clean-slate effort to re-architect the Internet to support mobility and improved security. This expert has led a DARPA initiative into validating and prototyping physical layer security mechanisms, an Army Research Office project on the theory of physical layer security, and an Army project on cognitive radio networks and routing protocols. This expert has published over 150 papers, including six best papers awards (two in media security, one in Internet design, one in cognitive radio systems, one in mobile computing, and one in wireless security). This expert's experience in network security and wireless spans many years, and this expert has co-authored a popular textbook in security, as well as several notable monographs on wireless security.   

This expert's activities in wireless security include the investigation of techniques to secure wireless sensor networks, which includes validating the authenticity and validity of sensor measurements using both cryptographic and non-cryptographic mechanisms. This expert has provided technical analysis to lawyers at the Federal Trade Commission in regards to an anti-trust case. This work involved analyzing defendant software and subpoenaed documents, and subsequently writing thorough reports in regards to the potential intent existing within the defendant's software. This expert has also written several patents.  

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Expert Witness #222583

This expert has many years of direct hands-on experience performing tests, inspections, installations, and troubleshooting aircraft communication transceivers in many makes and models of general aviation aircraft. This experience is under the industry recognized term of "Avionics", which includes a wide range of aircraft electronic equipment. This expert owns and operates an FAA certified repair station exclusively focused on avionics testing and certifications with fixed-wing and helicopter capabilities nationwide.

The communication transceiver tests this expert performs includes transmit power output and frequency checks to verify the output power of the transmitter and the accuracy of the frequency tuner within the radio. It is important to note that these tests may be performed on the bench with bench test equipment and the subject radio being removed from the aircraft and associated antenna. Or, the tests may be performed while the radio is installed in the aircraft and connected to the associated com antenna using ramp test equipment. This expert's experience is primarily with the latter scenario.

This expert was a technical instructor for an Air Training Academy where this expert taught blocks of training required under FAA Part 147. This expert also served as an FAA Designated Mechanic Examiner, administering the FAA oral and practical exams to applicants for the Airframe and Power Plant certificates. This expert is also an accomplished instrument/commercial pilot with over 1800 hours in fixed-wing single and multi-engine aircraft and is a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Experimental Aircraft Association, and Aircraft Electronics Association.

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Expert Witness #259893

This expert received a BS in Electrical Engineering and a Masters in Engineering (Electrical). During employment at a telecommunications company this expert was responsible for electromagnetic interference systems designs, particularly radio frequency interference suppression, and establishment of RFI immunity and emission standards for telecommunications facilities (e.g., Section 3 (EMI) of GR-1089-CORE, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety – Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment). This expert is the principal of a highly respected consultancy engineering firm that provides EMC consultation. This expert served as the subject matter expert/author responsible for Section 3 (EMI) of GR-1089-CORE, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety – Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment, Issue 2, Revision 1. This expert’s involvement in the standards arena has been pivotal to understanding and representing the telecommunications industry on national and international issues. Standards include:

ANSI Accredited Standards Committee C63 on EMC

ANSI ASC C63 S/C 3 International Standardization

CISPR/I Working Group 3 – ITE Emissions and Immunity

This expert is a National Association of Radio and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE) Certified EMC Engineer and a member of Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE).

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Expert Witness #250300

This expert received a Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. Having worked as assistant, associate, and full professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering, this expert currently holds an Endowed Chair as Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Specializing in cognitive radio networks, efficiency of wireless networks and systems, communication system design and signal processing, and design synergy between hardware and system software, this expert's current research interests focus on data driven large-scale information analysis and system design, distributed signal processing, data driven wireless system design, and cognitive network optimization. This expert is an active member of IEEE.

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Expert Witness #214831

This expert holds a BS, MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering and serves as a Professor at a School of Electrical and Computer Engineering where this expert teaches undergraduate and graduate-level classes on Electromagnetics, Antenna Engineering, Microwave Design, Satellite Communications, and Advanced Analytical Electromagnetics. In addition to teaching duties, this expert founded a research group that studies radiolocation, channel sounding, backscatter radio, RFID, and applied electromagnetics. A frequent consultant to industry, having advised many multinational corporations on wireless technology, this expert brings to the table many years working in the area of antennas and base station cellular technology. Several notable projects and achievements in this field include:

- This expert authored the first textbook on space-time wireless and antenna design. This textbook was a highly-cited research classic in the field, the first to describe how next-generation (3G, 4G, and beyond) base station antennas should be designed.
- This expert was awarded for a paper on the first characterization of radio propagation at 5.8 GHz for utility-mounted base stations delivering wireless internet to residences.
- Developed First-of-its-kind Wireless Curriculum for including a Cellular Base Station Technician Certificate program.
- This expert's research group was the first academic group to demonstrate fine-scale position location of cell phones that dial 911 in a live cellular system.
- This expert and students have written more than 120 journal and conference papers, mostly on the topic of antennas and propagation for wireless communication systems. This expert is listed as inventor or co-inventor on 6 patents related to antennas and antenna systems.
- This expert has directed antenna design projects for government organizations and private companies.

This expert has been involved in 5 litigation matters, all regarding wireless antennas and hardware, including report writing (validity, infringement, IPR, claims construction), deposition (3 days), and trial testimony (ITC). .

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Expert Witness #225863

This expert is an internationally recognized expert in the field of high-speed communication and computing, and the development of semiconductor devices for the related applications. This expert helped the development of a communication and computer curricula in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. This expert regularly teaches undergraduate and graduate courses, and supervises students to conduct research in these areas.

This expert’s research areas include switching, routing, performance control and security in the communication networks. For example, this expert and students invented and implemented several methods of high performance switching, including multi-channel switches that alleviate the speed and performance constraints of electronic switches. The pattern matching engines that this expert’s research group developed are used for processing complex instructions embedded in communication packets at billions of packets per second. This expert has received several grants from U.S. Federal Agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, and numerous contracts from companies and organizations around the world. This expert has researched a variety of wireless communication technologies, including LTE, LTE-A, CDMA, WCDMA, OFDM, FDD, SC-FDMA, and TDD. This expert has extensive background and experience in each of these technologies.

This expert has extensive experience in a wide array of communication technology including modulation / multiplexing information onto RF channels. In addition to being a professor, this expert founded and managed two companies. This expert has worked on content distribution over the IP and cable networks, and worked on development of switching and multiplexing technologies conforming to the DOCSIS standards. This expert has extensive experience in system architecture development, design of hardware and protocol software.

This expert also focuses on future generations of wireless technology. This expert has developed methods that enable coordinated transmission and reception of wireless signals among multiple base stations. Previously, radio signals from multiple base stations are considered as interference. Leveraging on the results achieved by this expert, a cluster of base stations can work together as a single resource enhancing the quality of radio signals across extremely noisy wireless channels.

This expert spent years at a telecommunications company where this expert was a lead systems engineer in transitioning away from voice centric networks into multi-services capable networks suited for the Internet era.

This expert is the named inventor on nine U.S. patents, many of which are directly related to resource allocation, packet processing, and network designing. Additionally, this expert has extensively published technical papers in international conferences and journals, technical memoranda and reports, and given a number of seminars and invited talks. Many of these papers are specifically within the context of the IEEE and 3GPP standard.

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