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Flash memory expert witness candidates typically have an advanced degree and extensive experience in electrical engineering, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, and/or circuit design. A flash memory expert witness must have a deep understanding not only of the technology, but also of the semiconductor industry, market share and the developing technologies of the industry’s leading players. While many flash memory device consultants have forensic engineering expertise, an expert witness carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court, in a manner whereby lay people (the judge and jurors) can understand the technical evidence.

A popular non volatile memory, flash memory is broken down into two main types: NOR flash memory and NAND flash memory (named after their associated logic gates). Basic information on semiconductor memory technology and semiconductor manufacturing is available through a chip market report from an industry analysis provider. But a flash memory expert witness must have a deeper understanding of the chip market, its history, the progression of the technology and often an understanding of which competitors were working on various designs at different points of time during the initial development stage.

An expert witness in the semiconductor memory field will typically provide his or her expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent infringement case, trade secret matter, an Inter Partes Review (IPR) in the PTAB (where the only expert testimony is through a deposition), or a proceeding in the International Trade Commission (ITC). Less frequently, a flash memory expert might provide testimony in a torts matter like a product liability case involving the failure analysis of a consumer electronics or medical device. Litigation support activities could include reverse engineering, research, an expert report, expert opinion, deposition testimony, and/or courtroom testimony. Clients may also seek an experienced flash memory technology specialist for pre-litigation expert consultant work. Cahn Litigation Services has completed numerous searches for an expert witness in the semiconductor space, providing candidates for each case to the specifications provided by the attorney in charge. Whether it’s for a flash memory patent case or for pre-litigation reverse engineering, Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn the search around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony to get the job done.

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Flash Memory experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Flash Memory landscape.

Expert Witness #226781

This expert is the principal of a successful storage consulting firm with extensive experience in all aspects of storage technology, interfaces, backup and restore products and file systems. Among this expert's areas of specialty are flash memory (memory cards, solid state disks, flash drives), optical storage (CD, DVD, WORM, Magneto-Optical), Magnetic Storage (hard disk, floppy disk, tape), RAID/Disk Arrays, cloud storage, PCMCIA and Storage Area Networks (SAN). This expert has participated in over fifty conferences and events as speaker, session chair and conference chair. Drawing on many years of experience in the storage industry and many years of experience as a computer engineer, this expert has been retained as an expert witness and/or expert consultant in nearly one hundred engagements involving patent, trade secret, copyright and patent portfolio reviews. Cases have involved technology in the storage, IC CAD, software and hardware industries. This expert has written expert reports, been deposed and has provided courtroom testimony at trial. Flash memory firmware and drivers were at issue in one case, and flash memory card reader circuitry was at issue in another for which he provided the critical trial testimony.

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Expert Witness #226772

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and is President and Principal Consultant for a leading computer memory consulting firm providing technical, management and intellectual property consulting services. This expert is widely recognized as one of the industry's foremost authorities on flash, cache and memory system design and DRAM architecture. An independent consultant, this expert has consulted to over 90 semiconductor and computer system vendors, venture capitalists, and legal firms. This expert has a great deal of knowledge and experience with flash memory and the patent process as a patent agent, and has granted and pending U.S. patents, some involving this technology. This expert has written on a variety of topics surrounding semiconductor and flash memory for a broad spectrum of trade magazines and academic journals. As one of the leading independent analysts of the semiconductor memory industry, this expert wrote and substantially revised an 850-page research report on DRAM technologies. This expert has taught and presented tutorials to both technical and non-technical audiences on subjects including semiconductor memory architecture and memory hierarchy design. In particular, this expert has presented over fifty full- and partial-day seminars on these topics to over 2,500 managers, engineers, marketers and analysts. In addition to serving on the advisory boards of high-technology start-ups, advising on processor, DRAM and Flash memory trends, this expert has been engaged in over fifty litigation support consultancies. This expert has been engaged as an expert in over 50 matters (some dealing with flash memory systems) writing expert reports, giving deposition testimony as testimony before the ITC and in court. Additionally, this expert has substantial experience with IPRs. One in particular involved 16 separate petitions, 6 of which this expert was the lead drafter of the POPR.

