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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those International Business experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the International Business landscape.

Expert Witness #221832

This expert is the Founder and President of an independent Mobile/E-Commerce software consultancy, and brings to the table technical strengths that include: web, enterprise, and mobile development, Java, C, C++, object oriented design and architecture, distributed n-tier, component model, extensive middle-tier and backend database experience, ERP systems, and rule-based engines. This expert has expertise and experience in Internet and connectivity technology including: social media, e-commerce, security, database, web design, and business application development. This includes:

-  Extensive mobile, LBS, enterprise systems work
-  Full stack development from web to backend
-  Various protocol and security related technologies
-  All aspects of database interactions
-  CTO for mobile development company

This expert has extensive prior litigation experience working for both plaintiff and defendants. Over 16 depositions given, court trial testimony given multiple times (5), reports issued for almost every case including: Markman, invalidity, non-infringement, PTAB IPR declarations, infringement and rebuttals. Further, this expert has provided prior art evaluation as well as code review and assistance in technical strategy advice for trial decks and demonstrative prep. Nearly all of this expert's cases involved some form of enterprise systems having to do with various aspects of mobile & security technology.

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Expert Witness #223349

This expert holds a PhD in Communications (digital imaging) and brings to the table many years of direct and relevant experience in home automation and building control systems. Often invited to write papers for the trade press and to deliver presentations at conferences, much of this expert's business involves explaining complex concepts to business executives so they can make competent decisions; this expert knows how to facilitate high-tech decisions by persons who are not technical specialists and applies these skills to deliver clear declarations and depositions.

This expert is involved in the international standards committee for home and building automation standards. Among these standards are communication protocols for home networks, device interfaces, and a gateway to enable remote control of applications including security. This expert wrote and edited a document which describes home security with applications for intrusion detection, activity monitoring, duress monitoring, and safety monitoring of personal well-being, with extensions for commercial building security functions. This expert is also involved in the national standards committee for home automation and energy management at the Consumer Technology Association. They are the ones who develop American National Standards for ANSI, the American National Standards Institute. In addition to these committees, this expert has written the specifications for many home- area-network communication protocols to enable home automation applications.

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Expert Witness #248514

This expert is a Professor of Law at an Ivy League School. This expert holds a BA and JD, as well as a PhD in Economics. Prior to entering teaching, this expert practiced law with an international law firm, an experience which continues to inform this expert's teaching and scholarly work. This expert's academic interests are in the areas of corporate and securities law, law and economics, and international securities regulation and comparative corporate law. This expert's articles have appeared in many legal publications, and this expert is also the author two books. This expert has taught at several universities, is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the American Law Schools Association. This expert teaches International Securities Regulation, Securities Regulation, Corporate Finance, and Capital Markets Regulation.

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Expert Witness #248578

This expert is a Certified Regulatory Compliance Professional and brings many years of securities industry expertise to the table. This expert's career includes serving as Chief Compliance Officer of public and private financial services institutions, managing and directing the AML, compliance, controls and risks of various businesses in the financial services industry and years of sales and management in other retail businesses. This expert held Municipal Principal responsibilities at financial services and supervised options business at financial services institutions as either Senior Registered Option Principal or Compliance Registered Option Principal. This expert served on the FINRA Committee that created the Operations Professional Series 99 and is a frequent panelist and facilitator at industry conferences and regional and national meetings. This expert is well-prepared to serve as an expert witness for financial services institutions from testifying as the company representative for three financial services institutions in 15 arbitrations. To remain prepared for paid board service this expert is trained in SOX requirements.

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Expert Witness #253345

This expert is a Director in the real estate practice within a Valuation Advisory group. This expert is responsible for management, client liaison, business development, and leads the real property financial reporting practice. This expert's concentration is in real estate valuation and advisory services, where this expert has many years of national and international appraisal, review, and management experience.

