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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Disability Insurance experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Disability Insurance landscape.

Expert Witness #250035

This expert's practice of General and Forensic Psychiatry has gained acceptance by legal professionals nationwide. The practice is in large part clinical. Clinical services, including treatment and consultations, are provided for a range of psychiatric patients from adolescents to the elderly. Additionally, this expert consults for Forensic Aftercare Programs, provides treatment for dually diagnosed patients and has an extensive clinical practice, providing services for patients ranging from adolescents to elderly.

In addition to serving as the practice's Medical Director, this expert is an Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, where this expert directs and teaches the Psychiatry and Law Program.

This expert has conducted over fifty lectures, workshops, and seminars, on topics related to psychiatry and psychiatry and the law, including the insanity defense, diminished capacity, competency to stand trial, competency to waive Miranda Rights, testimonial capacity/competency to testify as a witness, psychiatric malpractice, standards of care, ethics in the practice of forensic psychiatry, testamentary capacity / competency to make a will, psychiatric disability evaluations, detection of malingering and exaggeration of signs and symptoms of mental illness, and other topics on the interface of psychiatry and the law. This expert continues to provide rotations and training for psychiatric residents utilizing private practice and contractual services.

This expert has participated in over a thousand civil and criminal cases in local, state, and federal courts as an evaluator or consultant at the request of defense, plaintiff, prosecution, governmental agencies, and insurance companies or as an independent evaluator for courts when experts for defense and prosecution offered conflicting opinions.

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