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Expert Witness #261601

These experts represent members of a software expert witness team that provides source code reviews and technical support for product liability, patent infringement, software copyright, and trade secrets theft litigation.

Services include:

-  Software source code discovery assistance
-  Source code review and analysis of related design documents
-  Run-time simulation and software analysis
-  Expert reports and depositions
-  Expert testimony at bench and jury trials

Known as leaders in electronics and software development for safe and secure technology, these expert witnesses are professional engineers, software developers, and academics who are up-to-date and knowledgeable in both the theoretical and the practical applications of best-in-class hardware and software design. Their software analysis teams are custom-staffed with professional software development experts to meet the technical needs of each case. Teams range from a single software expert witness assigned to provide services from discovery through testimony to multi-person teams led by a testifying expert for more complex technology. Teams are staffed with key topic experts who use the most effective and cost-efficient analysis methodologies. The software analysis process that these experts follow allows clients to receive the highest level of technical support and analysis quickly and cost-efficiently.

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