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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Navigation experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Navigation landscape.

Expert Witness #222723

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This expert serves as CTO of highly successful technology consultancy specializing in technology IP and expert witness in such areas as telecommunications, wireless networks, and signal processing. This expert provides world-class expertise and experience working with leading law firms, expert witness services, patent analysis, prior art search, source code review, hardware review, patent infringement, patent invalidity, trade secret disputes, and related matters. This expert has many years and 30 cases of experience as an expert witness. This expert has been deposed 14 times, testified 4 times in Jury trial and 2 times in ITC trial, worked on Inter-Partes Review (IPR) and Ex Parte Reexamination petitions, and wrote numerous reports.

Specializing in Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Speech Coding and transmission, this expert has developed associated algorithms and software products, as well as hardware and software related services for the past 31 years. This expert is very familiar with most if not all speech coding techniques for various applications.

As a part of continuous self-education and research interests, which includes the evaluation of emerging standards and technologies, this expert has performed extensive research on the subject of location measurement (including triangulation) in wireless and cellular networks, including Uplink -Time Difference of Arrival (U-TDOA), Time of Arrival, Time Difference of Arrival, and Angle of Arrival (AOA) methods. This includes various DSP techniques for resolving ambiguity in signal detection, as well as closed-form solutions and the probabilistic estimation and recursive algorithms such as Least Mean Squares (LMS), Recursive Least Squares (RLS), and Kalman filtering.

This expert has performed extensive learning and research of the subject of GPS and location measurement (including triangulation), dynamic programming, recursive algorithms, computer graphics algorithms, numerous industry standards including telephony networks, traffic messaging, databases and web programming languages. This expert is highly familiar with 3GPP GPS and location measurement, protocols, channels, and LBS standards.

- This expert's experience and training have included substantial exposure to the field of Geographic Information Systems. For example, this expert worked for an army to develop improved navigation methods using topographical maps, aerial photos of geographic areas and three-dimensional derivations of aerial photos.
- This expert developed an iterative algorithm, based on dynamic programming, for searching for the best route on a time grid, that was used to warp waveforms, as part of this project of implementing a time-warping speech recognition system. Each such route, or time-warping function, was associated with a cost function that was minimized through the search process yielding the optimal route or warping function.

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Expert Witness #237268

This expert is a Professor in the ECE Department at a prestigious engineering school, where this expert performs research and teaches in the areas of navigation, communications and computer system design. This expert supervises a radio navigation center, where work is focused on the integration of communications, navigation and information technologies for public safety applications. This expert's research focuses on the development, test, and evaluation of systems for both civilian and military applications. This expert also spent years at a major U.S. defense contractor where this expert was involved with the development of embedded computers for guidance, communications and data processing systems for space borne and terrestrial applications. This expert has significant experience working as an expert witness in high technology patent litigation, and has provided deposition and courtroom testimony on numerous occasions; many have involved the generic area of "location aware" systems combining maps and GPS.

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Expert Witness #250466

This expert is an old school veteran of the Oil and Gas industry with many years' experience. This expert directed a team of research and development professionals to perfect a drilling measurement device. This expert holds two drilling-related patents and has experience as an expert witness, writing reports and testifying. This expert has extensive knowledge of rigs, drilling, engineering, oil spills, and failure analysis. This expert's expertise stretches across a wide range of equipment in nearly every application and in nearly every drilling environment.

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Expert Witness #258383

This expert holds a PhD in EE with a specialization in Wireless Devices. This expert has many years of experience in wireless and automotive. This expert has been a Standardization Director responsible for automotive, and prior to that held various managing, engineering and research positions.

While this expert has extensive experience writing and working with attorneys prosecuting patents, this expert has not had the pleasure of serving as a subject matter expert for litigation.   

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Expert Witness #259435

This expert has been in radio communications for many years and has designed numerous radio, television and communications facilities worldwide, including many of the initial cellular systems. Much of this expert's professional work has been involved with providing and determining radio coverage at frequencies between the low frequency FAA communication and navigation frequencies and current very high communication and navigation frequencies. This expert has been accepted as an expert by the FCC and all State Public Service Commissions, and in numerous foreign countries. This expert serves as a Radio Frequency Consultant in radio and communications where this expert analyzes and determines possible communication issues such as quality/quantity of coverage of radio facilities for mobile communications. This expert is a Life Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and a member of the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers. This expert is a registered Professional Engineer. This expert has had over 50 papers published in various technical publications, mainly in the radio common carrier paging and mobile industry. This expert has been flying since an early age and has several thousand flying hours under the belt.

