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Leading litigation law firms call on Cahn Litigation Services to locate expert witnesses to support financial disputes, including those involving lost profit. A lost profits expert witness typically possesses an advanced degree and has a background and expertise in accounting or forensic accounting, business valuation, and/or economic damages.

Cahn Litigation Services has placed experts in support of lost profit matters involving business valuation, business interruption insurance claims, contract claims, price erosion, breach of fiduciary duty, economic damages analysis in a commercial dispute, corporate reorganization, class action damage claims, personal injury, and financial fraud investigation.

Litigation support services by a lost profits expert witness could include dispute resolution, financial statements review, deposition testimony, economic damages calculations, expert report, expert opinion, and/or testimony in trial court. In addition, clients may seek a lost profits damages subject matter expert for pre-litigation work. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, legal counsel may request a financial expert or damages expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. It is essential that a lost profits expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a jury can understand the evidence.

On behalf of a plaintiff or defendant, Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for expert witnesses with specialized knowledge in lost profit, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the attorney in charge.

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Lost Profits Expert Witness - Sample Bios

Please Note: All Cahn Litigation expert witness searches are customized to attorneys' precise specifications and preferences. Attorneys are encouraged to discuss search parameters with a Cahn search specialist.

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Lost Profits experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Lost Profits landscape.

Expert Witness #234353

A Partner in an Intellectual Property Services and Complex Business Litigation consultancy, this expert has many years of experience in consulting to clients and counsel involved in intellectual property and complex commercial disputes. This expert has assisted clients by providing a wide range of economic analyses, including lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, unjust enrichment, disgorgement of profits, and market and capacity assessments. Having testified for both plaintiffs and defendants engaged in intellectual property litigation, this expert has been designated as an economic expert in Federal court and State Court, as well as in arbitration proceedings. This expert's expertise specifically includes economic analyses of patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret matters across a wide range of industries such as aerospace, automotive, computer hardware, Internet and software, gaming, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and telecommunications. This expert has also participated in licensing negotiations, designed and managed royalty audits and performed intellectual property valuations for licensors and licensees. This expert also has extensive experience in complex commercial disputes. This expert has advised clients on matters such as breach of contract, anti-competition, purchase and sale agreements, lost profits and sales trends, and serves as an adjunct professor of economics.

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Expert Witness #248101

This expert is a consultant with a successful economic, financial and strategy consulting firm. This expert received a Ph.D. in Economics from a prestigious university, where this expert has also served as an Instructor. This expert is very well published with nearly a dozen articles and papers. This expert has served as an economic expert, providing analysis, reports and testimony in over thirty commercial and intellectual property matters. This expert has broad testifying experience at deposition and trial, and has even more experience as a consultant in litigation support projects, having authored dozens of expert and rebuttal reports.  

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Expert Witness #248165

This expert is a Managing Director and Shareholder of a highly successful CPA firm with practices in forensic accounting and business valuation services. This expert provides accounting, business and financial advice to attorneys and their clients related to commercial disputes, civil and criminal litigation, and forensic investigations. This expert was a Partner at a prominent advisory firm in its Fraud Investigation and Dispute Services practice. This author is a co-editor and chapter author of a book commonly referenced by certified public accountants and other financial professionals who provide litigation consulting services and who serve as expert witnesses on topics such as damages, lost profits, legal and accounting malpractice and a wide range of related issues.

This expert serves as a consulting expert and expert witness in determining economic damages, such as lost profits in breach of contract disputes. This expert has provided opinions on the work of other experts in rebuttal settings and related to Daubert motions associated with requests to exclude testimony of other experts. This expert's industry experience includes various types of retail, manufacturing and distribution companies. This expert has served as an expert witness regarding damages and lost profits stemming from disputes between vendors and retailers. This expert's experience has involved market segments including auto parts, home goods, high-end women's and men's apparel, office supplies, home improvement goods and health and beauty products.

