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Heavy equipment expert witness candidates are typically professional engineers with backgrounds in geotechnical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, construction equipment, and/or civil engineering. It is essential that an expert witness possess the ability to provide expert testimony in such a manner that a judge and jury can understand the technology and evidence.

A heavy equipment subject matter expert could provide expertise in intellectual property matters such as a patent litigation or trade secret dispute. A forensic engineer is skilled at proving (or disproving) intellectual property infringement or theft. An expert in heavy equipment might provide testimony in matters such as a product liability case, personal injury case, or accident investigation. In addition, clients may seek a heavy equipment specialist for pre-litigation consulting services. Expert witness services could include an expert report, forensic engineering, expert opinion, failure analysis, accident reconstruction and expert witness testimony in the courtroom. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, legal counsel may request a specialist with prior expert witness experience.

Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by law firms to locate an expert witness that can support issues involving heavy equipment, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant. Cahn Litigation Services has seen heavy equipment and heavy machinery matters involving diesel engines, gantry cranes, forklift technology, hydraulics, industrial hygiene, workplace safety, human factors, material handling equipment, construction safety, and machine design. When an expert witness is called for, Cahn Litigation Services will hone in on experts with precisely the right skillset and experience for the job at hand.

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Heavy Equipment Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Heavy Equipment experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Heavy Equipment landscape.

Expert Witness #245269

This expert has served as an independent consultant and expert witness in the Automotive engineering arena for many years. This expert's specific areas of focus are in Vehicle Powertrains, Vehicle Electronics, Throttle Controls, Shift Controls, and Braking Systems across primarily Passenger Vehicles, but also Heavy Duty Trucks, Off-Road Construction Vehicles, and Military Equipment. This expert's senior engineering positions allowed this expert to cross technology and product boundaries while performing field performance assessments, engine management system evaluations, and powertrain technical investigations. This expert is a member of the IEEE Standards Association and the Society of Automotive Engineers VEDI Standards Committee.

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Expert Witness #246339

This expert has specific experience in the automotive and trucking industry designing suspension components, including axels, beams, bushings and brakes. Besides being a Mechanical Engineer, this expert is also a Patent Agent, giving added insight into the world of patents. This expert has served as a consultant/expert in patent infringement cases involving pintle hitches, air suspension systems, air disc brake mechanisms, motorized scooter suspensions, rebar support bolsters, spinning rims (i.e., "wheel spinners"), and actuator devices found on vehicle transporters. This expert has a strong understanding of manufacturing processes including stamping, casting, forging and molding. This expert has been a Program Director for Mechanical Engineering Technology. This expert's earlier focus on Suspension Technology for heavy trucks gives this expert insight into heavy equipment and its requirements for retrofitted components.

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Expert Witness #248731

This expert is a managing director with a financial consultancy firm and an Accredited Senior Appraiser and Fellow (FASA) of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) (their highest designation), Business Valuation. This expert has provided testimony as to the value of the common stock of a scrap tire recycling company. Formerly Managing Director of a management consulting company, this expert founded its U.S. Valuation Services practice and managed the real estate appraisal practice.

This expert has directed valuations of businesses, interests in businesses, intellectual property, intangible assets, real property and machinery and equipment. This expert has testified in court as an expert witness on matters of solvency, the value of closely held businesses and business interests, valuation and amortization of intangible assets and other valuation issues. This expert's testimony in U.S. District Court was referenced in a U.S. Supreme Court opinion decided in the client's favor. This expert is co-author of several books, and has taught courses for the American Society of Appraisers.

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Expert Witness #250668

This expert's professional working career has been dedicated to the electrical and electronic connector industry. While the first part of this expert's work background related directly to the creation, design, testing, and manufacture of connectors, in recent years this expert's work has transitioned to supporting client companies by interpreting patent claims, assessing validity and infringement, evaluating related art, and testifying as expert witness in numerous IP litigations. This expert understands the machinery, equipment, materials, and processing requirements of plastic / insulating connector components such as connector pin spacers ("tine plate"), and is familiar with printed wiring boards, their manufacture and materials, and special limitations for their use. In particular, this expert understands the working relationship that exists between connectors and PWB's in terms of potential thermal mismatch, built-up mechanical stress, and the resulting behavior in terms of solder joint issues (cracked joints). This expert has participated with various law firms handling patent infringement litigation between parties, and served as expert witness both in cases before the USPTO as well as in litigation ensuing in various Federal district courts around the country. A recent case involved a complaint brought before the ITC wherein this expert was active in preparing documents and testimony for trial. This expert's experience includes direct involvement in various industrial equipment, appliances, medical devices, consumer products, automotive, heavy equipment, power tool, and computer products and industry practices, to name a few areas. This expert is both disciplined in the application of legal guidelines when interpreting patent claims, and creative when supporting client litigation strategies. As an experienced professional, this expert communicates well in both oral and written form, relates sometimes complicated technical aspects in clear, straightforward language, and is adept at working with attorneys, technologists, associate experts, and is competent in more formal (deposition and trial) situations.

