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On-board diagnostics expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience and knowledge in automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and/or vehicle manufacturing. An automotive engineer specializing in on-board diagnostics (OBD) may also have a background in sensor technology or safety. Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firms, representing either the plaintiff or defendant, to locate an expert witness that can support automotive issues including those involving on-board diagnostics technology.

On-board diagnostic systems are in most cars on the road today. Originally used to diagnose engine problems for EPA emission standards, modern systems provide a standardized series of diagnostic trouble codes for comprehensive engine control and monitoring of parts of the chassis, accessory devices, and the diagnostic control network.

An on-board diagnostics expert witness could provide expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent litigation in federal court or a trade secret dispute. It could be a patent infringement case in the District Court, or a patent case or proceeding in the International Trade Commission (ITC). An automotive expert in OBD technology might also provide testimony in matters such as a product liability case.

Litigation support by an OBD expert witness could include an expert report, forensic engineering, expert opinion, and expert testimony at a trial. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a technical expert with prior expert witness experience. It is essential that an expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a jury and judge can understand the factual evidence.

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On-Board Diagnostics Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those On-Board Diagnostics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the On-Board Diagnostics landscape.

Expert Witness #258974

This expert is a full professor in a Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. This expert is a licensed engineer and has been actively involved in the design and evaluation of advanced power producing systems for many years. This expert is the director of an Automotive Research Center and the head of a graduate Automotive Engineering program.

This expert has been involved in advanced throttle control fuel injection/combustion systems and was funded by NASA in advanced gas turbine engine fuel injection and combustion systems. Since that time, this expert has also been involved in optimizing fuel, throttle and fuel injection and combustion systems for transportation automotive and trucking applications along with racing applications. This expert has hands on experience in dyno testing of complex throttle and fuel injection systems along with track testing and advanced computational modeling on supercomputing clusters.

This expert has chaired technical sessions for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in exhaust and particulate emissions systems, direct injection spark and compression ignition engines, fuel injection and sprays, HCCI combustion, hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, high efficiency engine concepts, multidimensional engine modeling, on-board diagnostics, fuels and fuel additives, cold start characteristics, engine boosting systems, dual fuel combustion, spark assisted compression ignition combustion and heady duty lubricants. 

Areas of interest are jet and rocket propulsion systems, advanced low pollutant emission, high efficiency combustions systems for advanced aircraft and automotive applications, alternative fuels and renewable energy systems.

This expert has been deposed and testified in court over 60 times as an expert witness involving the design and analysis of advanced Mechanical Engineering systems. Further, this expert has been involved with numerous cases an expert related to intellectual property and patent litigation, including cases with related to engine control and throttle systems.

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Expert Witness #259822

This expert holds a B.S. through Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering & Materials Science and has a history in the Automotive Industry. This expert leads a highly successful and well-respected consultancy providing support to intellectual property litigation in the automotive electronics field.

This expert spent most of this expert's career specializing in Automotive Electronics Systems and Electric Vehicle hardware design and manufacturing, and served as Department Head of Advanced Instrumentation and Display, Director of all Advanced Development and Systems Integration, Vice President of Engineering Design and release of product designs for the Asia/Pacific market, and Managing Director of a Multi-Media Product and Systems product line. This expert has consulting experience working for Tier One (supplying directly to a vehicle manufacturer) and Tier Two (supplying to a Tier One) engaged in automotive electronic device and systems design for the North American market but with the primary supplier client-based in Asia/Pacific, North America, or Europe.

-  In almost all of these design projects this expert had to be aware of both the radiation that these new products emanated across the electromagnetic spectrum and also the potential effect of radiation that impinged on these products/systems coming from other electronic devices/products/systems in or around the vehicle in question.
-  Mechanisms to deal with EMI covered the normal and typical wide range of solutions including: solutions on board circuit board designs, system shielding in wiring of various sorts, and shielding in wrap-around metal boxes for various subsystem boxes with electronic products contained therein.
-  The product/systems range that this expert dealt with included audio systems, infotainment (e.g. including navigation) systems, telematics systems including analog and digital telephony, instrumentation systems and displays in front of the driver and along the car midline between the driver and passenger, many safety products and systems including stability control, air bag, anti-skid braking, forward looking object detection/warning/avoidance systems (lasers and optical systems), tire pressure monitors, engine and transmission control systems, electric vehicle electronic systems, etc.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience. This expert has worked for both Defendants (60%) & Plaintiffs (40%), and experience with IPRs, PGRs, and in District Court. This expert has taken on 19 expert cases, 9 w/one or more IPRs/PGRs, worked with 23 different law firms, performed prior art searches, authored dozens of written declarations and reports, and provided 10 Depositions/Testimony.

