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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Equipment Failure experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Equipment Failure landscape.

Expert Witness #253537

This expert has extensive prior litigation experience that includes consumer product forensic engineering, written reports and a significant amount of deposition/courtroom testimony. During this expert's years of Forensic Engineering, this expert has investigated over a thousand losses many of which have involved refrigerators, refrigerator components, refrigeration equipment, and numerous refrigerator failures/failure modes. This expert has represented both plaintiffs and defendants, including manufacturers, sellers and service providers. This expert has also investigated losses and performed failure analysis for various companies/manufacturers directly.

This expert brings to the table many years of industry experience in concept development and testing through commercialization and field support. As Chief Engineer for a beverage company, this expert was responsible for the design, development, testing, manufacturing, failure analysis, commercialization and field support for a new line of cold beverages from visual to high volume, soft serve, real ice cream, and a vending machine as well as existing equipment. This expert is highly familiar with refrigerator/freezers with multiple compartment temperature control.

This expert has been awarded 23 US Patents with others pending.

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Expert Witness #214975

This expert is the founder and CEO of a highly successful consultancy specializing in plastics. This expert has spent many years in the Plastics Industry as a leading authority on plastic and composite part failure. This expert worked for a plastics product manufacturer as a leading Principal Scientist. This expert is a world-renowned scientist and author as evidenced by many awards. This expert is a member of ASM International (a society of Material Scientists), the American Chemical Society Polymer Chemistry and Polymeric Materials Divisions, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, the National Association of Subrogation Professionals, the Society of Fire Protection Engineers, the Failure Analysis Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers, the Institute of Packaging Professionals, and the Society of Automotive Engineers. This expert has provided expert services in over 150 litigations involving plastics and composites. This expert is one of the top plastic failure experts in the world having analyzed hundreds of plastic and composite parts including, pipes, food packages, bottles, tanks, latches, toys, medical devices, exercise equipment, automotive parts, pulleys, chairs, and stools. This expert has authored >100 scientific papers, >60 US Patents, a book, and several encyclopedia articles on chemicals and plastics.


  • Forensic analysis/testing of plastic and composite parts
  • Manufacturing processes for plastic bottles including extrusion blow-molding, injection blow-molding, and stretch
  • Blow-molding
  • Root cause analysis of CPVC fire suppression system failures
  • Exercise equipment failure
  • Plastic piping products including ABS, PVC, CPVC, PEX, PP, PVDC, and HDPE
  • Additives for plastics including antioxidants and UV stabilizers
  • Design of plastic parts to meet the requirements of the application
  • Fracture mechanics of plastic materials and composites
  • Chemical resistance/degradation of plastics and elastomers
  • Discoloration and loss of clarity of plastics
  • Plastic part and package design and stress analysis
  • Polymer blends and compounding
  • Polyolefin based resins and applications
  • Additives for improved adhesion in polymer blends and composites
  • Chemicals and Plastics R&D
  • Monomer stabilization and polymerization
  • Molding and extrusion of plastics including foams and films
  • UV, thermal, and environmental degradation of chemicals and plastics
  • Plastic flammability and plastic flame retardant formulations
  • Migration of chemicals and additives from plastics
  • Chemicals and plastics for medical use
  • Composite and nanocomposite materials including carbon fiber composites
  • Permeability (vapors and odors) of plastics
  • Plastics used in medical applications
  • Abrasion resistance of plastics and elastomers
  • Material Selection (choosing the right plastic for the application)

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Expert Witness #254280

This expert has been a drive systems engineer, specializing in gear technology, for many years and has been deeply involved in the development of gear technology and active in national and international standards writing. This expert has designed gearing for fixed wing aircraft and rotorcraft propulsion and actuation, and turbo-machinery. Failure analysis and problem solving for problematic gearing components is a large part of this expert's overall expertise in gearing systems. This expert has been involved in all aspects of gear technology including materials and metallurgy, heat treatment, manufacturing processing and inspection, lubrication, stress analysis, rotor-dynamics and testing. This expert has performed failure investigations on gearing in mass transit vehicles, commercial and military aircraft; military and commercial ship propulsion, bridge machinery, cranes and hoists; industrial and power generation machinery; missile systems; and space based gear systems. This expert's experience in the inspection of various types of drive systems is extensive. This expert's experience includes shop testing and inspection of parallel shaft and planetary speed reducers. Field-testing and life expectancy studies of gearing components are also part of this expert's extensive experience in gearing technology. This expert has capability and experience in developing gear quality specifications and procedures for drive system applications ranging from aerospace actuators and missile systems to mining equipment and heavy movable structures. This includes material requirements and conformance, gear geometry and component dimensional accuracy and system performance. Services include evaluation of testing and measurement procedures, and evaluation of test and measurement results. This expert has provided consulting and forensic engineering services to the legal profession on numerous occasions and has served as an expert witness in litigation with claims over 20 million dollars. This expert has provided deposition testimony.

