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Distributed computing expert witness candidates typically have extensive experience in computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering, computer forensics, and/or cloud computing. A distributed computing expert witness needs to not only have substantive expertise, but must also possess the ability to explain evidence and technology to jurors. In a high-profile case, or litigation involving a significant financial stake, a law firm may request a technologist with prior expert witness testimony experience.

Distributed computing generally falls into one of the following architectures:

Often, matters requiring distributed computing expert witness services involve intellectual property, such as patent infringement litigation, software copyright, or trade secret disputes. Litigation support by a distributed computing expert could include infringement analysis, expert report preparation, expert opinion, depositions, and expert testimony in the courtroom.

Cahn Litigation Services is frequently called upon by attorney clients to locate experts that can support distributed computing matters, on behalf of either a plaintiff or defendant. The firm has the experience required to turn a search around quickly and provide qualified candidates that mirror the specifications set by the law firm.

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Distributed Computing Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Distributed Computing experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Distributed Computing landscape.

Expert Witness #209441

This expert is Managing Partner of a consulting firm providing technical and business strategy advice to startups, and is a lecturer and researcher at a prestigious University. This expert holds an MS and PhD in Computer Science. This expert’s expertise includes databases, electronic commerce, software, web and Internet technologies. This expert specializes in distributed systems, Internet technologies, interoperability of heterogeneous databases, database integration, object-oriented databases, database implementation, databases on parallel computers, federated autonomous databases, database views including updates, incomplete information and nulls, software integration and reuse, electronic mail and reducing spam (unsolicited commercial email), electronic voting systems, and large system integration. This expert has over 75 publications and has given over 125 lectures at conferences, companies and universities on several continents.

This expert was the project manager for efforts on an electronic commerce organization, including research on searchable online catalogs, providing services over the Internet, and concurrent engineering. This expert collaborated on a project on the integration of heterogeneous databases for information finding and distributed constraints, and collaborated with a project on version and configuration management and distributed constraints for collaborative design. This expert previously managed a project on the interoperability of object-oriented and relational databases, a project on federated autonomous databases, a project performing research on databases on parallel computers, and the development of a formally specified, modular database system that includes multiple interfaces at multiple levels, as well as support for database security and integrity.

This expert also serves as a technical expert witness on patent infringement litigation. This expert has worked on both plaintiff cases, testifying on both validity and infringement, and defense cases, testifying on both invalidity and non-infringement. This expert has testified at deposition, Markman tutorial, and trial, including videotaped testimony, testimony before a judge, and testimony before a jury. This expert has written expert reports on infringement and validity, and invalidity and non-infringement, as well as declarations in support of motions and claim construction. This expert has participated in inter partes review (IPR) with declarations and deposition testimony. This expert’s testimony has never been subject to a Daubert sanctions. This expert has also worked on declaratory judgment cases. This expert’s work has often resulted in favorable settlements without the need to go to trial.

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Expert Witness #233213

This expert holds PhD and MS degrees in Computer and Information Science, with a doctoral dissertation on real-time distributed knowledge-based computing. This expert has had additional formal post-graduate education in project management, time management, public speaking, team leadership, sales, strategic corporate management, venture investment, and corporate finance. This expert has management experience and industry leadership in Internet, multimedia, and cutting-edge software design and service delivery.

This expert’s PhD in Computer & Information Science concerned distributed computing software for Internet client-server systems. This expert has extensively directed development of network services, client/server hardware, and software. This expert was a hands-on CTO overseeing all technology in Internet businesses including a billion-dollar broadband firm, a $100 million wireless firm, and the company managing most of Hollywood's film & TV digital assets on the Web.

This expert has many years of hands-on experience authoring & managing software, this includes CGI, HTML, web beacons e.g. single-pixel GIFs, URL augmentation, web page composition, web search forms/queries, "portlet" aggregation of content into a web page, Javascript and other scripting languages, GUI window stacking, log design & management, web cache design and implementation. This expert has led software teams, including design of Internet client & server software including GUIs with multiple remote stacked windows.

This expert founded an early web company and authored the CGI, HTML, & Web GUI software to put the a soccer store on the Web. This expert managed the incubator spinout firm that designed the Internet's first "portlet" software.

This expert’s engagements have included identifying infringement/non-infringement through extensive forensic analysis of software, totaling over a half-million files reviewed and successfully identifying specific evidence as to infringement/non-infringement. This expert has personally authored ~1 million lines of code across 30 programming languages, providing deep reliable insight in forensic analyses. Total expert reports authored, thousands of pages; total on-record testimony time, ~80 hours. This expert is comfortable with claim construction, in/validity and non/infringement, DOE & 101/102/103/112 analysis, etc.

This expert has extensive litigation experience.

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Expert Witness #211008

This expert is a Scientist, educator, and technologist with many years of experience and a Ph.D. This expert is currently Fellow and lecturer at a College of Engineering. Additionally, this expert is Principal Scientist and Investigator for an internationally renowned consulting and litigation firm specializing in mobile devices, smartphones, wireless LAN (WLAN), routing, LAN/WAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, IP, VoIP and web. This expert translates cutting edge research into practical products while integrating science, engineering, and innovation. This expert builds patent portfolios, consults on patent-related litigation and generates intellectual property.

As a consultant, this expert provides expertise in network communications, telecommunications, Internet protocols, and mobile wireless technologies such as:

- Communication networks: Internet protocols; TCP/IP suite; TCP; UDP; IP; Ethernet; network protocols; network software applications; data link, network, and transport layers (L2, L3, L4), data center network architecture, LDAP and server/network monitoring
- Routing/switching: LAN; WAN; VPN; routing protocols; RIP; BGP; MPLS; OSPF; IS-IS; multicast, DNS; QoS; switching; packet switching; network infrastructure; network communication architectures, applications switches
- Unified Communications: PSTN, circuit switching, IP telephony, VoIP, SIP, SS7, video and audio conferencing, streaming media, e-mail, instant messaging (chat)
- Internet software: Internet software applications; distributed computing; cloud computing; Web applications; FTP; HTTP; Java; client-server; file transfer
- Mobile wireless: wireless LAN; 802.11; cellular systems; mobile devices; smartphone technologies

This expert has published over 25 scientific papers and has been designated as an inventor on more than 120 patents; over 60 prosecuted pro se in front of the USPTO.

This expert has served as an expert in over 60 patent-related cases where this expert wrote expert reports and testified in depositions, courts and in front of a jury. This expert has testified in Federal courts, in USPTO PTAB IPR, and in the ITC.

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