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Music royalties expert witness candidates typically have backgrounds in music law, music business, music licensing, reasonable royalty rates, and/or copyright infringement.

Music rights are a subset of copyright law, and have their own defined intellectual property rights. The rights holders’ protections are commonly known as composition and master rights:

Accordingly, there are two general types of music royalties. There are royalties paid out for the licensed use of the sound recording, as well as royalties paid out for the authorized use of the composition. In the U.S., royalties can be distributed for multiple uses, such as:

The music royalty system is quite complex. Cahn Litigation Services has relationships with many of the top music industry experts that work in the music copyright royalty system. These experts have in-depth knowledge in the types of music royalties, the types of music rights, and which entities are legally due compensation.

Litigation support by a music royalties expert witness could include a royalty audit, writing an expert report, expert opinion, depositions, and expert testimony in the courtroom. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a qualified expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek a music industry expert for pre-litigation consulting work.

Representing the plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services is often called upon to locate an expert witness to support matters involving music royalties. Whether the case involves music royalty rates, the music royalty system as a whole, royalty audit projects, forensic musicology, economic damages, or music publishing, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly. The firm has a reputation for providing experts with the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each unique project and its nuances.

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Music Royalties Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Music Royalties experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Music Royalties landscape.

Expert Witness #264933

This expert is the founder and CEO of a large and respected source for celebrity talent and popular music rights. From multi-level celebrity endorsements to popular music clearance/licensing, the company is recognized as the foremost expert in negotiations, counsel and strategy.  

This expert handles quotes and negotiations from hundreds of different agencies, and fully understands the world of music royalties. This expert has negotiated, arranged and contracted about 3,000 deals of every conceivable nature from trade show appearances and industrial film appearances to million-dollar national multi-media campaigns. Included also are royalty deals, endorsements, corporate performances, local, regional and national campaigns, international campaigns, etc. This expert has extensive expert witness experience, and has represented several high-profile clients.

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Expert Witness #264944

This expert is a nationally recognized entertainment and IP law scholar, and an expert witness and consultant in copyright, trademark, right of publicity and entertainment contract cases. This expert has many years of experience teaching and practicing Entertainment Law, Copyright Law, Publicity Rights, and International Entertainment Law.

In addition to a consultancy, this expert is a professor teaching music law courses, including the topics of music revenue streams, the distinction between the composition copyright and the sound recording copyright, and the relationships between the players in the music industry (such as composers, performers, record labels, and music publishers). This expert holds a law degree, is a regular speaker speak at academic and law practitioner conferences, and is well-published in music copyright law.

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Expert Witness #227330

This expert is a musicologist and the president of a music consulting firm. This expert and her team of musicologists regularly advise clients on musical works for their commercials, films, and television series. This expert also frequently advises attorneys, advertising agencies, entertainment and recording companies, publishing firms, and musicians, addressing copyright issues, including those arising from digital sampling, electronic technology and Internet musical usage.

In addition to successful consultancy, this expert teaches forensic musicology, and has testified quite often in copyright infringement matters, as well as in valuation disputes, including collaborative and derivative musical works. This expert has written numerous articles and a book in the area of contemporary music and copyright infringement.

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Expert Witness #264924

This expert represents and consults on behalf of a range of clients in the music industry, including major artists, managers, songwriters and various companies. This expert has worked on a number of major deals. This expert has drafted and negotiated many licensing agreements, artist recording agreements, producer agreements, soundtrack agreements, home video/DVD agreements and distribution agreements, and is intensely familiar with the music industry copyright royalty system. This expert has also acted as an expert witness in a number of music industry litigations.

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Expert Witness #264915

This expert has many years of experience in the music business, where this expert’s entire career has been centered around partnering with the music industry either on behalf of the advertising agency, the client and/or the artist, which has allowed this expert to master the nuances and sensitivities. Over an impressive career, this expert has negotiated and drafted hundreds of publishing and master music licensing agreements. This expert began a career as a business manager at some of the largest and most successful advertising agencies, and is currently with a small music marketing agency with gigantic blue-chip clients.

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Expert Witness #264955

In addition to work as a professor, this expert advises creators, owners and distributors of music, media and technology and the investors that are active in those sectors. This expert counsels music creators and rights holders on public policy and litigation, and has provided expert testimony before the Copyright Royalty Board and in arbitration, and supports media and technology companies and their financial sponsors on capital formation and growth strategy, digital product/service development, acquisitions and restructuring. This expert’s long career in the music industry has provided him with a deep understanding of music royalty rates.

This expert teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Music Entrepreneurship, Music Analytics, Strategic Marketing, Global Music Management and the Business Structure of the Music Industry. This expert founded and operated a Grammy Award winning independent record label and music publisher where this expert signed, recorded and published multi-platinum artists. This expert has authored a book, as well as many podcast, papers and presentations. This expert is a member of the Music and Entertainment Industry Educators Association (MEIEA) and the Music Business Association.

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