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Brokerage Expert Witness - Sample Bios

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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Brokerage experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Brokerage landscape.

Expert Witness #248481

This expert is a registered Investment Advisor and worked in brokerage agencies before becoming an independent advisor, and ultimately a consultant. This expert has qualified as an expert in Federal and State Courts as well as in FINRA and NASD arbitration panels in matters of standard of care, due diligence, capitalization, compliance and other market and industry compliance matters.

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Expert Witness #232336

This expert has many years in Compliance and Supervisory Management and has spent many years in the Securities industry. This expert is a professional trainer and contributor at industry conferences and regulatory authorities. This expert has been a FINRA and NYSE Arbitration Chair and panel member for many years and earned various Securities Brokerage licenses over this expert's professional life. This expert is a seasoned expert witness having participated in over 300 securities litigations and testifying in approximately 150 arbitrations.

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Expert Witness #260006

This expert is an active lender with many years of experience in Banking, Finance, and Real Estate Lending, and is experienced in Trial and Deposition Testimony. This expert was in the commercial banking industry for many years before leaving to form a commercial Real Estate lending company. This firm is a licensed Finance Lender and Bureau of Real Estate Broker. The company provides services to banks, non-banks, and individuals in need of creative financing solutions.

With many years of experience in banking and real estate, this expert's market knowledge and transactional experience has allowed this expert to work in a consulting and expert witness capacity for many clients over the years. This expert has transacted hundreds of real estate and non-real estate loan negotiations in times of economic growth as well as downturns in the economy. This expert's extensive credit background arms this expert with the understanding of how banks and other lenders operate internally.

This expert is a licensed Real Estate Broker and the firm is a Finance Lender and Broker. This expert's areas of expertise include:

-  Lending Policies, Custom and Practice/Lender Liability
-  Broker Standards of Care and Fiduciary Responsibility
-  Loan Underwriting and Credit Administration
-  Loan Process and Bank Loan Restructure/Workout Process
-  Note Valuations/Collateral Review
-  Litigation and Discovery Consulting
-  Banking Operations/Administration
-  Specialty Niche in SBA Real Estate Lending
-  Construction RE Lending & Administration
-  Expert reports adherent to Federal Rule 26
-  Loan Syndication/Secondary Market Loan Sales
-  Title Insurance Cases

This expert has been providing expert witness and consulting services. This expert has been designated over 65 times as an expert in 7 different states concerning matters relating to lending, real estate, construction finance, SBA lending, brokerage, hard money lending and investment issues. This expert's experience includes both Federal and State court cases where he has provided deposition testimony, trial testimony and arbitration testimony.

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Expert Witness #247315

This expert has many years' experience with financial institutions, and specifically with the lending, underwriting, and refinancing of real estate transactions. This expert has been designated as an expert witness in over eighty matters and has extensive experience in drafting expert reports for both state and federal litigation matters. This expert's skill as an expert witness brings to bear experience as a Bank President, the CEO of a mortgage brokerage, and Vice President and Chief Lending Officer at more than one lending institution. This expert understands the complexities of financing and refinancing and has had direct responsibility for lending and its ancillary evaluation tasks.

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Expert Witness #239653

This expert is a noted Real Estate authority. This expert regularly provides seminars and lectures. This expert is also an attorney and Licensed Insurance Broker. This expert has a substantial background in real estate brokerage, FHA mortgages, and mortgage alternatives.

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Expert Witness #233053

This expert received a BS and D. SC. and has taught finance at multiple universities. This expert has access to Bloomberg terminal screens past and present and is very familiar with their content and setup. This expert is a noted rate-swaps and derivatives expert, recently serving as an expert witness in interest rate swap matters and consulting in swaps transactions and in other derivative markets. This expert formerly served on a research staff, providing economic data to ivy league-member business schools. As a commodity trading advisor, this expert managed a multi-million-dollar funds association.

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