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Javascript Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Javascript experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Javascript landscape.

Expert Witness #212686

This expert has many years of experience in software and hardware development for embedded systems, and has served as an Expert Witness. This expert has hands-on experience developing software on portable wireless communications devices, including the development of over 30 smartphone applications, generating over 50 million user installs. This expert has worked on numerous embedded systems projects which have included wireless communications, including game consoles, handheld gaming devices, first generation (J2ME/Brew) "feature" phones, present day smartphone devices and browser-based online games. As an expert in over 20 computer software languages, including assembly language [TMS1000, AMI S2000, 6502, 65816, 6800, Z80, 8080, etc], C, C++, Java, Javascript, Objective C, Lingo, Swift, and others, this expert has performed extensive source code analysis and reverse engineering from object code to source code. This expert has development experience with embedded systems utilizing ROM-based software. As an early pioneer in the handheld electronic toy and video game industries, this expert designed software on systems where the delivery mechanism was ROM-based cartridges. This expert also has strong knowledge of microprocessor and microcontroller architectures used in embedded systems, having designed the hardware and software of early microcontroller-based handheld electronic products. This expert designed, developed and coded one of the earliest tokenized interpretive languages for a commercially released software product. The architecture of the language was based on processor-independent, bytecode "object code," which was compiled on-the-fly during program design and interpreted in real-time by an assembly language-based virtual machine. The language was highly optimized, allowing for the development of real-time, graphic-intensive applications executing at 15 frames per second (on 8-bit hardware). This expert has been retained as an expert and accepted by the court in over 25 patent infringement cases, on both the plaintiff and defendant sides. This expert has written numerous reports on patent infringement and non-infringement, validity/invalidity and claim construction, been deposed over 25 times and has testified in court or at an arbitration hearing seven times. Outside of this expert's expertise in video games, this expert has worked on numerous other cases involving software development for general applications, including image processing, vector graphics, virtual reality, embedded control systems for location-based amusement machines, and a handheld language translator.

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Expert Witness #243655

Expertise: E-commerce Systems, Web-based technologies, Financial Systems, C++, Java, SQL, assembler, scripting languages, Control Systems, Software Engineering, Information Management Systems, Quality Assurance and Test, Source Code Analysis  

This expert's consulting focuses on software systems as intellectual property, especially in litigation cases of patent and copyright infringement. This expert's technical expertise is well-suited to the analysis of enterprise-scale software that is configured for web-enabled services, e-commerce systems, embedded systems, information management systems, and payment systems. This expert's engagements typically include source code analyses for software written in C, C++, C#, Java, Javascript, SQL, Fortran, Basic, Perl, Assembler, and other programming languages, as well as in markup languages such as HTML and XML applications.

This expert has served as an expert witness in 43 litigation matters, 11 of which have involved allegations of patent infringement. Several of the patent infringement cases included multiple patents-in-suit. This expert's work products have included infringement reports, invalidity reports, rebuttal reports, and expert declarations. Litigation venues have included federal and state courts, the Patent and Trademarks Appeals Board (PTAB), and the International Trade Commission (ITC). This expert's testifying experience includes 1 jury trial, 2 court hearings, and 9 depositions.

This expert has also conducted source code reviews in 35 litigation matters. Eight of the code reviews have involved websites and/or web-centric technologies on an enterprise scale.

This expert has consulted as a technical expert to evaluate previously unasserted patents in patent portfolios for their assertion potential. Technical domains of the patents have included software GUI inventions, client-server applications, and information processing in enterprise-scale computer systems.

The breadth of this expert's expertise covers a variety of subject matter domains. This expert possesses strong backgrounds in commercial software development, engineering best practices, core natural sciences, biology of neural networks, and mathematics of artificial neural networks. This expert's degrees are in physics and nuclear engineering from leading universities. This expert has served as a seasoned technical manager in roles that require effective communication skills. This expert has programmed as a software developer, configured networked computer servers as a hands-on supervisor, provided leadership as an executive manager, championed the adoption of new technologies in enterprise team settings, and taught technical curricula as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

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Expert Witness #255904

This expert is President and Founder of a highly successful and sought-after consultancy providing consulting services on the business, development and implementation of new digital media products, services and technologies. This expert has worked with digital media including CD, DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming video to communicate, educate and entertain.

This expert brings detailed understanding of the workings of the new technologies to the creative talent who want to use them. As an expert witness, this expert has reviewed patent infringement claims and prepared legal briefs, declarations and delivered depositions. This expert has a working knowledge and skills to resolve issues with workflow (e.g., producing Blu-ray or UltraHD), video codecs (AVC/MP4/H.264, HEVC/H.265, audio codecs (e.g., from Dolby, DTS, Fraunhofer) as well as skill in programming/software development (C/C++, Python, VBA, JavaScript, PHP, Java, IDE's, various software/product lifecycle methodologies) and industry standards (CEA- 861-F/HDMI, DVD, Blu-ray).

This expert delivered mastering services to those creating CD-ROMs, implemented IS0-9002 at a software manufacturer, and introduced a process for manufacturing customized short run CD-ROMs. This expert founded a consultancy to focus on the "new" technology of DVD. As president and founder, this expert has produced/authored over 1,000 different DVD titles. This expert served as a Director of R&D where this expert defined, developed and implemented encoding, authoring and mastering processes and tools for Blu-ray (and HD DVD). This expert also led the team developing and supporting the BD-J authoring environment which allowed non-programmers to author Blu-ray titles.