This expert testified as an expert witness before various administrative agencies such as the Federal Communications Commission and the International Trade Commission. Additionally, this expert has been a witness before a number of state public utilities commissions and has had work accepted by all state public utilities commissions.

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Expert Witness #234252

This expert holds a Ph.D. and has worked and consulted on avionics systems, including FMS and a wide variety of related systems (such as ordnance management, weight and balance, and many others). This expert has written software for military aircraft and spacecraft to perform navigation (including INS, Doppler, and GPS), and has taught classes for several systems developers and integrators on developing the kinds of complex predictable real-time software and systems engineering used in these systems. This expert's work has included various metrics for navigation accuracy and precision, mostly for military aircraft that must maintain high levels of navigation accuracy for weapon and sensor deployment. This expert is very familiar with standards such as safety-critical standards, including DO-178B, required by the FAA for airworthiness certification of flight software. This expert is very familiar with the software languages generally used in standards systems (including C, C++, and Ada) and has a great deal of experience reading and analyzing requirements, designs, and code for correctness, compliance, and safety. This expert has provided litigation support in over 30 cases in a wide variety of matters, including patents, trade secrets, and contract disputes, where numerous expert reports and declarations were written. This expert has been deposed many times, and has provided testimony in court.

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Expert Witness #250611

This expert has been working on navigation/positioning systems and GPS-based consumer-oriented systems. This expert worked on developing location and navigation technology to support both safety applications and consumer applications, such as routing to various points of interest. This expert was also working with "real time" data from vehicles to identify places of interest as well as changes to routes and incidents that would impact travel. This expert was also very aware of the capabilities of hand-held units. This expert’s work has been deeply involved in the development of navigation systems for vehicles, and the interaction of those systems with infrastructure, such as traffic information providers.

This expert has been working as an expert witness on various IP matters and has written over 40 reports and been deposed 8 times. Most of this expert’s work has involved "connected vehicles," or "connected navigation systems" almost all of which disclose various "hybrid" navigation techniques integrating data from the device and infrastructure. This expert has worked on several matters related to navigation displays in vehicles and on smartphones, management of vehicle fleets, mechanisms for determining traffic information and utilizing that information for navigation, and various uses for navigation systems in e-commerce or finding and routing to dynamic locations. Several patents this expert has worked with address navigation for shopping applications.

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Expert Witness #253461

This expert is distinguished by two doctoral degrees: a Ph.D. in LIDAR and Electro-Optics, and another in Geospatial Engineering (Satellite Navigation Systems). This expert began working on LIDAR systems in the mid-1990s and for many years has performed research and professional engineering activities on LIDAR systems including DDT&E (Design, Development, Test and Evaluation), performance modelling, safety analysis and incident investigations. This expert has focused on reducing the probability of ocular hazards by introducing a combination of real-time sensing and analysis techniques, such as scintillation measurements, laser spot detection and dynamics modelling. This expert developed innovative performance models and associated safety assessment/protection techniques. This expert also developed several LIDAR systems both for air and ground/surface applications. These included direct detection Laser Range Finders (LRFs), coherent detection monostatic LIDAR systems and bistatic LIDAR systems. This expert is a prolific author with many publications dedicated solely to LIDAR, including peer-reviewed articles, books and book chapters, industrial reports and conference papers.

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Expert Witness #265310

This expert is an endowed distinguished professor in a mechanical engineering department. This expert has overseen research related to LIDAR and Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and some drone work. This expert developed navigation and autonomous research using Lidars, calibration techniques with Lidar, as well as ACC and (Cooperative) CACC algorithms. This expert has published a number of leading papers on LIDAR including on camera-based lane detection, lane departure warning systems, autonomous ground vehicles and LIDAR scanning tests and evaluation software. An accomplished expert witness, this expert has provided testimony and other litigation support in patent and other matters.

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