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Expert Witness #231361

This expert is a licensed professional engineer and expert witness who holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. This expert has many years of professional experience in mechanical engineering, consumer product design, research and development, forensic investigation and litigation support. Additionally, this expert holds over twenty patents.

Prior to focusing on work as a forensic mechanical engineer and serving as an expert witness, this expert led an accomplished engineering career designing and developing innovative mechanical components and high-pressure equipment and conducting failure analyses over a broad variety of situations, most of which led to patents. This included designing and developing high-volume machined metal and injection-molded plastic parts, low-pressure seals, springs and stampings as well as manufacturing processes for composites, plastics and adhesive bonding. Working in research and development for major corporations in the aeronautical, petroleum, fluid power and automotive industries, as well as serving for over a decade as a forensic expert witness, this expert draws on a comprehensive background of diverse engineering experience to assist clients with cases involving evaluations of consumer products and commercial, industrial and agricultural equipment for products liability issues and patent disputes, including significant deposition and courtroom testimony experience.

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Expert Witness #250466

This expert is an old school veteran of the Oil and Gas industry with many years' experience. This expert directed a team of research and development professionals to perfect a drilling measurement device. This expert holds two drilling-related patents and has experience as an expert witness, writing reports and testifying. This expert has extensive knowledge of rigs, drilling, engineering, oil spills, and failure analysis. This expert's expertise stretches across a wide range of equipment in nearly every application and in nearly every drilling environment.

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Expert Witness #249424

This expert brings to the table many years of experience with Commercial and Industrial HVAC Systems, Commercial and Industrial Electrical Equipment and Systems, Power Systems, HVAC Controls, Refrigeration, Process Cooling, Temporary Power, and Chilled Water. This includes Operations and Maintenance, Facility Management, Preventive Maintenance, and Non-destructive diagnostics (Eddy Current Analysis, Thermographic Imaging, Radiography, Real-time radiography, Vibration Analysis, Oil Trend Analysis, Laser Alignment, Frequency and Harmonics Analysis, and Voltage and Current Analysis). This expert has extensive experience with Data Centers. This expert performed HVAC, Controls, Electrical, and Fire & Security systems service for data centers all over the world including several data centers for a bank. As Principal for an industrial building systems and forensic engineering consultancy, this expert understands how building systems age and how to keep them operating safely, effectively, and efficiently 20 or 30 years after they are built. This expert provides Forensic Engineering, Failure Analysis, and Expert Witness services to large Commercial and Industrial Property owners, Insurance Carriers, and Attorneys.

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Expert Witness #261696

This expert is an Associate and scientific consultant, providing opinions and expert witness services on matters involving medical devices, medical equipment, and medical procedures. This expert is a biomedical engineer with many years of experience in academia and the medical device industry. This expert obtained an Aerospace Engineering degree followed by Engineering Mechanics Master of Science degree as well as a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, specializing in biomechanics. This expert has been involved in the research and design of implantable medical products and surgical instruments and tools (extensively utilized computational methods for failure analysis and drafting applications such as SolidWorks), the management of pre-clinical studies, and worked along numerous surgeons conducting experimental surgeries for research and product development. This expert serves on The International Technical Committee in The Medical and Surgical Materials and Devices field.

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Expert Witness #218103

This expert holds a PhD and MS in Mechanical Engineering, and is a Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer. This expert is an ASME Fellow and an IEEE Senior Member. This expert is also a member of ASM International (the Materials Information Society), the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) and the IEEE Vehicular Technology Society (IEEE-VTS). This expert has unique multi-disciplinary experience in devices with electronic, mechanical, and thermal issues.

This expert has direct experience with investigations involving various aspects of airbag technology. This experience includes airbag inflators and the propellant that produces the gas to inflate the airbag. It also includes finite element simulations for products like airbags to investigate issues such as folding, venting, inflation dynamics and occupant interaction. This expert is also familiar with interaction with occupants (also out-of-position and small occupants) and associated issues. At its heart, an airbag is a very thin fabric membrane, folded, rapidly inflated, has special venting, etc. Thin shells and membranes for many different applications are strong areas for this expert.

This expert has testified in both trial and deposition for patent cases and other types of litigation. This expert has authored numerous expert reports, filed 8 IPR Declarations, multiple patent depositions and testified in 3 product trials and a patent trial. This expert has many years of consulting and expert witness experience including patents, design, regulatory, and failure/reliability issues of a variety of vehicular and other products covering a wide range of equipment and systems.

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