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Content delivery network expert witness candidates typically have expertise in computer engineering, network engineering, and/or software engineering. A content delivery network expert witness must have a deep understanding not only of the target technology, but also of the global content delivery network market (i.e., CDN market size, market share of key players, market growth, market forecast) and competitive landscape. It is also essential that a content delivery network expert witness possess the ability to provide testimony in such a manner that a jury and judge can understand the evidence.

What is a content delivery network?

A content delivery network (CDN) is a geographically distributed network of servers and data centers. CDN covers many types of content delivery services, including video streaming, software downloads, web and mobile content acceleration, licensed/managed CDN, transparent caching, load balancing, and cloud intelligence. CDN nodes are deployed in multiple locations, often over several Internet backbones. The goal of CDN is to provide high network availability and performance. Leaders in the CDN provider space include Akamai, Microsoft Azure CDN, Google Cloud CDN, Amazon CloudFront, Rackspace CDN, and Limelight.

What types of legal cases require an expert in content delivery networks?

A CDN expert witness often provides his or her expertise in intellectual property matters, such as a patent infringement litigation or a trade secret dispute. Litigation support by a CDN specialist could include expert report preparation, deposition testimony, expert opinion, and courtroom testimony. In addition, clients may seek a CDN industry expert for pre-litigation consulting services. Cahn Litigation Services has been approached by numerous law firms to locate expert witnesses, on behalf of either the plaintiff or defendant, that can support CDN technology matters. Whether the case involves:

Cahn Litigation Services has the experience required to turn an expert witness search around quickly and provide the right balance of expertise and testimony to support each unique project and its nuances.

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