Specific Automotive-related assignments include:

-  Expert witness in a case alleging breach of contract filed by supplier of components against manufacturer. Analyzed claims of lost profits as a result of the contract termination.
-  Expert witness in case alleging breach of contract filed by manufacturer of seating supplied to makers of buses. Claims included alleged lost profits.
-  Serving as an expert in cases involving disputes between dealerships and manufactures. Issues have involved analyzing the specific performance of a dealership vs. benchmarks established as well as comparing results to other dealerships in the region and across the country. The cases have involved allegations of breach of dealership contracts or allegations of discrimination against dealerships by the manufactures.

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Expert Witness #250388

This expert has many years of experience in economic instruction, research and analysis, and litigation support. This expert has taught courses in economics, statistics, econometrics and finance at five colleges and universities, currently as at the School of Business and Economics at a well-known University. This expert has served as an economic expert in over 100 cases. As Senior Vice President of an economics consulting firm, this expert's practice focuses on economic analysis and expert testimony regarding intellectual property, competition, class certification, statistical analysis, and damage quantification. Examples of this expert's work include estimation of lost profits and reasonable royalty in patent infringement matters (including FRAND royalty rates); analysis of relevant markets and lost profits in antitrust cases; statistical and econometric analysis in labor and commercial disputes, and valuation of intellectual property. This expert has testified over 75 times in deposition, and more than 25 times in trial, the majority of that testimony in the area of patent damages or other areas of IP. This expert has extensive experience with reasonable royalty calculations, in many product areas including electronics, manufacturing, clothing, agriculture, and consumer Products. This expert has worked fairly evenly for both plaintiff and defendants. This expert holds B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. degrees in Economics.

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Expert Witness #255935

This expert specializes in the economic analysis of intellectual property, including the assessment of economic alternatives, lost profits, price erosion, reasonable royalties, and other valuation/damages issues. This expert also has extensive experience providing detailed analyses and expert reports, evaluating antitrust issues and economic damages associated with false advertising, antitrust, fraud, termination, and business interference claims. This expert has frequently served as an expert witness on significant patent infringement matters and has testified on patent infringement damages in trial in district courts across the United States. This expert has also provided testimony at hearings at the International Trade Commission, and in trial and arbitrations in other matters throughout America and in Sweden.

As an economic consultant, this expert has worked on projects covering hundreds of companies from numerous high-technology industries, including consumer electronics, information services, semiconductors, computers and components, TVs and displays, software and games, as well as telecommunications (including cell phones and mobile networks), broadcasting, automotive, oilfield equipment, biotechnology and medical equipment. In addition to leading to expert testimony, these efforts include assisting in the evaluation and negotiation of patent license agreements. With extensive, continuous exposure to leading company and industry information sources, this expert has acquired a comprehensive knowledge of the competitive, licensing and financial environments. This expert also has expertise with economic analysis in a number of other industries, including real estate, construction, entertainment, and consumer goods. This expert has also written and lectured on patent damages and intellectual property valuation. This expert holds an MA and BA in Economics .

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Expert Witness #255943

This expert specializes in the application of financial and economic analyses to complex business matters involving litigation, technology licensing, and valuation, including the use of econometric methods to apportion value among inputs in complex devices. This expert has performed research, given economic testimony, and provided consultation in intellectual property, licensing, commercial damages, and antitrust matters - including the evaluation of economic damages involving lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, unjust enrichment, profit disgorgement, and prejudgment interest - in patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, and antitrust cases. This expert has also overseen the analysis of fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) commitments and the economics of licensing standard essential patents (SEPs) in arbitration matters, federal district court cases, and at the US International Trade Commission (ITC); assessed intellectual property valuation, monetization, and licensing; and evaluated antitrust liability and damages for patent misuse and monopolization, as well as damages arising from incorrect inventorship.  

This expert's experience covers a diverse range of industries, from computer hardware and software, semiconductors and cellular telephony to manufacturing processes, consumer products and pharmaceuticals.