This expert has co-authored two books on Blu-ray and is very fluent in sharing firsthand experience in the business of creating new media.

This expert has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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Expert Witness #263018

This expert has worked with open source software for many years, and is familiar with the associated types of licenses. This expert has worked extensively with C, C++ and JavaScript, both as a software developer and as a software expert. This expert has been retained 17 times as a technology expert; four of those testifying in court. Some cases of note:

  • Retained by Plaintiff, was deposed and testified. The matter involved an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and IP theft. Reviewed source code, git logs, Pivotal Tracker logs, performed fuzzy matching and reported on findings. Performed statistical analysis of findings prior to developing an opinion.
  • Retained by Plaintiff as a consulting expert and possible testifying witness. The matter involved an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets. Reviewed source code and reported on findings; the case settled shortly thereafter.
  • Retained as a non-disclosed expert by the testifying expert. Reviewed the source code in a clean room (C++ and JavaScript) and responded to specific questions by phone.
  • Retained as a testifying expert by the Plaintiff. This expert’s report opined as to whether or not the defendant had misrepresented ownership of copyright. Analyzed software source and object code, written in a variety of languages for Microsoft Windows.

On behalf of the Plaintiff, a software vendor that suspected a former employee of intellectual property theft, reverse engineered the former employee’s product, written in C# (a .NET language) and compared it to the client’s product, written in C. Compared features, user interfaces, programming interfaces, data structures, static models and run-time models. 

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Expert Witness #263055

This expert has provided technical expertise in several matters related to patent, copyright, and trade secret issues, and has provided software analysis expertise and litigation support on over 50 District Court and ITC cases. A typical case requires static analysis of thousands of lines of source code, comprising complex software systems, in a variety of computer languages, including: C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, python, React, Swift, shell, Tcl/Tk, TypeScript, XML.

This expert recently worked on a project where this expert captured and analyzed detailed network tracing of several Android, iOS, and desktop devices. The analysis involved network packet and HTTP payload investigations, and the correlation of the analysis with the produced source code. A detailed report was presented to counsel, summarizing the traced scenarios, analysis, and provisional conclusions. This expert also analyzed the cellular modem software, as implemented in C and C++, of a major public company's offering (the project spanned 15 months). This expert also analyzed and opined on the Python source code comprising the media server backends of two other large public companies.

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Expert Witness #225732

This expert is a Ph.D. and former Fulbright Scholar with many years of involvement in digital audio, digital music, digital signal processing and processor architecture. This expert is a successful independent consultant and assists in high-level languages and assembly language used for audio and music software and signal processing.

This expert has many years involvement in hi-tech litigation including patents, copyright, trade secret, and class action. This expert has 17 depositions, 3 times testifying at trial, 5 sets of IPR declarations covering topics such as:

cell phones, mobile devices, handheld devices (e.g. medical), computers, laptops

user interfaces

processor architecture

file downloading, file streaming, client/server

media: audio, music, speech, video

digital signal processing, mathematics, algorithms

software and source code (C, C++, Java, HTML, XML, Javascript)

This expert specializes in litigation involving cell phones, car stereos, software, media streaming, mathematics, and user interfaces. This expert has been involved in matters that have specifically dealt with cell phones interacting with automobile head units.

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Expert Witness #233213

This expert holds PhD and MS degrees in Computer and Information Science, with a doctoral dissertation on real-time distributed knowledge-based computing. This expert has had additional formal post-graduate education in project management, time management, public speaking, team leadership, sales, strategic corporate management, venture investment, and corporate finance. This expert has management experience and industry leadership in Internet, multimedia, and cutting-edge software design and service delivery.

This expert’s PhD in Computer & Information Science concerned distributed computing software for Internet client-server systems. This expert has extensively directed development of network services, client/server hardware, and software. This expert was a hands-on CTO overseeing all technology in Internet businesses including a billion-dollar broadband firm, a $100 million wireless firm, and the company managing most of Hollywood's film & TV digital assets on the Web.

This expert has many years of hands-on experience authoring & managing software, this includes CGI, HTML, web beacons e.g. single-pixel GIFs, URL augmentation, web page composition, web search forms/queries, "portlet" aggregation of content into a web page, Javascript and other scripting languages, GUI window stacking, log design & management, web cache design and implementation. This expert has led software teams, including design of Internet client & server software including GUIs with multiple remote stacked windows.

This expert founded an early web company and authored the CGI, HTML, & Web GUI software to put the a soccer store on the Web. This expert managed the incubator spinout firm that designed the Internet's first "portlet" software.

This expert’s engagements have included identifying infringement/non-infringement through extensive forensic analysis of software, totaling over a half-million files reviewed and successfully identifying specific evidence as to infringement/non-infringement. This expert has personally authored ~1 million lines of code across 30 programming languages, providing deep reliable insight in forensic analyses. Total expert reports authored, thousands of pages; total on-record testimony time, ~80 hours. This expert is comfortable with claim construction, in/validity and non/infringement, DOE & 101/102/103/112 analysis, etc.

This expert has extensive litigation experience.

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