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Expert Witness #249894

This expert brings to the table many years working experience in electronics/firmware product development of various and diversified technologies. This expert is intimately familiar with PCMCIA card technology, having designed with this technology numerous times requiring this expert to be familiar with all aspects of operation (timing, DC/AC characteristics, etc.). This expert designed a unique memory card based headphone for a client which won an Engineering Innovation Award. This expert has managed and implemented the invention technologies yielding numerous patents in consumer, industrial, medical, and military products. This expert designed all circuit hardware containing microcontroller, FLASH memory, SRAM, D/A and A/D converters, instrumentation amplifiers, custom power supply to medical isolation specification levels. This includes high speed FLASH memory, SRAM and both serial and parallel I/O interfaces for Clinical Diagnostic Products. This expert has also designed Telecomm Security Devices for National Defense Centers utilizing DRAM DIMMS, FLASH SIMMS, Battery Backed SRAM, PCMCIA, USB, Fast Ethernet, and high speed Enhanced Serial Communications Controllers performing Timing Analysis and Verification under Chronology Timing Designer. This expert has prior litigation experience including deposition.

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Expert Witness #249889

This expert is a storage industry expert and veteran with many years of experience in this space. This expert was most recently a corporate officer at a company which offers the industry's broadest portfolio of silicon-to-semiconductor solutions--starting with foundational DRAM, NAND, and NOR Flash memory, and extending to SSDs, modules, MCPs, HMCs, 3D Point, and other semiconductor systems. There this expert held the role of VP & Chief Strategist NAND Solutions Group where this expert was in charge of strategy and product portfolio for the segment. Prior he served with a company as VP & GM Enterprise Storage and also served as VP, & Chief Memory Systems Architect with the company. This expert joined the company after another semiconductor company where he served as Chief Technology Officer. Before this, this expert had a variety of roles in the Flash memory group at a major semiconductor company, and then was appointed its Chief Technology Officer. This expert earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer engineering. This expert has many years of experience in semiconductor memories, holds multiple patents, and is a frequent keynote speaker at memory conferences.

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Expert Witness #243989

This expert brings to the table many years of experience in a variety of technologies such as Semiconductor Memory (ROM, SRAM, DRAM, Flash/EEPROM/EPROM), internal driver circuits, micro-controllers, programmable logic, high-speed communications, sub-systems/modules, solid state storage and renewable energy technologies as a technologist, serial entrepreneur, seasoned executive, and as a team builder. This expert has successfully built teams from the ground-up and has managed teams spread over continents. This expert is a creative engineer awarded with 11 US patents and is a recognized Technical Expert in IP litigation including areas such as IC memories, logic circuits, driver circuits, controllers, flash memory cards/modules, etc. This expert has worked with leading IP law firms, multi-national companies and patent holding firms. In addition to Expert Witness experience at US District Court, ITC and the PTAB, this expert has also worked as a Technical Expert for a US District Court judge.

At a major semiconductor company, this expert had P & L responsibility for the NV Memory product line and managed approximately 100 professionals spread over two locations. This expert was also in charge of managing a Flash memory technology alliance. This expert brings many years of experience managing collaborations with international partners, can communicate in six languages and has the experience of working with top level executives in US and international companies.

This expert has been an Adjunct Faculty at a Graduate School of Engineering and taught full day courses at the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

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Expert Witness #225861

This expert is an internationally recognized expert in the field of high-speed communication and computing, and the development of semiconductor devices. While primarily known for work in developing cellular communications, this expert founded and ran three semiconductor companies. This expert is intimately familiar with controlling and interfacing memories such as FLASH EEPROM, DRAM, and SRAM. In these companies, this expert designed and built many system-on-chip devices, which required memories to be embedded or externally interfaced with many different types of bus standards. This expert has designed and incorporated into chip designs, memory controllers, bus controllers, as well as the memory modules of various types and sizes. In addition, this expert has also designed memory cells (DRAM and FLASH EEPROM) as part of vertical floating memory structures to be embedded in the system-on-chip devices. This expert has developed and implemented a number of semiconductor integrated circuit chips. These integrated circuit chips include switch fabrics, processors, high speed interfaces, protocol transposers, controllers, and memory cells and arrays. This expert is an active member of IEEE. This expert has been an organizer for several international symposiums, a guest editor of international journals, and has given a number of invited talks. This expert holds several U.S. patents.