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Expert Witness #258425

This expert is President of a highly sought-after forensic accounting consultancy. With many years of experience, this expert provides consulting, analytical, forensic accounting, expert witness, transactional, and other sophisticated financial services to clients in a diverse array of industries and professions including:

-  Agriculture
-  Ethanol and Biodiesel production
-  Breach of Contract
-  Farm Operations
-  Surety Disputes
-  Gluten Production
-  Tortious Interference
-  Supply Chain Issues
-  Forensic Investigation and Quantification
-  Fraud and Misrepresentation

This expert has served as the damages expert for several Agriculturally-related matters including:

-  A Beef Production matter involving cattle harmed by a defective vaccine. This expert was the plaintiff's damages expert and calculated lost profits on cattle sales, and on consequentially-lost crop land. This case settled.
-  A series of lawsuits. The first, and most important one, resulted in a major win for this expert's client. The damages have included increased replacement products costs, accounting-based damages, and lost crop production income.
-  A jury trial resulted in a major win for this expert's client. A company claimed many millions of dollars of lost profits on allegedly lost implement sales. The jury decided damages equal to this expert's number, which was zero.
-  A class action. This expert was the damages expert for the class. The case settled in favor of the class based on this expert's report.

This expert also has extensive experience with the complex financial issues. These have included:

-  Business interruption claims (lost profits)
-  Business tort, contract, and employment claims (causation, damages)
-  Forensic investigations (causation and damages)
-  Proof of claim issues (causation and quantification)
-  Records reconstruction (proof)

In addition, this expert is the owner and operator of a farm / ranch where this expert grows corn, wheat, soybeans, and have a herd cows. This expert sells weaned specialty calves under contract, and raise / feed-out many others that are butchered for sale on-farm, and in-town stores.

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Expert Witness #261974

This expert is a Managing Director for a highly regarded economic consultancy. This expert has consulted with plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of litigation and commercial dispute matters involving theft of trade secrets, breach of contract, chemicals and livestock, fraud, forensic accounting, conversion, shareholder, professional malpractice, and class action litigation. This expert has performed and managed many complex financial, economic, and accounting analyses, including lost profits, lost wages, reasonable royalties, business valuation, disgorgement/unjust enrichment, tracing, fraud investigation, cost of capital, and pre- and post-judgment interest. This expert has been designated as an expert in state and federal court proceedings and arbitrations and has testified in depositions and trials.

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Expert Witness #261987

This expert, a Managing Director with a Disputes and Investigations consultancy, brings many years of experience on cases involving commercial damages quantification and causation, and major forensic accounting investigations. This expert has provided numerous expert reports and testified at deposition in approximately 80 matters. In at least 25 matters, this expert has been recognized as an expert witness at trials pending in state and federal courts and arbitration panels. This expert is regularly retained to evaluate issues sch as lost profits, price erosion, unjust enrichment and reasonable royalty damages.

While leading the firm's intellectual property group, this expert also has significant experience in other commercial litigation damages studies in matters such as breach of contract, minority shareholder, business interruption, lost profits, business valuation issues, construction and government contract claims, other commercial disputes and regulatory investigations and settlements. This expert has extensive experience in many areas such as: biotechnology, chemicals, computers, construction, government contracting, internet websites, manufacturing, medical devices, and mining - to name just a few.

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Expert Witness #232442

This expert holds an MBA and is currently the Managing Partner of a consulting firm specializing in intellectual property issues involving patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets and know how. This expert teaches an annual class on Lanham Act damages. An experienced expert witness, this expert has testified in federal and state court, ITC, AAA, IAA and ICC matters involving a broad range of IP topics including industry structure, licensing and practices, as well as damages related issues including lost profits, reasonable royalties, price erosion, competition and related topics

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Expert Witness #266225

This expert is a Vice President at a successful intellectual property damages consulting firm. This expert has worked, either as a consultant or an expert, on a number of cases involving various types of apparel, including sportswear, jewelry, tags and trim, and other clothing articles. The claims in these cases have been related to patent, trademark, design patent, trade dress, or copyright infringement, as well as more generally commercial damages (e.g., breach of contract). This expert’s most recent testimony involved claims of trademark infringement, in which this expert responded specifically to damages claims regarding lost profits, royalties, and other forms of damages.

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