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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Chinese Manufacturing experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Chinese Manufacturing landscape.

Expert Witness #261253

This expert is the principal designer and founder of an executive creative consulting business focusing on branding, development and design. This expert has considerable experience in intellectual property matters and as an expert witness in design infringement matters, trademark and unfair competition matters, and serving as a consultant for design through manufacturing of consumer goods in Chinese and Hong Kong factories. This expert lived in Hong Kong to complete a project for a luxury handbag line and created the overall brand strategy for the Chinese investors/factory owners.

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Expert Witness #236118

This expert is well-published, having authored five books on supply chain as well as an Amazon Best-Seller. This expert has significant expert witness experience in global manufacturing, import/export trade compliance, Chinese products, supply chain and outsourcing and has written numerous expert reports and testified in arbitrations and trials. This expert has been a frequent presenter at industry conferences and has taught at colleges and universities.

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Expert Witness #261242

This expert is the principal design engineer in an eponymous consulting firm dealing with design, usually from an intellectual property standpoint. This expert has designed many household appliances and their accessories. This expert has extensive experience working with Chinese manufacturers to ensure the correct production of new or redesigned products. This includes traveling to China to meet with executive general managers and production engineers of over 30 Chinese manufacturing plants. This expert has analyzed manufacturing capabilities and ways to align their capabilities with the designs, or vice-versa. This expert has experience reviewing the first test production pieces, providing feedback of changes to the tools before full production begins.

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Expert Witness #239669

This expert is a highly educated mechanical/textile engineer with experience in industry and academia. This expert holds a Bachelor of Textile Engineering, a Master of Science in Textile Technology, and a Doctor of Science in the field of mechanical engineering. This expert has been a faculty member of a School of Textile Engineering, a senior engineering researcher, Dean of Engineering and Textiles, Executive Dean for Research and was Dean for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This expert currently is Professor of Engineering and Director for Undergraduate Affairs in a College of Engineering.

This expert was a Principal Investigator for a military Laboratory for Engineered Human Protection where this expert led a research team in the development of a new class of chemical protective garments for soldiers. This expert testified to the US Senate Subcommittee of Consumer Protection, Product safety and Insurance on the subject of apparel product safety. This expert established an Institute for Textile and Apparel Product Safety, a Biomedical Textile Structures Laboratory, and a Composites Institute for Education and Research.

-  As textile researcher this expert conducted research on structures made from aramid fibers.
-  This expert currently serves as Senior Associate Dean of Engineering and Professor of Mechanical Engineering and has taught courses in engineering design.
-  This expert has 13 US patents dealing with a wide range of textile structures and manufacturing.
-  This expert is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and a Fellow of the Textile Institute.
-  This expert has many years of experience serving as an expert witness in a wide range of litigation involving textiles, including on bullet proof ballistic vests.

This expert has extensive expert witness experience in all phases of patent litigation, including IPR, and is in very high demand.

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