This expert's experience includes assignments completed nationwide as well as various international locations throughout Europe, Asia, and South America. This expert's experience includes engagements for local, national, and international clients for a variety of purposes and also includes expert witness testimony for ad valorem taxation and other litigation matters.

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Expert Witness #254970

This expert is an appraisal professional with many years of business consulting experience and holds a National Master Certification in Machinery and Equipment Appraisal. This expert also holds a Certification as a Senior Business Analyst in multiple states. This expert's knowledge of Machinery and Business comes from a vast array of personal experience. This expert had the opportunity to directly apprentice under a Director of the NEBB Institute and has personally trained over 1000 Machinery and Equipment Appraisers. This expert honed a Business Consulting skillset and learned the intricacies of Business Brokerage, Equipment Appraisal, and Equipment Brokerage.

This expert currently specializes in Strategic Business Consulting, Business Grooming with intent to Sell, and performing Machinery / Equipment Appraisals for clients. These clients include Fortune 500, International Companies, Federal / State / Municipal Agencies, Banking Institutions, Law Firms, CPA / Accounting Firms, and companies of nearly every type and size. This expert's deep understanding of current business trends and how they impact a company allows this expert to give knowledgeable strategic business advice. This expert has been awarded the professional designation of MCMEA, and CMEA by the National Equipment Business Brokers Institute also the Designation of CSBA by the Society of Business Analysts. These organizations are made up of Trusted Advisors including Attorneys, CPAs, Business Brokers, and Financial professionals. As a Certified Machinery and Equipment Appraiser, this expert is trained and compliant with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (U.S.P.A.P.). This expert has extensive prior litigation experience and has been deposed and testified several times.

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Expert Witness #258649

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Business (major field: marketing, minor field: psychology), and an MBA and B.S. in Advertising. This expert serves as Dean and Professor of Marketing, College of Business Administration where this expert is responsible for the academic and professional leadership of the college. This expert has taught at the undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels. This expert has published in many top marketing and advertising journals.

This expert's key research areas include celebrity endorsers and brand associations.

Prior to the academic career, this expert served as a Product Manager for a pet food company and consulted and/or provided executive training in the area of marketing strategy/brand management to a variety of corporations. Most of this expert's consulting work has been focused on either overall marketing planning (developing marketing plans) or specifically focused on helping the organization better understand and define their brand.

This expert's litigation experience is extensive.

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Expert Witness #256912

As a technology expert with many years of litigation experience in over 50 cases, including 17

patent infringement cases and 25 IPR/CBM/GPR cases, this expert has authored reports and declarations, generated over 100 claim charts, inspected tens of millions of lines of source code, and examined numerous systems. This expert has a Master of Science in Computer Science as well as many years of experience in engineering, development, consulting, and management in data networking, monitoring, Web/Internet, software, and systems. This expert’s professional background includes cofounder of an Internet company providing human communication online rating and evaluation tools and services; cofounder and president of a provider of automated Web-based telecommunication test services; cofounder and CEO of an Internet eCommerce and portal company; general manager of data storage business unit and general manager of data networking business unit at a supplier of data storage and data networking systems; founder and president of a supplier of data storage manufacturing systems; and many years as telecommunication engineer and software developer.

This expert has extensive experience with networking and test and monitoring systems. As general manager of a data networking business unit, this expert was responsible for a data networking analysis tools business unit that designed and built network protocol analysis and monitoring products sold, under OEM agreement, by the largest network protocol analysis and monitoring products supplier. These products, among other capabilities, could trap and record IP addresses and data packets matching criteria in the various layers of the TCP/IP stack.

This expert designed data storage test systems and was involved with data storage protocol analyzers and monitoring products, including the best-selling data storage protocol analysis and monitoring products. For several years, as an engineer, this expert designed and implemented computer networks, data communication systems, test systems, and monitoring systems. This expert also has many years of experience in and deep understanding of Web/Internet technologies.

This expert has litigation experience with several cases and IPRs involving data networking cases and monitoring. This expert worked for a year on a trade secret and copyright case dealing with data networking load balancers.

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