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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Labels and Warnings experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Labels and Warnings landscape.

Expert Witness #246045

This expert is Professor Emeritus at a major university, is currently President of a packaging research company, and has managed over 1000 consulting projects over 30 years with over 400 Fortune 500 and US federal agencies. This expert's past responsibilities included research and teaching in the areas of packaging, transportation and logistics, innovative packaging materials and processes, machinery, robotics and sustainability. This expert has served as a technical and legal expert to various Fortune 500 companies, federal agencies and international organizations addressing problems related to Packaging and Transportation. This expert is a member of the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), National Institute of Packaging and Handling Engineers (NIPHLE), and International Association of Packaging Research Institutes (IAPRI). This expert is a Lifetime Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) and Fellow of Institute of Packaging Professionals (IOPP). This expert received an award for lifetime contributions in developing new package test standards, educational materials and distinguished service to ASTM technical committees. This expert has over 500 publications, conference papers, technical reports and book chapters. This expert has also written a book relating to packaging and transportation. This expert provides consultation on a contract basis to assist projects related to transportation and packaging. This expert has provided consultation and testimony in over 400 cases. This expert has been retained in over 500 lawsuits and provided deposition and trial testimony in over 100 cases. This expert provides scientific and engineering basis for supporting issues related to cases and conflicts resulting in dispute.

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Expert Witness #247388

This expert is Principal and Chief Creative Officer of a highly successful product design and consulting firm, serving customers in all aspects of dispensing systems including innovation, realization, business plans and patents. Specializing in pressurized packaging systems technologies, this expert spent many years as Director of Product Innovation at an international dispensing company in fine mist and lotion pumps, dispensing closures and aerosol valves. This expert holds 35 US patents with the majority in dispensing technology, including non-aerosol and aerosol dispensing systems, including containers. This expert has been involved with the full lifecycle of countless products that brought creative solutions in all phases --from idea to prototype to realization. Although capable of much more, this expert's experience has been in the areas of consumer goods and packaging for the personal care, homecare, healthcare, food, beverage, and sporting goods markets. Several of this expert's patents relate to products that need small, precision- molded, plastic parts to create intricate, low-cost mechanisms.

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Expert Witness #247537

This expert is a practicing product design consultant with many years of experience designing industrial, medical, and consumer products for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. This expert's expertise includes product design, human factors (ergonomics), graphic and packaging design, and user interface design. This expert received a Bachelor of Industrial Design, and since then has received numerous design awards for work. The holder 56 US design patents and 11 US Utility patents, this expert is an active member of the Industrial Design Society of America, the Design Management Institute, and the American Institute of Graphic Artists, and is frequently invited to speak at design conferences around the world. This expert has designed notable products such as:

-  Water Filtration Pitcher
-  Coffee maker
-  Ice cream maker & dispenser apparatus
-  Coffee Urn

This expert has designed dispensing packages for lip balm and ear swabs, as well as disposable medical assay capsules and surgical devices. This expert also designed water filtration pitchers which feature replaceable filter cartridges. This expert has provided expert services in over ten different cases. These cases involved infringement of design and utility patents, trade dress, IPRs, EPRs, and royalty disputes. This expert provided expert reports, declarations, been deposed four times, and testimony at trial.

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Expert Witness #248956

This expert is an Adjunct Professor of Food Science and Food Technology and is one of the world's foremost scientific experts in the field. Author of 10 books on a vast range of food and food packaging topics, recipient of over 40 awards and honors, contributor to numerous books, journals, and publications, and consultant to many of the world's largest packaging companies, this expert was inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame. For many years this expert has taught food packaging courses to graduates and undergraduates at major universities. This expert received B.S. degree and Ph.D. degrees. Further, this expert is a consultant in food and food technology, packaging and marketing. This expert helped industry leaders develop the first microwave ovens, and manage an aseptic packaging system. This expert is author of hundreds of articles and eight textbooks in food and food technology, marketing and packaging. This expert is contributing editor for Food Technology, and Technical and Marketing Information Editor for Brand Packaging.

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Expert Witness #256629

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Logistics, Marketing & Packaging. This expert held positions from Research Assistant to Full Professor in the School of Packaging, and is a Professor Emeritus. This expert's primary focus in research and practical testing has been in two areas: Reusable Shipping Containers, and prevention of in-transit damage to food. For many years this expert's research team assisted the United States Department of Agriculture's Farm Service Agency to insure the adequacy of packages for food aid. This expert provided technical assistance and developed package performance standards for all the food which the USDA purchases and distributes -- the largest food distribution system in the world -- which includes such programs as price support commodity purchases, foreign food aid such as "Food for Peace" programs, and domestic feeding programs such as school lunches, charities, and disaster assistance. This expert is well-published and served as Editor of a top refereed journal in the packaging field. This expert has served as an expert witness for lawsuits involving personal injury, transit damage litigation and patent issues with respect to packaging and has consulted on projects dealing with the technical, social and economic implications of packaging systems, ranging from distribution system analysis and package design, to evaluation of specific packaging and vehicle loading operations.

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Expert Witness #256666

This expert is a Board chairman at one of the nation's premier packaging and package testing firms. This expert has substantial experience in forensic matters in areas related to packaging, transportation of goods, and damage in shipment, including patent infringement matters among others. This expert was a member of a Packaging Program Adjunct Faculty and was Acting Director of the Department for many years.

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