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Post acquisition expert witness candidates typically possess advanced degrees and have backgrounds and expertise in accounting or forensic accounting, business valuation, economic damages, and/or venture capital.

An acquisition involves the purchase of an entire firm (or business unit), where the entity maintains its structure, but now has a parent company; this parent company would have ownership of stock, equity interests or assets. Assets can be intangible, such as intellectual property, or tangible as in real estate.

When accounting and other financial post acquisition disputes arise, a financial expert is often called in to support a position or to serve as a neutral arbitrator. Every transaction is unique, and the circumstances leading up to a post acquisition dispute vary. These lawsuits can take the form of class actions whereby plaintiffs allege that the target’s board of directors violated fiduciary duties by not focusing on maximizing shareholder value. In an appraisal litigation suit, plaintiffs submit their shares to the court for appraisal, instead of accepting the deal price.

Acquisitions can require complex business contracts, and outside experts are often called upon to assist with consulting, risk management, business valuation, due diligence, and/or negotiation.

Cahn Litigation Services has placed experts in support of post acquisition matters in the areas of forensic accounting, economic damages analysis in a commercial dispute, business valuation, business interruption claims, contract claims, corporate reorganization, shareholder dispute, class action damage claims, business interruption claims, and financial fraud investigation. Expert witness services by a post acquisitions expert could include corporate valuation, financial consulting, financial statements review, deposition testimony, economic damages calculations, expert report, expert opinion, and/or courtroom testimony.

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