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Interest rates expert witness candidates typically have expertise in banking, financial institutions, accounting, corporate finance, and economics. The chosen expert witness may be published in related financial topics such as banking regulations, commercial banks or financial risk, and should be familiar with federal rule relating to interest rates. An interest rate expert witness also carries the responsibility of professional conduct and expert testimony before the court in a manner whereby lay people can understand the litigation issues and expert evidence.

Litigation support by an interest rates expert witness could represent either the plaintiff or defendant, and work could include case review, arbitration, expert opinion, an expert report, deposition testimony, and/or courtroom testimony. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, counsel may request an interest rates subject matter expert with prior expert witness testimony experience. In addition, clients may seek an investment consultant or banking expert for pre-litigation consulting services. Cahn Litigation Services is the expert witness placement service provider of choice by law firm clients to locate an expert witness that can support financial services matters, including those involving interest rates, predatory lenders, economic damages, and interest rate swap transactions.

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Interest Rates Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Interest Rates experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Interest Rates landscape.

Expert Witness #262152

This expert has many years of finance, capital markets, and expert testimony experience serving law firms, banks, hedge funds and real estate operating companies. This expert has spoken before the Federal Reserve and is a widely published authority and featured speaker at industry conferences. This expert served as an expert witness in an interest rates cramdown matter and is familiar with Bloomberg terminal / screens for various transactions.

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Expert Witness #262168

This expert received a Ph.D. in Economics. This expert has been part of the adjunct faculty at two universities. This expert is well published (including articles on interest rate swaps) and is a frequent contributor to industry and academic conferences. This expert is very familiar with Bloomberg software and the corresponding screens for interest rate swap transactions. This expert has been an expert witness in nine different matters.

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Expert Witness #262128

This expert specializes in derivatives, structured finance/securitization, finance and securities matters. This expert's experience includes asset-backed securities (ABS) of various types, collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), mortgage-backed securities (MBS), collateralized debt obligations (CDOs), credit default swaps (CDS), interest rate swaps, credit-linked notes (CLNs), repurchase ("repo") agreements and securities fraud.

As a transactional attorney this expert has been an Associate, Special Counsel or Partner at several of the leading transactional law firms in the United States. As an expert witness and/or consultant, this expert has worked with many of the leading litigation firms, and leading litigation departments of full-service firms, in the country.

This expert has drafted, reviewed and negotiated 100s of interest rate swap agreements. At one time this expert was the main swaps attorney for a firm, which at the time was the leading swaps dealer in the world. As legal representative to the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) this expert was heavily involved in the drafting and negotiation of the Master Agreement forms that are still used throughout the swaps industry. This expert has served as an expert witness and consultant in a number of cases involving interest rate swaps.

This expert is often called upon to participate in or moderate various seminars.

This expert served as Chairman of the Structured Finance Committee of a State Bar Association. This expert is listed on American Arbitration Association's roster of arbitrators.

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Expert Witness #233053

This expert received a BS and D. SC. and has taught finance at multiple universities. This expert has access to Bloomberg terminal screens past and present and is very familiar with their content and setup. This expert is a noted rate-swaps and derivatives expert, recently serving as an expert witness in interest rate swap matters and consulting in swaps transactions and in other derivative markets. This expert formerly served on a research staff, providing economic data to ivy league-member business schools. As a commodity trading advisor, this expert managed a multi-million-dollar funds association.

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