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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Microelectronics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Microelectronics landscape.

Expert Witness #208200

This expert is president and principal consulting expert for an independent consulting firm specializing in microelectronics and computing systems. With many years of experience in the electronics industry leading the development of microprocessor and computer products, this expert has been providing clients with expert services in patent litigation, technology assessment, product development, and intellectual property protection. This expert's extensive wide-ranging academic and industry experience allow this expert to provide the most thorough and case-appropriate services to clients. And, as named inventor of over 35 U.S. patents, this expert offers both a high level of technical insight and experience, as well as an ability to work well and collaborate with other experts in a variety of fields. For patent analysis, this expert offers advice and strategy through defining and identifying goals in addition to providing thorough technical and legal analysis.

This expert was the lead architect for two multi-billion dollar products, both of which included features for testing at chip manufacturing, board production, and in-system.

This expert has worked on over a hundred patent applications and assessments, and has offered expert testimony at trial or deposition for dozens of patent cases.

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Expert Witness #248343

This expert has designed and analyzed the microelectronics and software for systems managing media remotely and performing music downloads for many years and is an award winning inventor for innovative digital audio engineering design and valuable contributions to the advancement of audio engineering. This expert has been involved with the technologies behind the remotely-managed media and uploaded and downloaded music files. This expert has designed cable TV multiprocessing systems for managing media remotely and performing music downloads. Most of the microelectronics circuits this expert has designed at the transistor/resistor/capacitor and chip level involved amplifying signals, controlling impedance and output speed characteristics, and included the design of timing circuits, level converters and latching digital signals. While on the Editorial Board of a renowned publication for electronics engineers, this expert analyzed the internal design of memory chips (including memory bit cell arrays) and state-of-the-art integrated circuits for processing and storing media. This expert has worked on the engineering design of audio signal processors and memory systems, including emitter-coupled design with controlled impedance, as well as user interface design for content selection and control. Further, this expert has designed user interfaces for media content selection and control. This expert also has designed and developed processors and memory systems as well as high fidelity digital-to-audio and audio-to-digital conversion circuitry, included timing circuits, impedance control, level control, signal amplification, latches and memory design. This expert has worked on the engineering design of a multiprocessor media server. This expert has analyzed hundreds of patents and has researched, reverse engineered and analyzed microelectronics and software.

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Expert Witness #249073

This expert has many years of research, academic, industry, and consulting engineering experience in IC (integrated circuit) processing, LCD-TFT (liquid crystal display - thin film transistor) technology, semiconductor device materials, microelectronics, and microlithography. This expert is a professor of Microelectronic Engineering and the Director of the Ph.D. program in Microsystems Engineering at a private research university. This expert's industry experience includes manufacturing and R&D for companies in the US and globally. This expert is a Fellow of the OSA, and SPIE, and is the recipient of numerous honors. This expert is well published and holds 27 patents. This expert has deep experience as a testifying expert in patent litigation matters involving processes and fabrication, microlithography, deposition and etch processes, and TFT/LCD flat panel technology.

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Expert Witness #249772

This expert is an independent consultant and expert witness. This expert is an award winning scientist whose areas of expertise include the design of MEMS and consulting on MEMS devices, transducers, signal processing and microelectronics. This expert is a Six-Sigma certified Green Belt in design. This expert is well-published and is the inventor on 20 US patents. This expert's expert witness practice focuses on patent infringement and has completed matters in the PTAB And the ITC.

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Expert Witness #259104

This expert worked in the field of silicon microelectronics and integrated circuits for a good number of years. This expert's work has included gate sidewall fabrication, shallow trench isolation, Fin FETs, and liners for plugs and vias.

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Expert Witness #259571

This expert worked for a specialty reverse engineering company, becoming a Senior Fellow/Technology Analyst, dealing with the microstructural characterization of devices, both process and package analyses. This expert is also a Contributing Editor for a website covering news and industry trends in the semiconductor business.

This expert gave a deposition as a fact witness, and attended another deposition as an observer.

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Expert Witness #262723

This expert is an internationally recognized technical and business leader in the fields of point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, cryptographic security, broadband and network system, and entrepreneurial development. This expert has many years of experience in wireless system development and product development.

This expert is the creator of video P2P for realtime and P2MP security applications, which are now the system standard for casinos and high value venue security. These systems use private as well as cellular backhauls employing licensed spectrum and high capacity long-range point-to-point microwave links. This expert is the named inventor of 67 granted patents and applications primarily in wireless, signal processing & processor, machine learning, and microelectronics. This expert holds a PhD. In Electrical Engineering, an MBA, and a BSEE - Electrical and Electronics Engineering. This expert has provided expert witness testimony on several matters.

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Expert Witness #123119

This expert holds B.S., M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in Electrical Engineering. This expert has worked on the design of bipolar differential amplifiers, as well as in the areas of custom IC design, software compatible gate array design, one- and two-dimensional device modeling, circuit modeling, and double level metal process development. This expert was Manager of a Signal Processing Design and Test Department, responsible for the design and test of high performance VLSI/VHSIC CMOS and BIMOS digital and analog ICs, the development of supporting design and test methodologies and CAD tools, functional and parametric test, and the development of high performance and high resolution DSP and oversampled systems.

This expert is a Distinguished Professor and Director of the High Performance VLSI/IC Design and Analysis Laboratory at a major university. This expert’s current research and teaching interests include:

On-Chip Interconnect, Power, and Substrate Coupling Noise

High Performance Digital and Analog Integrated Circuit Design

Three-Dimensional Integrated Design Methodologies, Algorithms, and Test Circuits

Circuits, Models, and Architectures Based on Emerging Technologies

Efficient Power Delivery for Highly Complex Integrated Systems

High Performance Clock Distribution Networks

This expert has authored twelve book chapters and many papers in the fields of high speed and low power CMOS design techniques, interconnect and substrate noise, pipelining and retiming, three-dimensional integration, and the theory and application of power and synchronous clock distribution networks. This expert has also authored or edited sixteen books. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE, an editor of the Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, a Member of Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, Microelectronics Journal, Journal of Low Power Electronics, and Journal of VLSI Signal Processing, and a Member of the technical program committee of a number of conferences.

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