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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Furnaces experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Furnaces landscape.

Expert Witness #251476

This expert's Ph.D. was in synthetic main group inorganic chemistry that involved the preparation of a wide variety of organic and inorganic compounds. Many of the novel compounds this expert synthesized required recrystallization as purification steps and to grow single crystals suitable for x-ray diffraction used to determine the structure. This expert has a strong background in the behavior of chemical species in solutions such as those used in the cyclic production of taurine. From the process chemistry side, this expert assisted an industrial client in the production of a new fire retardant that this expert helped develop. This was implemented in their manufacturing process used for a building material that required a precise amount of retardant added to pass fire resistance tests. In the years before consulting, this expert was a research scientist at an aerospace company that synthesized inorganic compounds on an industrial scale that were ultimately used to fabricate high temperature metal and ceramic components used in rocket engines. One major responsibility was to develop and implement a process to recycle scrap rhenium, a very rare and expensive metal used for these extreme environments, from acid solutions that were used to etch excess rhenium from vacuum chambers and furnaces. This expert has been consulting in technical litigation matters for many years. One of the matters for which this expert has been deposed was a patent infringement case involving a pharmaceutical. This expert has assisted on two other matters and has one active case involving intellectual property disputes.

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Expert Witness #251370

This expert holds a PhD in Materials Engineering and serves as a Senior Engineer for a highly sought-after technical consultancy. Specializing in physical and process metallurgy, quality control systems and manufacturing processes, this expert's doctoral dissertation examined combustion processes in an electric arc furnace (EAF) as well as steel oxidation at elevated temperatures. As process metallurgy manager at a steel company, this expert was a member of a capital investment committee that, in addition to other projects, investigated the feasibility of oxygen injection in the EAF. While there, EQS had a 50tonne eccentric bottom tap (EBT) EAF as well as two ladle furnaces, a vacuum degassing unit and calcium injection system. EQS produced ingots (from 10" diameter to 52" diameter) used by the forging industry of carbon and alloy steel, including tool steels and ferritic/martensitic stainless steels. As process metallurgy manager this expert was responsible for understanding and controlling 2513g the melting, refining and casting processes. Some of this expert's additional responsibilities included developing energy balance for the EAF, the control of slag chemistry with respect to slag foaming and carbon, recovery of alloying elements from different scrap sources and the development of materials database to link product defects with specific steelmaking processes. In addition to deposition testimonies, this expert manages projects and provides litigation support (including review and analysis of documents, indexing depositions, preparation of cross examination questions, preparation of direct testimony, technical research) for colleagues. These have included several multimillion dollar arbitration and litigation matters.

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