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Cahn Litigation Services is skilled and experienced at identifying satellite technology experts to provide expert witness services for litigation matters, and is called upon by attorney clients to locate nanosatellite expert witnesses with specific knowledge in systems, technology, and the global small satellite market. A nanosatellite expert witness typically has a background in space exploration, aerospace engineering, satellite imagery, satellite communication, space science, and/or the small satellite market or microsatellite market.

A nanosatellite, or nanosat, is a satellite weighing less than 10 kilograms. Artificial satellites vary in size and cost and can be small enough to fit in your hand or as massive as the International Space Station. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) categorizes satellites according to mass:

Nanosatellites are increasingly capable of performing commercial missions that previously required a microsatellite. Companies with a high market share in nanosatellite and microsatellite technology, development, and manufacturing include AAC Clyde Space, Axelspace Corporation, Berlin Space Technologies, Dynetics, GomSpace, Innovative Solutions in Space, L3Harris, Lockheed Martin, NanoAvionics, Northrop Grumman, RUAG, Satellogic, Sierra Nevada Corporation, Sky and Space Global, SpaceQuest, Pumpkin Inc., Surrey Satellite Technology Limited, and Tyvak. The small satellite market size and growth rate has increased mainly to due to the desire for reduced costs versus heavier and larger satellites. A small satellite requires smaller and less expensive launch vehicles and can be launched in multiples.

Example cases requiring nanosatellite expert witness service involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation, inter partes review in the PTAB, or trade secret disputes. Litigation support by a nanosatellite expert witness could include reverse engineering, expert report, expert opinion, and expert testimony at deposition and at trial. Clients may also seek a space industry expert in space exploration or small satellite technology for pre-litigation consulting work.

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Nanosatellite Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Nanosatellite experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Nanosatellite landscape.

Expert Witness #211941

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Physics and is a systems, signals and algorithms consultant to industry and legal professionals, and has many years of experience in video, imaging, modeling, simulation, and systems analysis, design, development and testing. Prior to running a successful consultancy, this expert gained experience on automated digital photogrammetry and raster/vector integration of maps with imagery at street-level, military and satellite resolution. This expert developed digital image processing algorithms to improve image and stereo-matching quality for a digital terrain modeling system based on satellite data. This expert has also developed software and algorithms for affine transformation, edge filtering, kriging interpolation and image stereo matching with sub-pixel acuity. This expert has worked on automated photogrammetric adjustment methods based on pitch, roll and yaw angles, as well coordinate determination based on codeless GPS. This expert continued working on integration of detailed maps with military imagery, developing quadtree database technology for a Combat Information Processor. This expert developed a three-axis spacecraft attitude determination system that provided solutions for pitch, roll and yaw expressed as quaternions, updated via gyroscopes and other sensors. Further, this expert developed calibration algorithms for a 3D laser scanner with street-level ranging based on point cloud technology, and also developed a nine-camera video surveillance system based on wavelet hardware. This expert has experience with video and still imagery includes research & development and publication of low latency encoder/decoder algorithms for MPEG and DICOM imagery. As a Registered Patent Agent, this expert is often called upon to serve as an expert consultant to provide technical analysis related to patent infringement, patent validity and the research tax credit.

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Expert Witness #212677

This expert is a proven authority in cellular, wireless, CDMA, GPS, 3G, 4G, LTE, BPL, Satellite and new and developing wireless, data and cellular standards for ANSI-41, GSM, and 3rd Generation Systems. This expert's career has spanned many years in the field of cellular communication. This inventor is a named inventor on approximately thirty patents relating to cellular technology innovations.  

This expert is also one of the most sought-after legal expert witnesses in multiple telephone and data technological areas. A proven authority, this expert's career has spanned many years in the field of cellular communication and includes 27 patents in cellular technology innovations. This expert can break down technical subjects into language a jury will understand and help attorneys become educated on specific areas of technology.

