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Encryption expert witness candidates typically have an advanced degree, and extensive experience and knowledge in computer security, cyber security, cryptography, encryption techniques, digital forensics, and/or information security.

Encryption, a sub category of cryptography, refers to the use of codes and ciphers to protect messages and data for security and confidentiality purposes. Encryption protects digital information, such as stored on smartphones, laptops, and other devices. Encryption is an important security tool, and we rely on encryption to divert threats, including criminals and foreign intelligence agencies.

Encryption matters that require technical expertise typically involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement or trade secret misappropriation. An expert in encryption techniques could be called upon to assist in a criminal case, for example a computer forensic investigation. Litigation support by an encryption expert witness could include an expert report, expert opinion, and expert witness testimony at a trial. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a technical expert with prior expert testimony experience. In addition, clients often seek an encryption expert for pre-litigation consulting work. While many experts have expertise in encryption, a testifying expert carries the additional responsibility of providing testimony before the court in a manner whereby a jury can understand the litigation matters and electronic evidence.

Law firm clients consider Cahn Litigation Services to be the service provider of choice when it comes to locating expert witnesses that can support encryption matters.

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Encryption Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Encryption experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Encryption landscape.

Expert Witness #251048

This expert received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering. This expert's research is in the broad area of wireless communications and networking, with particular emphasis on resource management, distributed protocols, and security. This expert has worked extensively on secure verification of location and timing information, including privacy preserving audit mechanisms. This expert's research in this area focused on third-part privacy preserving audits of encrypted control messages (e.g., secure sensing measurements that must be accompanied by time and GPS coordinates) in various contexts, including wireless sensor networks, storage systems (verifiability of stored data in cloud storage), location-based message verification in packet relaying, and others.

This expert has been involved in NSF and DoD funded projects related to cognitive radio networks; shared and dynamic spectrum access; coexistence of heterogeneous wireless systems (e.g., LTE-U/WiFi); wireless security (e.g., obfuscation of transmission signatures, MIMO-based friendly jamming; insider attacks, selective-reactive jamming/dropping, game-theoretic countermeasures); 802.11 WLANs; power control protocols; multi-channel MIMO systems (including virtual/cooperative MIMO); mmWave systems; secure satellite communications; energy management in solar-powered WSNs; full-duplex communications and self-interference suppression; and media streaming over wireless links. This expert worked on packet scheduling and buffer management in switches and routers, QoS provisioning, fault monitoring/detection in optical networks, effective-bandwidth theory, traffic characterization, voice-over-IP, and video-on-demand systems. This expert has published more than 250 journal articles and peer-reviewed conference papers, and is a co-inventor of 5 granted/pending US patents. This expert's grants include 20 competitive NSF awards, 16 of which this expert served as the sole or lead PI.  This expert was a keynote speaker at various conferences, including IEEE ICCSP, IEEE CRESS, IEEE CCW, IFIP Wireless Days, and the IEEE Workshop on Wireless Mesh Networks. This expert was an invited panelist at various international conferences. This expert gave tutorials at premier wireless networking conferences and frequently consults for companies in the telecommunications sector.  

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Expert Witness #262598

This expert is among the world's leading authorities in the areas of election voting security, critical infrastructure, and network system security. This expert is a recipient of an award for work on electronic voting. This expert is well known for taking part in a series of e-voting security studies in the U.S. and around the world. A memory card hack demonstrated against select voting machines appeared in a documentary. As a consultant, this expert has conducted and co-authored many studies on various election systems' data security and vulnerability. These studies have come at the request of officials, legislators and policy makers in five countries; including the U.S. government, at both the state and federal level.

This expert is the author of four U.S. patent applications for encryption and security and several additional international patents. This expert has testified on several occasions in cases relating to voting and elections.

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Expert Witness #121557

This expert holds a Ph.D. in electronics engineering and control systems. This expert began work with encryption and cryptographic systems in the Air Force. This expert trained on and serviced a large range of military cryptographic systems. This expert developed an in-car video surveillance system for Advanced EDR. As part of the system this expert developed the cryptographic system for encrypting the video surveillance information which included video, time and date of incidences, GPS location data, and other related incident information. The purpose of encrypting the information was to prevent tampering with the surveillance information. This expert has extensive experience as an expert witness in several cases involving encryption in database technology. This expert successfully reverse engineered several database products that used encryption, working successfully with the client and legal team on the related infringement cases. This expert is working on another matter that involves video surveillance systems which use various forms of encryption to ensure evidence is not tampered with. The named inventor on six U.S. patents, this expert has provided testimony at deposition and trial.