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Expert Witness #250600

This expert has an extensive background in the physical sciences and mathematics: engineering and science degrees plus many years in the high-technology defense/aerospace industry. This expert's forensic experience includes cases dealing with electric circuits, electric shock, lightning damage, electrically ignited fires, wire and radio communications, radio interference, cellular and wireless telephone technology, audio and video reproduction, surveillance and tracking systems, industrial machinery controls, traffic radar and lidar, automotive electronics, and other electrical and electronic equipment.

One project required this expert to examine and disassemble a free-standing ATM in a laboratory in order to find the design flaw that led to its occasional malfunction (and of other similar ATMs).

This expert's expertise in electronic computing and controls includes:

-  thorough training in electrical engineering and the physical sciences,
-  wide-ranging practice in the lab, in the field, and in the courtroom,
-  ability to constructively investigate and illuminate the capabilities and limitations of equipment operating, or failing, in the physical world.

This expert's training and experience with hundreds of incidents involving failures, mis-designs, and malfunctions allows this expert to understand and analyze the "next new thing" -- from smartphones to the smart grid -- accurately and efficiently.

This expert has contributed to a variety of legal matters all based on electrical equipment and electronic computing and controls technology including: electric shock, electrical wiring, electrical fire and lightning damage, audio and video recording, radio broadcasting, traffic radar and lidar, electronic control circuitry, cellular phone localization, electronic surveillance, consumer electronics capabilities, automobile control systems, radio and telephone communication, electrical accidents, and industrial machinery.  This expert has been deposed 30 times and testified in state and federal courts 30 times (different cases).

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Expert Witness #259805

This expert holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and serves as Professor and Chair of Electrical Engineering as well as Director of a Transportation Electronics Laboratory. This expert is also a Professional Engineer (P.E.), and leads a highly successful, internationally recognized consultancy specializing in forensic electrical and software engineering in automotive and transportation systems.

This expert held positions with major industrial companies, and served as a Director of the Alternative Fuels Laboratory at a Research Institute. This expert has published over 125 technical journal and conference papers and serves on the editorial review boards of four journals. This expert's consulting firm focuses on electronic analysis and data extraction in support of automotive intellectual property expert witness services, lemon law investigation and documentation, and product evaluation for safety, performance or compliance with specifications.  

This expert has extensive automotive electronics experience: academic research, hands on projects and IP/ IPR EE cases. This expert has faced the challenges of EM noise intrusion in the automotive environment and SOTA EM shielding and other methods to improve signal to noise ratio.

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Expert Witness #255724

This expert has many years of experience in the design, development and/or manufacture of over 350 different products that use IC and MEMS in new and innovative ways for automotive, medical, industrial and commercial applications. This expert continues to work directly as an engineer in nearly all aspects of the semiconductor industry, including as a circuit and sensor design engineer and as part of systems engineering groups. This expert's work in automotive sensors started many years ago when this expert was responsible for developing high-pressure MEMS sensors. This expert's graduate research grew out of a summer internship, which subsequently funded this expert's Ph.D. thesis on sensors and circuits for automotive applications. This expert spearheaded the design, development and manufacturing of inertial and other MEMS sensors and automotive accelerometers. That work resulted in the high-volume production of accelerometers for airbags and vehicle stability system. This expert's work on internal inertial sensor R&D involved the physical design of the MEMS structures, the fabrication processes, and the interface and control circuits.

This expert has designed the MEMS structures, and both analog and discrete time circuit elements including filters, amplifiers, demodulators, A/D converters and as well as circuits that use these signals to calculate velocity, and change of acceleration (jerk) for calculating both motion and heading. This expert has published several papers and is named as an inventor on several of these topics.

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