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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Clean Room experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Clean Room landscape.

Expert Witness #249431

This expert is a mechanical engineer, a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) and a Certified Energy Manager (CEM). Specializing in HVAC, Clean-room and Laboratories, Central Utility Plants, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Controls/Automation, Property Condition Assessment, Commissioning Authority, Reporting and Presentation, this expert has many years of mechanical engineering experience in Building Technology synthesis, design, operation and assessment at a variety of firms including TRC Engineers, Engineered Automation Systems, Inc. and ESCO. This expert is an effective consultant on diverse and challenging projects due to a solid background in mechanical, electrical, controls, life safety and security systems. This expert provides engineering, analysis, project planning, resource management, engineering, quality assurance, and commissioning and client communications. This expert's broad project experience and unique ability to integrate project needs and solutions for multiple and overlapping disciplines and technologies enables this expert to serve as an effective expert and participant on challenging projects.

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Expert Witness #263018

This expert has worked with open source software for many years, and is familiar with the associated types of licenses. This expert has worked extensively with C, C++ and JavaScript, both as a software developer and as a software expert. This expert has been retained 17 times as a technology expert; four of those testifying in court. Some cases of note:

  • Retained by Plaintiff, was deposed and testified. The matter involved an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and IP theft. Reviewed source code, git logs, Pivotal Tracker logs, performed fuzzy matching and reported on findings. Performed statistical analysis of findings prior to developing an opinion.
  • Retained by Plaintiff as a consulting expert and possible testifying witness. The matter involved an alleged misappropriation of trade secrets. Reviewed source code and reported on findings; the case settled shortly thereafter.
  • Retained as a non-disclosed expert by the testifying expert. Reviewed the source code in a clean room (C++ and JavaScript) and responded to specific questions by phone.
  • Retained as a testifying expert by the Plaintiff. This expert’s report opined as to whether or not the defendant had misrepresented ownership of copyright. Analyzed software source and object code, written in a variety of languages for Microsoft Windows.

On behalf of the Plaintiff, a software vendor that suspected a former employee of intellectual property theft, reverse engineered the former employee’s product, written in C# (a .NET language) and compared it to the client’s product, written in C. Compared features, user interfaces, programming interfaces, data structures, static models and run-time models. 

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