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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Chemical Reaction experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give lawyers a sense of the Chemical Reaction landscape.

Expert Witness #260698

This expert leads the technical staff of an internationally renowned consulting firm that serves major power generation technology developers and sells commercial software packages worldwide. This expert is also recognized throughout the world as the author of over 240 technical papers on air pollutant formation and control.

This expert and consultancy performed sponsored research to develop and validate detailed chemical reaction mechanisms to predict the partitioning of mercury (Hg) along coal-fired utility gas cleaning systems. These mechanisms accurately describe the fate of Hg as flue gas moves through economizers, SCR units, air preheaters, ESPs and fabric filters, and FGD scrubbers in utility power plants. They also accurately predict Hg capture efficiencies for bromine and chlorine additives, activated carbon injection, and the full domain of gas cleaning conditions. The predictions have been validated with measured Hg speciation from over 200 field tests at commercial power plants.

This expert's firm's reaction mechanism for bromine/chlorine/Hg chemistry is regarded worldwide as the best-in-class. Collectively, this expert's publications on Hg control have been cited more than 800 times and research also spawned three patent applications. The work also spawned two software packages.

This expert has served as an expert witness on two cases of patent infringement involving Hg control with bromine and activated carbon at coal-fired power stations.

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Expert Witness #224221

This expert is known internationally as one of the top experts on kinetics of reactions related to loss in food quality, nutrient degradation and pathogen growth and death kinetics.

This expert is also well known for teaching, working with and mentoring Ph.D. students, post-docs and visiting scientists. This expert has helped over many mentees gain faculty positions around the world, most of whom are doing research on reaction kinetics.

This expert is the author or co-author of over 280 scientific refereed research articles, 18 textbooks, 78 book chapters, eight patents and more than 100 other semi-technical articles. This expert has 14 refereed research papers, books or chapters and reviews that have been cited more than 200 times in other research papers or books, two at over 600 times and six others between 300-400 times, another five between 200-300 times and 30 more between 100-200. This expert’s research group has published an average of 10 research papers a year, including work in the Journal of Food Science, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Sciences, Analyst, Journal of the Royal Chemical Society, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, Food Chemistry, Journal of Food Protection and Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

This expert’s research has been supported by grants from the Department of Homeland Security, the US Center of Excellence, as well as grants from the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture. Additionally, this expert has received grants from the American Egg Board, Almond Board, Dairy Research Inc., and the Beef Council.

This expert’s Areas of Research include

Water activity

Food stability

Food safety

Shelf life testing

Shelf life dating

RFID tags

Time-Temperature Integrator Tags

Food labeling

Contaminants in food


Food law

Glass Transition Phenomena

In addition to academic work and research, this expert serves as Chief Scientist at a company that makes smart sensors used to monitor temperature or both temperature and freshness. The company’s patent and copyright intellectual property portfolio centers around radio frequency sensor identification devices, labels, tags and liners, radio frequency data capture software, cloud services and analytics. The IP also includes systems, software and methods for using the above tools for managing perishables in the cold chain and for tracking wear-and-tear of non-perishable items throughout their life or warranty period.

This expert has prior patent litigation experience and has been deposed and testified before a jury. Additionally, this expert has served as an expert for litigation in a case involving Time-Temperature Integrator (TTI) shelf life tags.

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