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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Horizontal Drilling experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Horizontal Drilling landscape.

Expert Witness #244701

This expert is a Professional Engineer with experience in drilling and completions engineering and operations management, as well as proven expertise in optimizing well design, planning and operations for drilling. This expert has a solid track record of providing high level engineering design, operations management and substantial cost saving. Accomplished in drilling optimization, performance improvement and Technical Limit process, this expert has designed and constructed vertical, directional, and horizontal wells for oil and gas production and environmental remediation; as well as horizontal bores for pipeline installations and utility crossings. As a skilled team leader and mentor with strong ability to coach and motivate junior staff; prioritize and manage multiple concurrent activities meeting deadlines and financial objectives, this expert's proactive approach ensures job quality, workplace safety, regulatory compliance and environment protection. This expert has performed numerous analyses to determine the mechanisms that cause failures of drill bits, downhole tools, tubulars, rig structures, assemblies, components, and overall drilling systems. This expert has prior litigation experience, having written reports and been deposed, but has yet to have the pleasure of testifying in court.

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Expert Witness #250497

This expert is Vice President of Special Projects for a highly successful international consultancy. This expert has a BS in Petroleum Engineering, and many years of experience in the oil industry as a drilling and completion consultant. This expert has worked on high pressure gas wells, horizontal wells, geothermal wells, relief wells, injection wells, underbalanced drilling operations, blowouts and well control audits. This expert's experience includes planning, estimating costs, implementing the drilling and completion operations, and plug and abandonment. This expert has experience with forensic analysis of well problems. This expert also teaches industry training courses. This expert has conducted more than 100 courses in Drilling, Directional Drilling, Underbalanced Drilling and Well Control. This expert has conducted the courses as a PetroSkills instructor. This expert has also authored the book that is used in the training course, which details the equations used to make the directional drilling calculations and constructed Excel spreadsheets to make the same calculations. As a result, this expert is very familiar with the operations of the MWD in the field and how the information gets to the surface as well as the computer calculations and how they are used at the wellsite. This expert is the author of numerous technical papers on directional drilling applications and underbalanced drilling. This expert has worked as an expert witness. This expert has been deposed and testified in court.  

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Expert Witness #244692

This expert has many years' experience in Oil & Gas Operations, and is a recognized pioneer in horizontal, Managed Pressure Drilling, Underbalanced and Casing Drilling. This expert is a registered Professional engineer, holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and is presently President and CEO of an Oil and Gas consulting firm. This expert presents frequently at industry conferences, and consistently works for clients that are well-known in the industry.  

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Expert Witness #252259

This expert began a career in the oil industry working summers offshore on several production platforms as a roustabout, before earning both Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Petroleum Engineering.

This expert worked as a roughneck then joined a petroleum company as a Drilling Representative/Engineer and was involved in the design and well site supervision of drilling, completion and workover operations on over 200 wells, ranging in depths from 1,000' to over 17,000', in conventional, tight sand and shale reservoirs. This expert was the onsite operator representative overseeing operations performed by drilling, completion and workover rig companies and various subcontractors. This expert's drilling experience includes PDC, roller cone, RWD and bi-center bits, directional (including horizontal) wells, under reaming, coring, foams, fishing and multiple mud system experience. This expert's completion and workover experience includes acid and fracture stimulation, foam operations, sand control, remedial cementing, cased hole fishing, on both flowing and artificial lift wells (rod pump, gas lift, ESP). This expert also designed and supervised numerous thru-tubing workovers, coiled tubing stimulation and cementing operations. This expert was promoted to Area Engineer, responsible for the reservoir and production engineering. This expert was credited the most successful workover on a converted shut-in water injector, resulting in a 1,400 BOPD producing oil well.

This expert researched wellbore stresses using finite element modeling and graduated with a doctoral degree in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. This expert maintains an active practice in consulting, working in multiple basins in the United States, designing drilling, completion and workover programs.

This expert has taught graduate, undergraduate courses and industry seminars in Completions, Drilling and Workover Engineering. This expert has attended numerous industry schools, technical conferences and symposiums as part of continuing education.

This expert has 34 publications and three patents. This expert has presented at multiple workshops and conferences worldwide. This expert is a Principal in a highly respected consultancy, providing drilling, completion and workover consulting services, strategic planning, industry schools, intellectual property and expert witness services. This expert is a member of the SPE, AADE, ACS, ASME, AGU, Sigma Xi, Pi Epsilon Tau, and is a registered professional petroleum engineer.

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Expert Witness #266124

This expert is a veteran of the directional drilling and drilling technology industry, with very deep and broad experience with new technology development. This expert managed the development of drillstring modeling software for analyzing drilling torque, and drew the basic concept of the user interface for the software and then managed its development with programmers. This expert has technical expertise in directional drilling, rotary steerables, measurement/logging-while-drilling, formation evaluation, surface data logging, geosteering/horizontal drilling, extended reach drilling, managed pressure/underbalanced drilling and data acquisition. This expert has been responsible for new product definition for a range of downhole technologies involved in directional drilling and logging while drilling. This required deep investigation into existing products and patent research for freedom to operate. This expert worked closely with subject matter experts and mastered the nuances of the key features and distinctive benefits relative to competitors to be able to write the functional requirements documents that would define how the technologies would be developed. Only then could the product have a competitive advantage. As Global Product Champion, this expert routinely explained to industry experts the technical merits of this technology advancement over the conventional approach and process of directional drilling with a steerable motor.

Most of this expert’s career has been focused on market research, investigating cutting edge technologies, and creating business cases for development of those technologies to get them sanctioned for investment by senior management. For example, when a drilling services company was first-to-market with numerous technologies, beating main competitors, this expert researched patents to determine freedom to operate for technologies such as novel drilling concepts for rock destruction, automated directional drilling systems, and gyroscopic directional drilling guidance solutions. This expert has performed portfolio analysis, technology acquisition analysis, strategic corporate planning, business planning and market research in cutting-edge technologies. This expert was part of an industry consortium that attempted to create a digital twin for simulating the downhole drillstring motion while drilling. This expert has scripted and storyboarded 3-D animations for marketing purposes that visualize the directional drilling process; the skill set and expertise that is required to generate realistic and accurate 3-D animations that will be viewed by subject matter experts in directional drilling is exactly the same skill set that is required to produce a graphical user interface for monitoring the directional drilling process.

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