This expert is an extraordinary asset to attorneys seeking case assistance in the fields of wireless, cellular, PCS and telephony. This expert is certified as a testifying expert in Federal and State courts. This expert has assists legal counsel with:

-  Evaluation of pretrial discovery
-  Preparation of questions in technical matters for depositions
-  Determining the facts of a matter and suggesting case strategy
-  Writing subpoena language and providing proper service address for required data
-  Producing and reviewing opposing depositions
-  Testifying with exhibits and preparation of the attorney's material, questions and cross examination
-  Producing technical tutorials for the legal team and for juries

Cases have included:

-  Patent Infringement Matters
-  3G CDMA, TDMA, GSM & AMPS, UMTS and interworking Cellular Telephony
-  Third Generation Wireless/Cellular Architecture
-  Telecom Standards including IPTV, CCITT, TIA, TR45, 3GPP, 3GPP2, BPL, PLC, OPERA and ITU
-  Telecommunication Intellectual Property Rights (regarding issues of validity, timely disclosure, ITC prep)
-  Satellite Communications
-  Internet Telephone, Messaging, SMS, MMS, VoIP, Push-to-Talk, PoC
-  Wireless Fraud, Authentication and Validation Issues
-  Aircraft Passenger Communications

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Expert Witness #256632

This expert is a world-renowned researcher who has extensive research, technical, managerial, and Intellectual Property/patent expertise in the areas of telecommunications, networking, broadband, MetroEthernet, SONET/SDH/OTN Internet, VoIP, wireless, video, multimedia, MPLS, IPv6, e-commerce, and IoT/M2M for both carrier networks and enterprise networks. This expert's specialties include analysis, design, implementation, operation, and advocacy of new network technologies, particularly with an emphasis on packet technologies and the Internet Protocol (IP) for traditional and broadband applications such as:

Voice over IP (VoIP); Video Over IP (e.g., IPTV, specifically, entertainment quality digital TV, video distribution over satellite/DTH, High Throughput Satellites [HTSs], multimedia; wireless connectivity (including Wi-Fi, wireless sensor networks, and communication/DTH/HTS satellites); security; intranet; Internet/intranet architecture and QoS; IoT/M2M; LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet; and the underlying high-capacity network infrastructure to support these applications along with the call control signaling logic (SS7/Q.931/Q.2931/Q.933) and Advanced Intelligent Network (AIN) services. Packet systems include X.25/NCP, IPv4, Frame Relay (FR), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS), and IPv6. This expert has also done work in cloud services (Cisco UCS) and IoT/M2M, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and e-health.

This expert has many years of hands-on ATM/SONET/MetroEthernet/OTN experience. In addition to numerous papers and conference presentations, this expert has written several books on LANs/VLANs/MetroEthernet, MPLS, Internet Services Cloud services, and IoT/M2M.

This expert has over 200 published patents as well as 35 patent applications cite this expert's work. Additionally, 5000+ academic researchers cite this expert's work in their publications, according to Google Scholar. This expert has taught IT and Telecommunications courses. This expert has appeared in industry conferences as well a radio and TV technology programs.

This expert has been called upon to undertake infringement/non-infringement analysis (with resulting depositions and testimony) in the area of packet video/IPTV, packet voice/VoIP, imaging (scanned checks), IoT, and wireless.

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Expert Witness #212711

This expert has been in the telecom world for many years. This expert is globally known for expertise in telecommunications, satellite, cellular and wireless networks (data and voice). A proven authority, this expert's years of work in the field of wireless communication and satellite systems, includes working with the US government, teaching as a Professor and co-Founder and former SVP/CTO of an international carrier with coverage in Europe.

As an expert witness this expert has supported both plaintiffs and defendants in over 60 high profile patent infringement, breach of contract, theft of IP and other cases.

Intellectual Property litigation, hearings and arbitrations

For the Plaintiff35
For the Defendant14
Pre-litigation consulting14
Expert Reports39
Laboratory Tests9
Testimony in Depositions27
Testimony in court9
Patent Infringement45
Patent Re-Examination5
Breach of contract5
IP theft4
Standards 3Gpp24
Standards 3Gpp217
Standards ITU2
Standards IEEE6
Testimony before regulators & boards3

This expert is very well published and is a frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences.

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