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An off-road vehicle expert witness typically has industry experience and a background in mechanical engineering, accident investigation, and/or automotive engineering. Representing the plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is often called upon by law firm clients to locate an expert witness to support automotive industry matters including cases involving off-road vehicles.

An off-road vehicle is generally characterized by having large tires with deep, open treads, a flexible suspension, and is capable of handling challenging terrain in addition to pavement and gravel. An off-road vehicle requires a higher ground clearance, four-wheel drive, and has special tire requirements depending on the type of terrain. A car, SUV, truck, military vehicle, motorcycle, and commercial vehicles all have off-road versions and accessories available to make them equipped for off-highway or extreme travel conditions.

Often, matters requiring off-road vehicle expert witness service involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation, inter partes review in the PTAB, or trade secret disputes. Forensic engineering of components can prove (or disprove) intellectual property infringement or theft. A specialist in off-road vehicles might also provide expert testimony in a torts matter like personal injury case or a product liability case, or be called upon as an accident reconstruction expert in an off-road motor vehicle crash case. In addition, a crash report, or accident report, may require validation from an expert.

Litigation support by an off-road vehicle expert could include analysis, accident reconstruction, deposition, expert report, and expert witness testimony at a trial. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a qualified expert with prior expert witness experience. In addition, clients may seek an automotive industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work. An expert witness needs to not only have expertise in the subject, an automotive expert witness must possess the ability to explain evidence to a juror. Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for an expert witness in the automotive area, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the attorney in charge. Whether it’s for a patent case or for pre-litigation reverse engineering work, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn the expert witness search around quickly. The firm provides the right balance of expertise and testimony to source the perfect expert for the job at hand.

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Off-Road Vehicle Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Off-Road Vehicle experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Off-Road Vehicle landscape.

Expert Witness #245269

This expert has served as an independent consultant and expert witness in the Automotive engineering arena for many years. This expert's specific areas of focus are in Vehicle Powertrains, Vehicle Electronics, Throttle Controls, Shift Controls, and Braking Systems across primarily Passenger Vehicles, but also Heavy Duty Trucks, Off-Road Construction Vehicles, and Military Equipment. This expert's senior engineering positions allowed this expert to cross technology and product boundaries while performing field performance assessments, engine management system evaluations, and powertrain technical investigations. This expert is a member of the IEEE Standards Association and the Society of Automotive Engineers VEDI Standards Committee.

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Expert Witness #254348

This expert serves as President and technical director of a highly respected and sought-after consultancy providing automotive research and development, data acquisition, testing, vehicle dynamics, and design engineering services to both the off-road and military vehicle industry. While the bulk of this expert's success and reputation has been built around work in off-road motorsports, designing and developing specialized off-road vehicles, this expert has taken that knowledge and experience and provided it to the military. This expert has done a lot of work on military vehicle projects. This expert worked on the design and development of a family of high mobility military vehicles. This expert has provided prototype design and build services to both Marine Corps and Army programs which required building seventeen differently configured prototype concept vehicles. Many of this expert's military projects are confidential and/or proprietary in nature. This expert is currently consulting as an Off-Road Specialist.

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