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The below expert witness bios represent a small fraction of those Beverages Industry experts known by Cahn Litigation Services. These bios are provided to give attorneys a sense of the Beverages Industry landscape.

Expert Witness #238846

This expert is the owner of a consultancy to the food and flavor industry. This expert focuses on flavor formulations for beverages, soups, gravies and other foods, and has both domestic and international experience as an organoleptic evaluator for industry. This expert has been a member of the Society of Flavor Chemists for many years.

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Expert Witness #253214

This expert has been a veteran of the American alcoholic beverages industry for many years. This expert is uniquely qualified to speak to consumer behavior, and consumer reaction because of this expert's hands-on approach to consumer marketing, and personal presentation of consumer education seminars and tastings. This expert is experienced in all manners of spirits. This expert has advised many of the most well-known importers of Cognac as to product placement, and consumer education, and still provides at least three consumer-based seminars each year for one of America's premier wine and spirits auctioneers.

This expert developed most product knowledge working as a long-time employee for distilleries and wineries. This expert now is President and CEO of an agency, and is the principal agent for many premier distilleries which export spirits to the United States. This expert has strong consultancy experience in the field, but no prior experience in litigation support as an expert witness.

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