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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Nanofabrication experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Nanofabrication landscape.

Expert Witness #223130

This expert is a noted independent semiconductor manufacturing and processing consultant. This expert has served as an expert in a number of plasma etching and semiconductor packaging matters. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science and worked developing semiconductor manufacturing technologies for four companies. This expert's work in the various positions led to three patents related to manufacturing processes and three patents related to circuits. This expert supervised the integration of the device and circuit technologies into one functioning semiconductor product. This expert has worked on 39 cases as a testifying expert or as a consulting expert and has testified at trials and in eighteen depositions, all of which were very successful. This expert also has approximately 20 IPRs under the belt, several of which, as mentioned above, are related to packaging diced wafers and plasma etching. This expert maintains a blog with more than 1,200 readers, an extensive educational semiconductor website, and a database frequently accessed by the USPTO, US Department of Justice, major technology companies, attorneys, and investors.

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Expert Witness #246983

This expert earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering from a prestigious university and has devoted much of a career to reducing variation in manufacturing quality and optimizing production. This expert is well-published, having authored or co-authored over forty publications in manufacturing technology, and is author to six publications related to the Chemical Vapor Deposition of polysilicon. This expert is also author of 77 patents, including two specifically related to polysilicon. As Director of Automation Applications, this expert helped a major semiconductor company develop and implement advanced control algorithms in manufacturing, including the design, build and application of control systems. Now a consultant, this expert has been engaged on matters related to IP portfolio assessment and has provided expert witness support, though has not yet been deposed or provided testimony.

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Expert Witness #254763

This expert is a Professor and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and has served in various capacities at major semiconductor manufacturers and research and development firms. This expert's focus was on IC and microcontroller design and manufacturing and this expert managed and coordinated with semiconductor equipment based (MEMS) fabrication facilities during tenure in the industry. This expert is well versed in semiconductor plasma etch technology and has authored a number of technical conference papers on the subject which are available upon request. Due to work in industry, this expert has served as an internal subject matter expert on a number of IP matters related to deep-reactive-ion-etch (DRIE) techniques, MEMS-semiconductor process flows, accelerometers, gyroscopes, infrared temperature and pressure sensors, but has never provided testimony in this capacity.

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Expert Witness #255724

This expert has many years of experience in the design, development and/or manufacture of over 350 different products that use IC and MEMS in new and innovative ways for automotive, medical, industrial and commercial applications. This expert continues to work directly as an engineer in nearly all aspects of the semiconductor industry, including as a circuit and sensor design engineer and as part of systems engineering groups. This expert's work in automotive sensors started many years ago when this expert was responsible for developing high-pressure MEMS sensors. This expert's graduate research grew out of a summer internship, which subsequently funded this expert's Ph.D. thesis on sensors and circuits for automotive applications. This expert spearheaded the design, development and manufacturing of inertial and other MEMS sensors and automotive accelerometers. That work resulted in the high-volume production of accelerometers for airbags and vehicle stability system. This expert's work on internal inertial sensor R&D involved the physical design of the MEMS structures, the fabrication processes, and the interface and control circuits.

This expert has designed the MEMS structures, and both analog and discrete time circuit elements including filters, amplifiers, demodulators, A/D converters and as well as circuits that use these signals to calculate velocity, and change of acceleration (jerk) for calculating both motion and heading. This expert has published several papers and is named as an inventor on several of these topics.

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Expert Witness #256764

This expert is a full professor of Computer Science at University. This expert has a clear focus on CMP and planarization. This expert's research is primarily in CMP, very large scale integrated (VLSI) computer chip manufacturing, CAD, algorithms, RFID and intellectual property. This expert is an experienced expert witness, having served in 20 patent litigations for national law firms and their high- profile clients in prior art, validity and infringement matters including hardware, software, methods and processes for both plaintiffs and defendants. As an academician, this expert is well-published with over 160 writings including books and book chapters, refereed journal papers, refereed conference papers, technical reports and the like. This expert has been the subject of over 30 articles and is a frequent presenter of industry and academic conferences.

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Expert Witness #256772

This expert received bachelor's and master's degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. This expert's thesis advisor is widely regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in CMP. This expert participated in weekly group meetings and CMP project-specific meetings, in which CMP mechanics, materials and modeling projects were discussed and participants put forward interpretations of data, suggested experimental designs, and debated modeling approaches. This experience provided his initial grounding in and understanding of the field of CMP.

This expert's thesis work was on the topic of nanoimprint lithography (NIL), a semiconductor manufacturing process which has a number of physical commonalities with CMP. Both NIL and CMP involve mechanical contact between two solid bodies separated by a fluid layer (wafer/slurry/pad in CMP and wafer/resist/stamp in NIL), and in both processes, mechanical deformations of the solid bodies need to be understood and controlled to ensure that manufactured semiconductor devices are within dimensional specifications.

This expert has been working with one of the world's leading manufacturers of CMP equipment to model and simulate CMP using novel pad geometries. These pads are composed of multiple materials with heterogeneous properties.

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Expert Witness #123113

This expert is a Distinguished Professor in a prestigious Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. This expert has written a dozen expert reports, been deposed in six patent matters, and has testified at trial twice.

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Expert Witness #226792

This expert is an independent semiconductor manufacturing and processing consultant. This expert holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science from a prestigious university where the focus was, among other topics, the multi-purpose processing chamber for CVD, etch, and sputtering with measurement capability. This expert performed all wafer processing to construct MIS capacitors, including lithography, etch, CVD and PVD. As a consultant this expert reviewed new semiconductor technologies for etching and particle reduction in semiconductor processing chambers. This expert also suggested advanced semiconductor process equipment engineering for a military laboratory. This expert has strong experience as an expert witness, having served in five matters, and having given depositions and testified at trial on semiconductor manufacturing and semiconductor processing. This expert is well-published, and holds four utility patents.

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Expert Witness #226931

This expert has many years of experience in microcircuit and semiconductor technologies and has developed skills in areas of circuit design and analysis, device fabrication and assembly, testing, marketing, control system design and analysis, manufacturing operations and respective areas of quality, reliability, and defect / failure analysis.

This expert worked for a technology company in design, production, and QA, and was the QA manager of a DRAM Wafer Fabrication Facility.

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