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Expert Witness #218703

This expert holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from a prestigious engineering school and is a Fulbright Scholar. This expert specializes in the technologies of signal processing, networking, authentication and streaming media. This expert is currently an independent contractor offering advisory services for information technology organizations, venture capital groups and the legal profession. This expert has additional expertise in computer software design, development and deployment, forensic data acquisition and analysis, Microsoft Visual Studio component and application design, ad displays, content feeds, implementation of real-time and media streaming systems and architecture and design of complex business systems involving database back ends. This expert has built systems involving authentication. Perhaps more significant is the success this expert has had with authentication/encryption with PTAB declarations. Functionality included insurance and financing RFP's, document management and project collaboration. In addition, each web site offered integration of multimedia content for promotion of client projects, including steaming video and audio content. This expert also implemented a secure data access system using native NT operating system authentication services. All documents and files were transmitted via 128-BIT SSL using server-side certificates for server authentication to the client browser. As an expert witness in litigation, this expert has written many reports and has testified over ten times, including several cases involving encryption and authentication.

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Expert Witness #223022

This expert is the president of a premiere contract research and development firm and president of a leading provider of software intellectual property analysis. This expert is considered a pioneer in the fields of analyzing and synthesizing software source code, having created a program for synthesizing operating systems and a program for detecting software intellectual property theft.

This expert is the founder and former President of a Remote Backup Services firm. Having invented the concept of remote back-up, this expert set-up a remote backup system with a central file server and communication lines including ISDN. This expert also wrote the remote backup software for DOS, Windows, and OS/2 including a GUI, a backup scheduler and file compression, encryption, and communication routines. In addition, this expert has written several journal articles dealing with back-up/restore software and technologies and served as an expert witness in a major back-up software patent matter. This expert was responsible for analyzing the patents, examining the software and writing reports. This expert did not get to testify in this particular matter.

This expert teaches engineering and business courses at conferences throughout the world and is an experienced and well-regarded expert in intellectual property disputes related to software source code, microprocessor design, networking, and other technologies. This expert holds a number of patents and earned two bachelor's degrees, in physics and electrical engineering, and a master's degree in electrical engineering. This expert specializes in software development, software plagiarism detection, intellectual property, patent infringement, copyright infringement, trade secret infringement, embedded systems. This expert has extensive expert witness experience and has been deposed and testified.

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Expert Witness #230902

This expert has many years of experience in hardware and software engineering from embedded systems in the telecommunications and robotics fields to very large-scale enterprise systems. This expert has developed embedded systems for media distribution, high speed encryption and robots; enterprise systems; AI technologies; computer language compilers and interpreters; operating systems; network protocols and knowledge discovery tools; and web and non-web Internet based systems. This expert has extensive experience with more than 45 computer languages and relational, object and post-relational database systems. This expert has developed custom loaders for object code and understands the general requirements of a bifurcated OS or API where executable code for certain concerns are stored in separate and interchangeable code and data elements. This expert has also developed table-based solutions for localizing executables.

Selected Professional Experience

Senior Systems Engineer – Lead engineer of a team responsible for porting MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows to Paradyne PCs. Developed drivers and BIOS. Senior engineer on team responsible for porting and customizing the first implementation of Microsoft Xenix, which later became SCO Unix. Consulted to team responsible for localizing Paradyne products for various foreign language markets.

Department manager and lead engineer of Embedded Systems for a Robotics Group. Under this expert’s direction and following this expert’s design, the group developed a custom real-time operating system with extensions for executing a software-based replacement for Programmable Logic Controllers using a custom logic language compiler of this expert’s design, a distributed multi-node inter-process communication subsystem and other OS extensions.

This expert has years of experience providing expert reports, depositions and testimony for patent litigation, forensics and software contract disputes in telecommunications, computer and network technologies, media distribution and media handling devices and cellular devices and networks including both hardware and software.

This expert’s expert analysis and conclusions were instrumental in achieving successful results in several cases, including a petition before the PTAB for re-examination of a patent’s validity, wherein this expert’s expert written and oral opinions led to a reversal of the Board’s previous invalidity decision, resulting in the patent’s validity being sustained, as well as a similar reversal of a prior decision on a second patent the following day, using the same arguments.

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