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Face detection expert witness candidates typically have expertise in computer science, software engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, face recognition, and/or machine learning. In addition to expertise, a face detection expert witness should feel comfortable explaining forensic evidence or technology to a judge and jury.

Face detection is an artificial intelligence-based computer technology that can identify faces in digital images. Face detection technology uses machine learning and algorithm sets to detect faces within images that also contain many other objects that aren’t a facial image. Face detection technology is a component of facial recognition systems. Face detection refers to a system that can identify that a human face is present in an image or video, whereas facial recognition technology uses biometric data to analyze facial features and attempt to confirm an individual’s identification.

In addition to face recognition, face detection technology is used for other applications such as auto focus for cameras, and counting the number of people that have entered a particular area. A face detection system can also be used to calculate race, gender, and age range of faces, and this type of data is being used more and more for marketing purposes.

Face detection matters that require technical expertise typically involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement or trade secret misappropriation. Face detection can also be used to aid law enforcement agencies in a criminal investigation. Litigation support by a face detection expert witness could include image analysis, expert opinion, depositions, and expert testimony in the courtroom. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a technical expert with prior expert witness experience. In addition, clients often seek a face detection or facial recognition subject matter expert for pre-litigation consulting work. Leading litigation firms call on Cahn Litigation Services to locate expert witnesses that can support face detection matters. The firm has an earned reputation for providing experts with the right balance of expertise and testimony experience for each unique project.

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