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Expert Witness #244402

This expert is an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at a State University and the director of its Non-volatile Systems Laboratory. This expert's research interests include the systems, architecture, security, and reliability issues surrounding non-volatile memories. This expert also co-leads projects to develop low-power co-processors for irregular, mobile applications (e.g., Android Apps) and to devise software techniques for using multiple processors to speed up single-threaded computations. In previous lives this expert has also worked on scalable dataflow architectures, ubiquitous computing, and simultaneous multithreading. This expert's PhD thesis described the first scalable dataflow architecture designed for deep-submicron process technologies. This expert's research group frequently builds storage systems that incorporate flash and other memory technologies. This includes designing, implementing, and interfacing with custom-designed circuit boards and memory controllers (which communicate via data buses). This expert's group has also built several systems for the express purpose of interfacing with and testing flash chips, including their performance and reliability in transferring data over a memory bus. This expert has previous litigation experience.

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Expert Witness #248798

This expert is an Independent Consultant, as well as an Associate Professor of Engineering. This expert has teaching, research, and litigation experience in areas including Memory technologies: DDR2/DDR3/DDR4 DRAM, SRAM, Flash, memristors. As part of academic responsibilities, DDRx memory controllers are the final project for the students. In this same class, students are taught JEDEC standards including DDR4. This expert worked on a litigation matter that involved detailed work on DDR and JEDEC. This expert has presented at industry conferences and is well published, including many memory related publications, such as papers on DRAMs / DDR technologies.

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (minor in Computer Science), and an MSCENG in Computer Engineering. This expert is a named inventor on three patents. This expert has given deposition testimony and worked on many litigation matters.

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Expert Witness #263714

This expert holds an MS in Engineering and serves as President and CTO for a highly sought-after consultancy. This expert specializes in Electronic Imaging Systems, Electronic & Wireless Transfer Systems, Hardware & Software Development, and Product Development & Enhancements.

This expert is very familiar with the systems used for the capture and transfer of video/images and their wireless transfer. This expert served in several technical and management roles for a public company including Research Scientist, Chief Engineer, and Program Manager all dealing with digital imaging and Advanced Digital Camera operations. As such, this expert was hands-on with efforts regarding:

-  defining, and performing R&D projects focused on hybrid imaging systems
-  the design and programming of DSP-based image processing solutions requiring multiple DSPs
-  leading a team of engineers that developed a USB digital video camera. This video camera was capable of streaming video at one (lower) resolution, while also supporting the transfer of a second (higher) resolution image under the control of the host computer. This expert has several patents as a result of the development of this product. This expert later led a digital camera advanced development group that deployed numerous new product features including simultaneous (low res) video preview, compression and (hi res) capture to flash memory storage.

Additionally, this expert has the hardware and software expertise to work with a legal team to devise and direct reverse engineering experiments and efforts directed to assessment of infringement. This expert is also familiar with the patent process, claims language and patents generally.

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Expert Witness #226811

This expert holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and has considerable experience designing integrated circuits with various bus interfaces (including serial buses such as PCI and PCIe) used in computer systems. This expert has directed ASIC design engineers and programmable FPGAs with a variety of bus interfaces. As a technical leader in the IC industry, this expert published many technical papers and organized IEEE conferences. This expert has also taught IC design approaches. This expert has provided expert testimony and background information on numerous patent litigation cases. Much of this expert's testimony has involved FLASH/DRAM memory structure and their bus interface to system controllers. Some of these cases have required identifying bus protocols in RTL design specifications used in the ICs. This expert's experience with hardware-level IC design languages helped to create an EDA company that offered a software product that synthesized Verilog RTL code from "C" level programming code. This expert's numerous expert reports and depositions in patent litigation cases have resulted in favorable settlements, and this expert has testified in court on several breach of contract cases. This expert has acquired extensive prior art documents and products over years in the industry which have been used to defend patent infringement cases. This expert has also provided technical background at the patent office during Re-Examination reviews and at court tutorials.

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