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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Instructions for Use experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Instructions for Use landscape.

Expert Witness #124247

This expert is a consultant to national and international corporations in the areas of product development, manufacturing, packaging, warnings and instructions. This expert has consulted on more than five thousand matters involving human factors, safety, personal injury and product liability. A licensed P. E. with a specialty in Safety Engineering and Design, this expert has many years of experience consulting to insurance companies, municipalities, government agencies and the legal profession. In addition to participating in numerous product liability cases, this expert has authored and presented on the topic extensively. In addition, this expert holds a PhD in Chemistry, has many of experience in polymers and is the named inventor on numerous U.S. patents involving plastics that have been commercialized, including protective headgear and numerous household products. This expert's areas of specialty include new product development, human factors, OSHA, safety, voluntary standards, statutes, labeling, custom and practice, technology and cost in relationship to the hazards, and dangers and risks involved in the use and application of consumer products. An active member of the ASTM for years, this expert has been involved in the creation of the standards and testing involved with polymeric products. Directly involved with the safety and design analysis of consumer products, warnings and instructions, this expert has created and pioneered an innovative approach for evaluating the adequacy and communication effectiveness of the warning and instructional materials associated with any product. This expert has created and critiqued warnings and instructions for a large variety of products and standards used throughout the world. This expert is well published in the areas of plastics, safety engineering and design, and household and industrial product safety. In addition to participating in numerous product liability cases (testified 9 times, deposed 20+), this expert has authored and presented on the topic extensively.

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Expert Witness #258095

This expert is a Pharmacy Ethics and Compliance Officer. In this role this expert is responsible for designing and implementing the pharmacy compliance program in response to changing needs of the organization regarding legal and regulatory requirements. This expert advised clients on community pharmacy practice, regulatory compliance, medication safety initiatives and continuous quality improvement matters. Previously this expert directed patient safety activities in community/ambulatory practice. This expert was involved in conducting numerous on-site safety consults for national health care organizations and health care systems, as well as writing recommendations for safety improvements for these organizations.

At a University, this expert provides direct student instruction focused on practice-based community pharmacy. This expert teaches Preventing Medication Errors' to graduate students.

This expert has many years of experience in the retail/chain community pharmacy practice setting, as the Privacy Officer and Manager of Regulatory Affairs for a Pharmacy and as a pharmacist and Regional Pharmacy Manager.

This expert received a BS in Pharmacy and a master's degree in Patient Safety and Medication Risk Management and also received a Graduate Certificate in Patient Safety and Medication Use.

This expert has extensive experience as a litigation expert including both deposition and trial testimony.
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