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Internal medicine expert witness candidates are usually board certified internal medicine physicians, clinical professors, cardiologists, nurse practitioners, and/or serve as legal nurse consultants. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a medical expert witness with prior expert witness testimony experience.

Internal medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Subspecialties include Allergy Asthma and Immunology, CardiologyEndocrinology, GastroenterologyOncologyNephrology, and Pulmonology, among others. Physicians who pass board exams by the American Board of Internal Medicine or the American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine receive the important board certification status. Litigation support matters requiring an internal medicine expert witness often involve a medical malpractice case, personal injury, standards of care, or medical negligence. Expert witness services by a medical professional specializing in internal medicine could include medical records review, independent medical examination (IME), expert report preparation, deposition testimony and courtroom testimony. Example matters that Cahn Litigation Services has searched for expert for have encompassed:

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Internal Medicine Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Internal Medicine experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Internal Medicine landscape.

Expert Witness #255928

This expert is a board-certified pulmonologist, intensivist and chief of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine at a University School of Medicine. This expert is active clinically in pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. As Director of Sleep Medicine, this expert provides a full spectrum of in-clinic diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients with sleep-related disorders associated with medical or psychiatric conditions including insomnia and circadian rhythm disorders and has prescribed all available medications for these conditions.

This expert has taught and presented this expert's research on sleep-related disorders locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. This expert has published more than 200 original manuscripts in leading journals. This expert is a principal- and co-investigator on numerous projects relating to sleep apnea and serves as an ad hoc reviewer for many leading journals.

As a professor in a Department of Medicine, this expert is involved in training medical students, residents and fellows. This expert is triple board-certified in pulmonary disease, sleep medicine and critical care medicine. Considered a key opinion leader in sleep medicine, this expert has given many legal opinions in the past on a variety of cases although has not spent a lot of time in the court room.

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Expert Witness #257976

This expert earned an MD degree and is Board Certified in Pulmonology, Internal Medicine, and Sleep Medicine. This expert served as Medical Director of a comprehensive pulmonary rehabilitation services facility. This expert also established a full pulmonary program at a Hospital. This expert maintains a full-time practice with hospital privileges at three Hospitals. This expert also provides consultative and expert witness services. This expert is well-published and is a frequent presenter at local symposia.

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Expert Witness #260553

This expert is a multiple board-certified pulmonary internist and has maintained a private practice in Chest Medicine. This expert's long career in patient care includes emergency medicine and a practice which utilizes the advanced technology of the emerging field of anti-aging medicine for the early detection and reversal of coronary heart disease.

This expert has also been involved in the education of medical students, interns, and residents, and currently teaches a course at a School of Medicine on Pathophysiology.

In addition, this expert has provided expert witness services for many years in medical malpractice and personal injury cases. This expert specializes in the causation, disability, and life expectancy of complex, multi-system catastrophic injury cases, defining pre-existing conditions and the status of the affected internal organs before the catastrophic injury occurred. This approach is then used to assess the level of contribution of the injury to organ dysfunction, permanent disability, or death, and to evaluate pre- and post-injury life expectancy.

This expert's strong background in basic science and clinical practice uniquely qualifies this expert to opine on such topics as:

-  Asthma
-  Catastrophic Injury
-  Chronic Lung Disease (COPD)
-  Life Expectancy
-  Perioperative Care
-  Pneumonia
-  Pulmonary Embolism
-  Respiratory Failure
-  Septic Shock
-  Wrongful Death

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Expert Witness #258011

This expert earned an MD degree and completed a pulmonary fellowship and is Board Certified as a pulmonologist. This expert is involved in various research projects and occasionally publishes and presents at medical conferences on pulmonology and internal medicine.

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Expert Witness #261501

This expert is Board certified in Urology and is licensed to practice medicine. This expert received an MD and performed both Urology and Surgical residencies. Aside from private practice, this expert serves as Assistant Professor of Surgery. This expert is well-published, and is a frequent presenter at medical conferences.

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