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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Energy Economics experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Energy Economics landscape.

Expert Witness #236398

This expert is President and founder of highly sought-after energy strategies consultancy. This expert has many years of experience and provides a multi-disciplinary approach to each consulting engagement. This expert received a PhD in Managerial Economics, an MBA in Marketing and BSEE & MSEE degrees in Power Systems. This expert is a Professional Engineer and Senior Life Member of IEEE. This expert is an author of numerous papers and journals, and a frequent speaker at professional conferences. This expert was also an Adjunct Professor. This expert has led in the development of risk management best practices as they relate to energy portfolio management, counterparty credit risk and long-term purchase power (PPA) agreement review. This expert supported the development and implementation of comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management programs, where he also serves as the Chief Risk Officer. This expert has also been actively involved in the development and continuous improvement of competitive wholesale electric markets.

Areas of Specialization:

Enterprise risk management, risk and uncertainty analysis, strategic planning, executive management consulting, regulatory economics, energy planning and forecasting, prudence review, management audits and assessment, wholesale market practices and procedures, energy trading and power contract management, counterparty credit risk assessment, merger and acquisition analysis, and emerging energy technology market valuation.

ISO Wholesale Market Experience:

-  Performed a comprehensive risk management review with a focus on operations management, IT platform development, bench testing and reliability analysis. Also supported the development of the organization's enterprise risk management program.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on market integration, transmission planning and distributed generation based distribution planning.
-  Performed a comprehensive management audit with focus area on the company's interface with the MISO, transmission planning coordination with ITC which had recently acquired the transmission network and cost impacts associated with windfarm interconnection to the MISO markets.
-  Performed a comprehensive assessment of an energy's application to transfer its wholesale market participation from SPP to MISO. The focus was on transmission constraints, congestion management and the impact of the proposed sale of its transmission network to ITC.
-  Supported senior management perform a strategic assessment of the benefits associated with its transformation from a wholly owned utility entity to a publicly traded corporation based on shareholder value and FERC based returns approved for the MISO.
-  Retained to develop and lead two two-day conferences on energy and capacity procurement, contracts and risk management. The focus of the first conference was on state agency requirements including such entities as state hospitals, penal institutions and university dormitories. The second conference was designed for a State university system.
-  Developed an energy procurement strategy for both natural gas and electricity.

This expert has testified over 50 times before public service commissions; two arbitration panels, and a State Legislature Energy Committee.  

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Expert Witness #258699

This expert is the Managing Director at a nationally recognized and well respected intellectual asset consulting firm specializing in right of publicity valuation, licensing, trademark, patent, copyright and expert testimony. This expert earned a B.S. in Economics, and later went on to earn an MBA, with a concentration in Finance.

This expert has a broad view of the world of intellectual property and intangible assets. This expert has lectured, spoken, and written on the topic of IP valuation, as well as the licensing of various intellectual property rights. This expert is a contributing author to two books, and is author and co-author of several articles on intellectual property valuation. Coupled with an analytical approach to finance and economics, this expert has a unique view and expertise in intellectual property and intangible asset valuation and monetization.

This expert has been designated as the testifying expert in matters pertaining to, rights of publicity (ROP), trademark, patent, database, copyright, and website valuation and damages - this expert has testified in both domestic and international courts. Through trial testimony, deposition testimony, and numerous Rule 26 reports, this expert's expertise has been established and reaffirmed.

This expert has performed valuations of intangible assets and intellectual properties for corporate litigation and business/transaction purposes. This expert's project work spans the full spectrum of the intellectual property realm. Industries worked on include: entertainment, government, software, banking, healthcare, construction, retail, energy, and manufacturing. This expert has managed projects involving: license structuring and negotiation; valuation for litigation; sale/purchase valuation and negotiation; estate valuation; and valuation in expropriation and foreign markets.

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