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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Internal Combustion Engines experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Internal Combustion Engines landscape.

Expert Witness #260722

This expert has many years of extensive experience in the power generation field. This expert's air pollution control system experience includes wet and dry FGD systems, low-NOx burners/combustion controls, SCRs, SNCRs, ESPs, and baghouses for boilers and SCRs for gas turbines. This expert has provided testimony to various legislative committee on the impact of air pollution control legislation. This expert has in-depth knowledge of combustion processes and the control of dioxins through combustion technologies and mercury control in power plants and waste-to-energy facilities. This expert is also experienced in project development, financing, conceptual engineering, evaluation of business ventures including feasibility and risk analysis, and contract negotiations. This expert has assisted in compliance strategies for current and emerging air pollution rules and regulations, technology transfer and acquisition of technologies. This expert is a recipient of numerous certifications and awards based on work in the waste-to-energy and fossil-fuel industries and has published over 100 technical papers on environmental issues.

This expert started working with activated carbon for mercury (Hg) control many years ago with mercury control on waste-to-energy plants. This expert was involved in research work that used both brominated and un-brominated activated carbon for coal-fired applications, and was importing activated carbons.  This expert went to work leading a mercury control business unit. Part of this expert's responsibility was importing, marketing, and technical support for activated carbon products. This expert was involved in several DOE test programs evaluating various activated carbons. This expert is very familiar with many competitor's products and methods of injecting activated carbons.

This expert leads a highly respected energy consultancy, specializing in emission compliance strategies, business development as related to EPA regulations, and licensing of new technologies. This expert also provides strategic planning assistance with compliance strategies for current and emerging air pollution rules and regulations. This includes, among others, regulatory applicability analysis, control technology evaluations, and integrated compliance strategies and compliance options for viable long-term viability.

This expert has prior litigation experience.

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Expert Witness #237273

This expert has many years of automotive experience working at automobile manufacturers, and for the military. This includes direct experience in engine systems, combustion, and emission systems, engine controls and cooling systems. This expert is a Chemical Engineer and is quite knowledgeable in the design of heat exchangers and cooling systems. This expert has direct experience in the use of Exhaust Gas Recirculation for NOx emissions reduction, the effects of temperature on the stoichiometric relationship for efficient combustion, and also how this relates to fuel economy and emissions. This expert has worked with the different types of automotive heat exchange systems since high school auto shop days, work at the automotive OEMs and the supply base, and work with the military. This expert’s automotive and military vehicle experience work includes these types of components and systems.

Besides multiple degrees, this expert is also a PE, and Six Sigma Blackbelt. This expert has deep experience in infringement/non-infringement, and patent validity/invalidity, as an expert witness. This expert authored numerous reports and claim charts for infringement/non-infringement contentions, invalidity and validity arguments, claim construction hearings (in support of Markman briefs and hearings). This expert has experience in post-grant proceedings, as well as various Federal District Courts for automotive suppliers.

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Expert Witness #252141

This expert has a Ph.D. and is currently teaching. This expert's research and publications are on various automotive subjects, but include projects and articles on diesel engine exhaust, diesel engine combustion, waste heat recovery, biodiesel heat release, heat rejection in a diesel engine, among others. This expert served as an expert witness on a diesel combustion and emissions case, providing an expert report and testimony at deposition. This expert is well published and is a frequent presenter at academic and industry conferences.

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Expert Witness #258974

This expert is a full professor in a Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering. This expert is a licensed engineer and has been actively involved in the design and evaluation of advanced power producing systems for many years. This expert is the director of an Automotive Research Center and the head of a graduate Automotive Engineering program.

This expert has been involved in advanced throttle control fuel injection/combustion systems and was funded by NASA in advanced gas turbine engine fuel injection and combustion systems. Since that time, this expert has also been involved in optimizing fuel, throttle and fuel injection and combustion systems for transportation automotive and trucking applications along with racing applications. This expert has hands on experience in dyno testing of complex throttle and fuel injection systems along with track testing and advanced computational modeling on supercomputing clusters.

This expert has chaired technical sessions for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in exhaust and particulate emissions systems, direct injection spark and compression ignition engines, fuel injection and sprays, HCCI combustion, hybrid electric vehicle powertrains, high efficiency engine concepts, multidimensional engine modeling, on-board diagnostics, fuels and fuel additives, cold start characteristics, engine boosting systems, dual fuel combustion, spark assisted compression ignition combustion and heady duty lubricants. 

Areas of interest are jet and rocket propulsion systems, advanced low pollutant emission, high efficiency combustions systems for advanced aircraft and automotive applications, alternative fuels and renewable energy systems.

This expert has been deposed and testified in court over 60 times as an expert witness involving the design and analysis of advanced Mechanical Engineering systems. Further, this expert has been involved with numerous cases an expert related to intellectual property and patent litigation, including cases with related to engine control and throttle systems.

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Expert Witness #266745

This expert’s education and research experience includes a vast array of aspects relating to electrical engineering, electric power, control systems, and electromechanical systems. An area of particular emphasis throughout this expert’s career has been a focus on electric power equipment, including transformers and electric machines and drives. This expert has taught principles of electromechanical energy conversion, power systems, power electronics, and power quality, and has authored over 20 journal and conference publications. This expert has a strong working knowledge of electric machinery and electromechanical energy conversion, as well as an understanding of internal combustion engines and a variety of types and sizes of pumping applications. With decades of forensic experience, this expert has developed the ability to analyze and understand complex machinery and systems. This expert has testified in a variety of litigation settings including patent litigation cases and has addressed matters of invalidity including both anticipation and obviousness, as well as issues of infringement. This expert holds Ph.D. and M.Eng degrees in Electric Power Engineering and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.

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