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Expert Witness #251543

This expert is internationally recognized in utility system operations, reliability improvement, system planning, smart grid, risk assessment, and economic analysis. Specializing in infrastructure asset management, power delivery system planning, smart grid, system automation, distributed energy resources, risk assessment, and economic analysis, this expert has held executive positions at major players in the industry. As part of this expert's responsibilities this expert has developed power system computer applications, transmission projects, and is well versed in economic dispatch, unit commitment, and optimal power flow. This expert has also developed a commercial production simulation software package. This expert has published more than 90 technical papers, and is author of books on electric power distribution and utility engineers. Additionally, this expert has developed several generations of distribution system reliability assessment software tools, and has helped a large number of utilities to develop cost-justified reliability improvement plans. This expert is a Fellow of the IEEE and a registered professional engineer. This expert has extensive expert witness support on the regulatory side including pre-filed testimony and commission hearings in 7 states. This expert has also served as an expert witness in about a dozen civil cases. In terms of patent matters, this expert was the expert for a plaintiff with two patents related to real-time power system software that included analysis and network control functions. For this matter this expert produced three expert reports, did a code review of the infringing software, and testified at trial. This expert also testified at a subsequent injunction hearing. This expert is supporting a client defending an infringement claim related to power system control devices with local intelligence, filing a report arguing for invalidity in an IPR with the Patent Office, and supporting them in the early stages of civil litigation.  

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Expert Witness #254280

This expert has been a drive systems engineer, specializing in gear technology, for many years and has been deeply involved in the development of gear technology and active in national and international standards writing. This expert has designed gearing for fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft propulsion and actuation, and turbo-machinery. Failure analysis and problem solving for problematic gearing components is a large part of this expert's overall expertise in gearing systems. This expert has been involved in all aspects of gear technology including materials and metallurgy, heat treatment, manufacturing processing and inspection, lubrication, stress analysis, rotor-dynamics and testing. This expert has performed failure investigations on gearing in mass transit vehicles, commercial and military aircraft; military and commercial ship propulsion, bridge machinery, cranes and hoists; industrial and power generation machinery; missile systems; and space based gear systems. This expert's experience in the inspection of various types of drive systems is extensive. This expert's experience includes shop testing and inspection of parallel shaft and planetary speed reducers. Field-testing and life expectancy studies of gearing components are also part of this expert's extensive experience in gearing technology. This expert has capability and experience in developing gear quality specifications and procedures for drive system applications ranging from aerospace actuators and missile systems to mining equipment and heavy movable structures. This includes material requirements and conformance, gear geometry and component dimensional accuracy and system performance. Services include evaluation of testing and measurement procedures, and evaluation of test and measurement results. This expert has provided consulting and forensic engineering services to the legal profession on numerous occasions and has served as an expert witness in litigation with claims over 20 million dollars. This expert has provided deposition testimony.

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Expert Witness #256969

This expert has focused a consulting, engineering and design practice on towing and trailering equipment, heavy equipment, mobile equipment, and oil/gas drilling equipment, much of which is hitch mounted. This expert has analyzed and performed testing on multiple trailer auxiliary connections (safety chains/cables) and has researched federal, state, and SAE standards for trailer auxiliary connections. This expert is a member of the NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) and NATDA (North American Trailer Dealers Association. This expert is responsible for ground up designs of 5th wheel style trailers and has performed structural analyses on small and large flatbed trailers and enclosed utility trailers (bumper pull and gooseneck). This expert has also designed mounting platers, and various hitch-mounted products.

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Expert Witness #209093

This expert brings many years of experience in Computer Science, eCommerce, and Telecommunications. This expert specializes in Natural Language Speech Recognition, with transcription and bi-directional translation, speech recognition servers using standardized speech and command protocols. This expert performed multiple code reviews on Android and IOS Operating system and mobile applications. This expert has been a testifying expert for over 60 cases, IPRs, and Patent Litigation cases including Telecommunication and Speech Recognition providing infringement, invalidity, deposition and trial testimony. This includes testifying in a patent suit for a mobile transaction authorization system using biometric/voice authentication where the judge found for this expert’s client and cited this expert on all points of contention in the case.

Professional Experience

Designed and developed early CTIs (Computer Telephony Interfaces) that implemented early speech recognition.

Designed and Implemented Call Center systems with Voice Recognition using Speech Recognition servers using standard speech protocols and command interfaces. Systems developed include multi-platform support for natural language, command based, and menu-based speech recognition.

Designed and developed Contact Center system including implementation of Natural Language speech recognition using targeted phrase recognition, speech transcription, and industry specific speech applications.

Technology consulting in the area of mobile applications and mobile speech capture for local and remote speech recognition and authentication.

Case Experience

Patent litigation – Testifying expert on speech transcription and bi-directional translation systems for the deaf and hearing impaired, using both local and remote speech recognition using standard and mobile phone communications.


Testifying expert for Call Center IVRs for correctional institutions providing speaker recognition, speaker identification, and automated conversation monitoring to provide visual markers and tags for identifying and reviewing targeted speech segments.

Patent litigation – Testifying expert on audio/speech sampling via mobile microphone and standard protocol transmission of speech samples Includes compressing of audio signals for thumb-print transmission for automatic content recognition (ACR systems). Android code review.

Patent Litigation
Testifying expert in Natural Language command parsing and recognition. System converted voice commands into a Command Line Interface using XML command and parameter sequences.

Patent Litigation for defendant. Provided expertise in telephony-based speech recognition, structured speech input, and call relay to operator assisted speech to text translation using ‘whisper mode’.

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